Antonius the unknown reason behind Islam’s origin.

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Antonius the unknown reason behind Islam's origin.

The intention of this post is not to insult Christianity to even the remotest extent. It’s a well known fact that the current version of Christianity we are seeing around is nothing as compared to what Bible had taught. The discrepancy is dramatically huge. This post is tribute to a honest angel of Jesus who noticed the discrepancy and chose the Road Less Taken. This man’s name has been dumped in cobwebs of libraries, but undoubtedly he can be credited for single handedly changing the trajectory of spirituality at an international scale.

-Origins of Illuminati and why they are as dangerous for
Hindus as they are for Islam-

I have already mentioned that idea of Illuminati symbolism originated from
India. But that’s not all.

It has roots in Egypt too.
The symbol in pics represent pyramids being override by ‘all seeing eye of
God Horus’

Antonius the unknown reason behind Islam's origin.

In 3900 BC, egyptian King called for help as Rover Nile diverted it’s path and Egypt became a living Hell.

The call was responded by LORD AYYAPPA

who fixed it.

Egyptians call him ‘Imnhotep‘. Whether Imnhotep was Ayappa is still a matter of debate. But we know that he belonged to Hindu culture for sure because –

  • Fixing Nile was a great feat of engineering and science at that time was well developed only in India, not anywhere else.
  • Imnhotep carried a 8 sided lotus which grew only in India.
  • He had inverted U symbol on chest.
  • He wore a Yagyopavit thread!

Antonius the unknown reason behind Islam's origin.

Ayyappa distributed free knowledge of Ayurveda in Egypt. Built Pyramids for free electricity supply (that’s again a matter of debate)

Unfortunately, whenever a society earns luxuries without hard work, it gets wasted. For example – Youth of South Delhi. Ahem.

The Men of Egypt spent most of the time plucking facial hair and nails. These guys were more clean shaven than 1 year old kids. Their jaw bone regressed so much that according to historians “It became impossible to distinguish males from females”

The females spent most of their time picking ornaments. From Bra to sandles- everything was now made of gold.

Females started wearing clothes that would be called immodest by today’s standards even.

The Egyptians of both sex had Nude baths in warm water together. And sexual intercourse was a norm.

In fact, the bath had a looootttt of paintings of unnatural sexual acts like fellatio and homosexuality.

Society had huge divisions between ‘rich class’ ‘middle class’ and ‘poor class’ . Sex was perhaps the only thing being universally consumed.


Antonius the unknown reason behind Islam's origin.

Antonius was one of the richest Landowners of Egypt…. But he was a rebel at heart. Some people are just born that way. Pretty soon in his life, Antonius observed that THE CHURCH WAS NOTHING BUT A POLITICAL ARENA.

He rejected the Church and decided to study Christianity on his own. He read the calling of Bible-

“If you want to achieve something on path of God, sacrifice everything. Come to desert.”

Antonius left his property and riches and became a wanderer. Antonius was the FIRST SANYAASI OF WEST.

  • He wore one single piece of rag for whole life.
  • He never took a bath.
  • Ate nothing but bread.

Sounds unhealthy. Right?

Well, Antonius thrived a solid 106 year long lifespan! That’s Brahmacharya guys.

A man as rich as Antonius opting sainthood shook the Satanic guild from head to toe. The Satan sent his most beautiful nymphs to seduce him. He didn’t pay attention.

The Satan sent demons to attack him. Neither did he give up, nor did he run away. He faced them and they failed to damage him. He was clearly BRAVER THAN JESUS.

Ultimately, the Satan sent a 5 year old nude African kid who said “No saint ever has managed to withstand my provocation” . (Ancient Egyptians had a kink for homosexuality. Add the tabboo element of Pedophilia to that and it becomes a lethal combination.)

The kid definitely shook Antonius for once. He was not expecting this kind of provocation at all. He started chanting Bible’s verses. The verses were so unaphrodisiac that the kid vanished.

As his fame grew, the mightiest kings offered him to come to their fort. He scolded and shooed them all.

Many monks started living around him for guidance. Seeds for revolt against materialism had been sown. But Antonius preferred solace. He pleaded them to find their own paths. Inspite of this, the colony of these hippie monks kept growing day by day.

After his death, his tale spread everywhere. Whoever heard it exclaimed ‘Oh! He was such a great man”. Antonius became known as ‘Antonius the Great’ hence.


Thousands and thousands of Christians realised their Sanatani calling for an unmaterialistic life.

The males formed colonies named ‘Father of deserts’ & females ‘Mothers of deserts’ .

However, Christianity in its pure form was incompatible for deserts.

“If a Christian is starving and on the point of death, and the only food that they can see is food that has been contaminated by pagan sacrifice, ‘it is better to reject it with Christian fortitude’.” – such was the Christian Law. Such laws clearly are outcomes of human envy. These are not the words of God.

The Church believed earth to be stationary. And top of that they believed that ARTERIES CONTAIN AIR AND MILK.

Surgeons of ancient Europe used to publically organise dissections and postmortems of pigs to show them the truth. But the church refused to believe them as it was too late to surrender.


Every single document of this philosopher named Celsius has been erased. I won’t say whether he was right or wrong. But we must remember that the version of history we study is a highly censored one-

Antonius the unknown reason behind Islam's origin.

Contrast this with Indian culture, where debates were always encouraged. Every sect of theism and even atheism were taught at a university level.

Antonius the unknown reason behind Islam's origin.

Antonius the unknown reason behind Islam's origin.

Celsus was simply a man who noticed that the Church was hiding something from the public. He knew that there was something gigantic missing in the version of history they were being taught. Celsius was the man who dared to point out the elephant in the room.

Antonius the unknown reason behind Islam's origin.

The Dark Side

Christianity was about ‘human sacrifice‘ – for it suited the Church owners. The poorest of the poor, who could not pay alms to the church were eligible candidates of sacrifice

Islam replaced it with animal sacrifice. It was a positive thing comparitively.

Antonius the unknown reason behind Islam's origin.

Estimates say that 150 million civilians have been killed so far in last 1600 years, at name of Christianity. This clearly is not what Jesus had taught them to do.

Antonius the unknown reason behind Islam's origin.

In the end, I am gratitudious to God for creating Islam. I am not a Mughal supporter or an apologetic from any angle. Mughals were filthy, period. They did damage India a lot. But had Islam not been created, Indian civilisation could have been damaged 10000x more than what it has been. Islam’s conflict with Christianity has acted as a buffer for us against collective bloodlust of Church.