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How to Choose a partner in an arranged marriage?

Arranged marriages are the most successful marriages in India.

I believe dating apps are the modern version of arranged marriages because
everything is the same except the involvement of elders and maybe this is the
reason that these apps are not that much successful.

Arranged marriages are beautiful if done with slight calculation,
mindfulness and judgement.

Here is the thumb rule which will help you out to screen the not so good
ones and meet the best ones.

The Rule – “BPVM”





We will view this rule in 3 sections.

1-Bio / Photo


These are the first two things based on which we select or reject the offers.

Some key points here you have to keep in mind-

•Never choose a person solely via photo or bio.

•Make use of 50/50 rule- 50% by bio, 50% by photo.

•Men – first go for a photo then bio.

•Women- first go for bio then photo.

•Any person who is not fit and
healthy is a red flag.

•Try to find them on social media and check out their photos, followings
(whom they follow) and friends.


Make a call – Talk before you meet.

Meeting directly makes us deaf, we get so focused on the appearance,
manners and actions that we forget the words.

Also, It is complicated to notice so many things at once.

*A call can save your time, energy and money

Voice reflects the energy. Energy gives you insights about the core of a

The choice of words of a person will help you to give a conclusion like,
whether they are kind, humble, arrogant, entitled etc;

*Never judge a person based on their natural voice.

3- MEET.

“The Final Step”

Meeting introduces us to the overall qualities of a person, like personality,
looks, manners, behaviour etc; and of course the Vibe.

Remember – “Vibe never lies.”

Some points to note down while meeting –

• Be calm and don’t overthink.

•Men- choose a good place to meet.

• Do not ask a very personal question directly.

• Do talk about your priorities/ values of life, see their response to them and
also make a note of theirs.

There are families where you are only allowed to meet at home in the
presence of elders, so make use of time as much as possible.

Also, use the opportunity, Do consider the opinion of your sensible elders.

Marriage is not a game. It not only affects your life but also your family, and
the upcoming generation.

Please do take it seriously.

All the best

Hope it will help you to meet the best one