Brahma Muhurata

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BRAHMA MUHURATA – The ultimate mantra for infinite mental
and physical development.

Incorporate this single habit in your life to become an
unstoppable machine.


Brahma Muhurata
Brahma Muhurata

• What is Brahma Muhurata

‘Brahma’ means higher consciousness, attaining the highest wisdom.

‘Muhurata’ means time or time period

Thus, Brahma Muhurata is the time period to achieve highest wisdom

Ayurveda states that waking up in ‘Brahma Muhurata’ must be the first step
of your dinacharya (daily routine).

Brahma Muhurata

• Why to wake up in Brahma muhurat

– It is the perfect time to connect your body and mind to higher self

– Whatever done in this period will show tenfold results. Be it strength
training, meditation or studies.

– Research proves that the oxygen levels in brahma muhurat are as high as

– ब्राह्मे मुहूर्त उत्तिष्ठेत्स्वस्थो रक्षार्थमायुषः ||

Acharya Vaghbata in says that a person should wake up at Brahma muhurta
in the best interest to protect his life and for longevity.

– ‘The transmission of knowledge is swift and greater in this period +
creativity of mind + clarity of thoughts + greater communication’ –

– Acharya Susrutha states Brahma muhurta as ‘Panchamruta vela’ – This time
period has presence of the five elements (earth,water,fire,air and space) in

Everything in nature is made up of these elements, doing work when they
are in abundance, guarantee optimal health

• When is Brahma Muhurata

Sunrise varies in accordance with weather, seasons and places.

Brahma Muhurata starts approximately 1.5 hours before sunrise and ends 48
minutes before sunrise.

Cut the confusion, just wakeup 1.5 – 2 hours before sunrise.

Brahma Muhurata will change your life.

Whatever problems you are facing in life, brahma muhurat is the ultimate
cure of those problems.

• Things you must do in Brahma muhurat

– Strength training
– Meditation
– Studies

Brahma Muhurata
Brahma Muhurata
Brahma Muhurata

Waking up early has a lot to do with quality sleep.