Case study of Thug of India’s struggle for Independence

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A tribute to the man who makes-

All of us know about SIMON COMMISSION ….

A set of rules by which britishers could JAIL ANY INDIAN FOR 10 YEARS….

The reason why Lala Lajpat Rai died seeing his blood trickle down, drop by

Yet there was one odd INDIAN who became member of the Simon
Committee being headed by ONLY EUROPEANS.

Who was he?
Say pranam to the alleged father of Indian constitution.

Case study of Thug of India's struggle for Independence

This is my most disorganised history thread ever. I would like to mention that i am not anti Dalit at all. I whole heartedly recognise that Dalits have been suppressed since past few thousand years and are being suppressed even today by upper castes. I, being a Brahmin Indian owe a sincere apology to my Bhartiya brothers and sisters.

With that being said, i have zero amount of sympathy for Ambedkar because he has undoubtedly done more damage than welfare of not only Dalits, but India as well.

I don’t know where to start. Let’s start by pointing out that Ambedkar, the fake Messiah of Dalits was MARRIED to Sharda Kabir i.e. a BRAHMAN

(Irony is that after death of Ambedkar, the BHEEM ARMY ALLEGED her for
MURDER of Ambedkar.
They took over the roads and tried to pressurized her because of course, she
was a Brahman.
And Brahman = Evil)

  • For Ambedkar, the BRITISH were not evil. They were MESSIAHS who saved
    the country from UNTOUCHABILITY practices.
    He did NOT support the INDEPENDENCE movement at any point.
    SOME Brahmins didn’t touch Shudras. Ok.
    But NONE of the Britishers liked to touch Shudras either!
  • In 1937, there was one devil called Jinnah who wanted a separate country
    where he could rule.
    Then there was EV Periyar who wanted a Dravidian state.

FROM INDIA and establish a different COUNTRY FOR MAHARS (a dalit caste).

Jinnah Periyar and Ambedkar – these 3 power hungry men united in 1937.
However, Jinnah betrayed them as soon as he managed to convince
Churchill (British PM) for Pakistan.

Ambedkar had to revert to his demand of SEPERATE ELECTION

Gandhi in Ambedkar’s Story

No matter how much we hate Gandhi, but he was the one who stopped the
wave for Poona Pact.

Also, GANDHI became PRIDE OF India by demanding independence in
GOLMEJ CONFERENCE-2, standing bare chested in land of britishers

Golmej 2 was so threatening to Britishers that they did Not invite Gandhi or
any other congressi to Golmej 3…

There was one man who got invited.

Guess whom?

Ambedkar so far in my thread may sound like a cute villain of Disney movie. You know, a dumb goofy dog who wants to rule over all cats and mouse of the town. Well, here comes the EVIL part-

He was the one who welcomed Cripps Commission which recruited INDIANS
into World war 2, causing DEATH OF 2.43 LAKH Indian soldiers , fighting for the British.

Ambedkar – Not the Father of Constitution

Ambedkar was not only anti independence, but anti Congress as well.
Yet in 1947, by the virtue of flattery he had done for Britishers, he became
the head of Constitution making assembly and remained it’s most hated member throughout. Let’s start with a few random facts.

  • The constitution assembly ‘worked’ for 165 days – out of which assembly
    sessions were held ONLY on 11 days.
  • On these days, speeches were given. NEHRU being the best orator had
    maximum influence there. The words like sovereignty, secularism etc are
    present in PREAMBLE due to him.

Everyone in the assembly hated Ambedkar.

In 1945, even the Muslim League was divided over the issue of partition. Some wanted to stay with India, some wanted a dominion state. At that time Mr. Ambedkar

Case study of Thug of India's struggle for Independence

Let me quote something –

Muslim league’s demand for partition is just like Congress’s demand for seperate
states in India on basis of language and culture” – Ambedkar

Ambedkar’s BOOK even influenced some RADICAL HINDU MAHASABHA
LEADERS. Even till date i see many Brahmanical Hindus defending Ambedkar paradoxically.. why ? Because they think that Pakistan took the right decision by discriminating between Hindus and Muslims.

Do you seriously think such a narrow minded man can be the maker of our
Even post independence, Ambedkar wanted to push India (a country under
construction) into COLD WAR. Thank god no one took him seriously..

Ambedkar – The Most Unvalued Politician Ever

Ambedkar resigned from Congress in 1952 and FOUGHT ELECTION 3 TIMES .
India of 1950’s loved Ambedkar so much that he LOST MISERABLY on each occasion. Our forefathers never ever wanted to see Ambedkar in power.

Out of these 3 election, once Ambedkar even got a ‘safe seat’ at Bhandara in second election against
Bhaurao Borkar – a Politician who had passed only 7th standard at school. Yeah.


Ambedkar was also a proponent of ‘Mahar Regiment’
Mahars were well known for their BLIND BHAKTI towards BRITISHERS. They
would fight against anyone at orders of East India Company.

One major reason why Mahars were not given seperate nation was that they were
never that oppressed at all.

  • they were fighting for the british like Kshatriyas
  • They Owned Lands
  • They were heartily welcomed at Houses of Brahmans
  • They even held Administrative posts .

In a sense, they were a parody of ‘Dalit oppression’ . They never even deserved to be called as Dalits.

Ambedkar was the most undeserving overachiever.

  • He managed to become a member of British Council pre independence i.e.
  • He wrote a huge book against Congress and Gandhi in 1945 and yet got
    along them at independence
  • At Golmej Conference, he clearly told the Britishers that India was divided.
    FROM BRITISHERS” – i.e. it’s the upper castes who wanted independence. Dalits were pro British !


  • In 1937 elections, Ambedkar got seats reserved for Dalits. In Madras,

AMBEDKAR LOST ALL OF THEM. Almost same happened in other parts of

You see, even DALITS HATED AMBEDKAR IN 1937.

  • In 1939, Congress resigned for the sake of Swabhimaan.

Muslim league called it ‘day of deliverance’ and tried to gain political
support clearly at name of religion.

Here are the results in detail

Case study of Thug of India's struggle for Independence

India wants freedom from governing classes, not britishers”

According to Ambedkar,
Governing classes= Brahman and Baniya

Notice how he skipped ‘Kshatriyas’ in this classification… Why? Because-

1 Kshatriyas were mighty enough to kill him
2 Mahars were Kshatriyas first, Shudras second

“Freedom struggle is a hoax. Britishers will leave India as
soon as we reach a settlement

Settlement= Seperate Muslim nation

Upper classes are like Nazis (Hitler’s people)

Pic 1 – galatfehmiyaan

Case study of Thug of India's struggle for Independence

Pic 2 – The father of our constituent assembly
who did not want Constitution to be born even. (Somehow, mother Nehru and Patel refused
to take contraceptive)

Case study of Thug of India's struggle for Independence

Pic 3 – lame satire

Case study of Thug of India's struggle for Independence

Pic 4 – Swag baby.

Case study of Thug of India's struggle for Independence

Pic 1 – Ambedkar regretting that he missed a chance to derogate Hindus on
the day of deliverance as Jinnah did it before him

Case study of Thug of India's struggle for Independence

Pic 2 – “Day of deliverance was not Anti Hindu, because Ambedkar, a Hindu
was a part of it too”
We will send Barkha Dutt to Lashkar-she is hindu

Case study of Thug of India's struggle for Independence

Pic 3-

Case study of Thug of India's struggle for Independence

Cripps had wanted to keep British control on India even after independence.
Eventually, he realised that he was being stupid.

However, Ambedkar at this moment tried his best to convince Lord
Lithingow to impose this control.

Ambedkar did not want Indians to have right to contest
elections in 1946.

Ambedkar blackmailed Britishers that he would become a Congress
supporter if elections are organised.

Case study of Thug of India's struggle for Independence

Elections anyway were held in 1946.

Ambedkar’s party won 1 seat out of 1585. Lol congrats. I repeat, the muslims and even SC/STs never voted at name of Ambedkar.

Britishers took revenge against this warning at time of partition….

Bengal was divided.

Ambedkar lost the ONLY seat he had..

Case study of Thug of India's struggle for Independence

Ambedkar’s Origins

Bhim Rao Ambedkar completed his studies by charity of people of higher
castes !

Ambedkar licked feet of Jagjeevan Ram to ask Gandhi to let him be a part of
constituent assembly. Gandhi did it. Without this favour, who knows he would have died as a yet another unsuccessful lawyer… But Ambedkar was so ungratitudious that he never ever thanked Jagjeevan Ram for this.

A timeline

June 1942- wave for quit India movement begins

2 July- Ambedkar given an auspicious post in British cabinet

14 July- Quit India announced

20 July- Ambedkar enters the cabinet

While Ambedkar believed that he is pretty successfully fooling the Britishers,
the British knew his reality (pic 2)

They knew that Ambedkar is an average person who excels at playing
minority card….

Case study of Thug of India's struggle for Independence
Case study of Thug of India's struggle for Independence
Case study of Thug of India's struggle for Independence

While the Bheem army loves to exaggerate the difficulties faced by BR Ambedkar
in his youth, they forget to mention that Most of the Indians
under britishers were equally oppressed – irrespective of money.

Consider Bengal famine.

Consider Swami Vivekananda starving to death…

On 16 December 1942, State secretary wrote to Viceroy saying that
Ambedkar could be very useful to them…

If the British take merely a pro Muslim stance; the Hindus alone will kick
them out.
However, if they take a pro Dalit stance, they will sustain.

1. Viceroy kept Ambedkar and 11 other indians in council so that he may not
be labelled ‘anti indian’

2. Later, Viceroy got inclined to bow down in front of Congress ‘s demand
for independence but Ambedkar and party took an even more adamant
stand than Britishers

Case study of Thug of India's struggle for Independence

Ambedkar was the reason why our Congress leaders went to jail.

1 even China got concerned about us. But Ambedkar was the man who
disgraced us.

2 Gandhi later scolded Viceroy that Ambedkar doesn’t represent Indian
interests. He is just a cheap sold out person

Case study of Thug of India's struggle for Independence
Case study of Thug of India's struggle for Independence

Here is the evil part of Ambedkar: he wanted GANDHI to DIE fasting so that
he may become the hope of Indians.

(Both Ambedkar and Gandhi were Vilayati lawyers. So… Ego issues maybe ?)

Case study of Thug of India's struggle for Independence
Case study of Thug of India's struggle for Independence
Case study of Thug of India's struggle for Independence

Gandhi said “we want to initiate ‘Quit India’ ”
Ambedkar retaliated “our people should focus on NEW INDIA instead of
quit India”

I hope someone will tell Narendra Modi this.

Case study of Thug of India's struggle for Independence

Scam 1992

The more i am studying Ambedkar, the more i am hating him.

British and Ambedkar paid huge sum to a media house run by M.N. Roy to
write against Gandhi & his independence movement.

MN Roy was recieving approx 14 lakh per month according to 2019 currency

Ambedkar tried to whitewash things by saying “The money was being given
to the labour association for their welfare and keeping morale of workers


Case study of Thug of India's struggle for Independence

On the next day, the parliament asked “Was MN Roy himself receiving the

Ambedkar said “We had a system. We were handing over the money to no
one else but the secretary.”

Later it was discovered that MN Roy himself was the secretary of his
company. Wah.

If he Dies, He dies.

Gandhi sat on fast in 1942. His weight got down to 35 kg. He started
vomiting water even.

His doctor could not see him die. He consider giving him glucose in disguise
of water.
But he did not. Why?
He realized that Gandhi would get a heart attack if he realizes the foul play.

Gandhi knew that fast upto death was his last resort. If he would break his
fast, ahimsa would lose.
He was willing to die to save his principles.

Only 2 Indians were happy to see him dying-

1 Ambedkar- our law minister

2 Firoz Khan Noon- First PM of Pakistan

Ambedkar’s quotes :-

“Brahmin were beef eaters earlier. But then they came across the concept of
Buddhism and became vegetarian.”

“Shudras do worship same gods as Brahmins do. But then,
Dutch, British, Swedes, German, Italian – all worship Jesus too. Are they in same

In first Golmej conference, multiple indian political leaders, nay, chamche
praised British Raaj.
And then came Gandhi’s turn to give a speech. What he said raised head of
every Indian with pride-

Case study of Thug of India's struggle for Independence

By courtesy of Ambedkar, post 1942, every Britishers adopted a pet dialog

“We are fully willing to leave India. But the Indians are not certain about
how they will substitute us”

Gandhi sat on fast against reservation for depressed classes.
Whole country went bananas.
The Dalits were like “we are not sure whether reservation is good/bad for us;
but we must save Gandhi before anything else”
But Ambedkar?
He said “I don’t care about political stunts”

Soon the people of depressed classes were saying “We don’t care about
seperate electorates for our class. We want Gandhi to stay alive. He has done
more for us than Ambedkar.”

Ambedkar and Rajah were two eminent leaders of depressed classes.
Rajah backed off of reservation…

When Ambedkar became a one man army, he said “The elections would be
fought on 148 reserved seats at any cost.
The sc/st leaders like Rajah who did not support me? Let them fight from
general constituency”

(Thukara ke mera pyaar, mera intekaam dekhoge)

Ambedkar’s plan was childish. He wanted ‘Double Vote’ for sc/st for 20
At first they would vote for reserved seat and then for general seat as well.
If I put a plaster on leg of a sportsman for 20 days & then remove it, he
won’t be able to walk. He wud become dependent.

On 25th December, at peak of Gandhi’s fast, All Hindu representative of
India gathered in Bombay.

They signed a letter according to which-
1 Untouchability were to be abolished
2 no caste would be denied temple entry
3 active steps would be taken to reduce caste differences

Ambedkar’s ego got inflated. He thought he got a victory. Poona pact was

The Hindus who abolished Untouchability on the other hand were never
concerned about him. They were barely worried about Gandhi alone.

I have come to the conclusion that AMBEDKAR DID NOT REALLY WANT TO

Britishers were trying their best to employ the Mahar caste in army. All sc/st
leaders were trying there best too.

But Ambedkar did not
Why? because there was no political benefit.

Lumley asked Ambedkar why he was not doing anything to fix real issues of
lower castes like unemployment and poverty?
Ambedkar said that he would start doing that stuff on the day the britishers
would start caring about his personal needs.

Soon after meeting of Hindu leaders, Ambedkar rose a new notion,


That is what I call the #FeministParadox – the Feminists
don’t really want Females to become equal to males.
What they want is an eternal struggle to bring females
on the equal level.
Why? So that females may stay privileged forever….

Ambedkar’s logics were sick-
(See pic)
When he said ‘i want to reserve seats for schedule
castes’ ; he meant ‘i want to reserve seats for myself’

Case study of Thug of India's struggle for Independence

Ambedkar said that Congress had assigned (mostly) illiterate SC/ST at
reserved seats so they may continue to lick boots of Congress Prez.

1) most SC/ST those days were illiterate. Congress didn’t have options.

2) Why would a party ‘choose’ unqualified people to ‘win’ elections?

Once, Gandhi decided to get temples rid off caste system.
He asked Ambedkar to encourage Dalits to enter the temples.

Ambedkar said “Why should Dalits WASTE their ENERGY going to temples?”

Why do you think Ambedkar became Buddhist instead of Christian or
Because joining islam= support to Jinnah
Christianity= britishers Ambedkar

NEVER showed any trait of a true buddhist in his life. It always was
a game or politics…

In 1934, Sapru Committee sat to find out CONSTITUTIONAL solutions to
Dalit’s problems.

Letter was sent to Ambedkar.
He did not reply.

Then a telegram was sent.
The man still left the committee on blue tick.

Then another telegram.
Ambedkar replied- and refused to join

Ambedkar said “Some members of the committee don’t share my political
views. It’s either my way or no way”
Poor Sapru had made a committee of Muslims and Christians and NON

But the truth was that even the non brahmans were very less likely to share
views with Ambedkar

In our original proposed constitution, governor was not merely a chair
warmer living a luxurious life on public’s income tax. He had 5 significant

Ambedkar took those powers away.
He always had such mood swings. Sometimes on night before drafting bill,
he swinger up.

The biggest joke is that AMBEDKAR actually WANTED TO BURN THE
(Maybe Nehru sent goons to change his mind)

After that, he tirelessly praised the draft for his whole life.

On being asked Why he was doing it,
He said “Let’s say you build a temple. And devils enter it. What option do
you have besides destroying it and reconstructing it.”

Sounds good.
Only if you ignore the fact that THERE WAS NO DEVIL AT ALL …

Ambedkar said “It is not possible to trust legislature. It is partial to party in
Ok. Fine sir. But the next minute he said “We don’t want a judiciary to rule us either. How
can 4-5 men decide our fate?”
Everyone was like “Tum Chahte kya ho bhai”

To this Ambedkar said “it is like choosing between two monsters. I would let
the committee decide which devil they prefer”
Agar koi banda Hamaari group chat mei aise negativity phailaata hai, toh hm
usko sidha kick out karwaate hain…

In 1945, the Indian political leaders demanded a constituent assembly which
would not contain any britisher.

Narrow minded Ambedkar said “Constituent assembly formed by Britishers
is no different from an Constituent assembly formed by only higher sections
of society”

Ambedkar believed that we Indians were not able enough to constitute an
assembly on our own at all!

He further asked “What if people start buying parliamentarians?”
Basically, Ambedkar is that retarded old man who neither does anything nor
lets anyone else to do either.

Ambedkar was the real divider in chief.

“The hindu wants an absolute majority over nation. He is not getting
satisfied by relative majority.”

(Absolute majority= 100% hindu population)

“of course a Hindu’s other walks of life won’t be really effected if a relative
majority is put up. They will have a monopoly of trade to enjoy”

Translation – Hindu itne makhichoos log hain ki aur castes ke saath rehne pr bhi wo hi unko loot ke ayyashi ki zindgi jeete rahenge.

“the minorities are prepared to accept freedom and the dangers which they
would be put in afterwards”

Translation – aazaadi ke Baad Brahman log beshak daliton pr atyachaar
karenge hi karenge. Ye baat pakki hai.
Lekin dalit log bhi in halaton ka muqabla karne taiyyar baithe hain.

In May 1927 itself, All India Congress Committee had started building a
Swaraj Constitution which was full and final by 1946. Many scholars had put
their work after analysing foreign models

CONSTITUTION, if required.

This is a pic from 14th April 2020.
Millions of Indians, including Dalits are hungry since days and weeks who are
busy wondering what would kill them first – Corona or hunger?

And here is what Bheem army was busy doing.

Case study of Thug of India's struggle for Independence

The head of Dalit freedom network is Joseph D’Souza.
He is not a Dalit. Heck, he is not even a Hindu.

He is a Christian missionary !

Case study of Thug of India's struggle for Independence

Digression –

Wikipedia says Fakir sanyasi rebellion for independence (of Bengal, 1770-1802)
was started because the Zamindaars were finding themselves unable
to pay custom charity to greedy sanyaasis …

It’s a huge WHITE lie !
( Racism intended )

1770 is the year of worst greed aided genocide of history.

33% population of Bengal starved to death in one single year..

Every third person of Bengal died.

That’s what provoked the Fakeers and Sanyaasis to take Parshurama Avatar.

Wikipedia says that the rebellion was really unpopular
and didn’t gain support.


A huge army of 50000 was gathered at the name of
religion of patriotism.

Also count the hundreds of Indian citizens who
voluntarily worked as spies for them.

The army was not a selfish one though. And that’s why
it lost.

It ended up wasting too many of its resources on
starving Bengalis.