Mahatma Gandhi’s Murder Conspiracy can’t be ignored

by | Jan 25, 2021 | Gandhi and Independce, History

1.While tweeting on Falsehood spread through
omissions In Mahatma Gandhi Murder case -Several
questions came up!

2. That series can be viewed in my previous thread

The biggest question was – Who & Why & How ??

3. In history of Indian courts-It’s difficult to find Such
Botched Up murder case-even basic Forensics weren’t

4.Lets Start with details in FIR! Check- Marking in green!
MG was in room-3 of Birla House!

5. Charges were framed against 12 people, Org charge
sheet went missing

Mahatma Gandhi’s Murder Conspiracy can’t be ignored

6. Without Postmortem, Ballistic report, Fingerprint on
Pistol, scene recreation etc – The case went to court

7. From the moment of Firing – Media& Congress
Leaders started propagating – that member of Hindu
Mahasabha killed Gandhi

8. A picture of Sawarkar Ji with other accused-

Mahatma Gandhi’s Murder Conspiracy can’t be ignored

was & is used4vilifying Hindu leaders even today-

9. Truth of this picture is Ugly & it was always suppressed. This picture was taken in
Bombay 4 Maligning Sawarkar Ji & HMS!

10. All Accused were taken to Bombay & they were
photographed by Police with Sawarkar Ji Why?

11. Sawarkar Ji was in police custody & he filled this !!

12. So this Photo of Sawarkar Ji with all accused was
Part of plan 2 malign Hindu Mahasabha

13. It’s Established now-that desperate attempts were made
by Nehru // vilify & humiliate Hindu Mahasabha &

Mahatma Gandhi’s Murder Conspiracy can’t be ignored
Mahatma Gandhi’s Murder Conspiracy can’t be ignored

14. After the mystery of Group Photograph was
unearthed –
Next Question came – Did they knew each other?
Partly Yes

15.Statement of Sawarkar Ji was recorded u/s 364 or CrPC.
He knew – Some of them as HMS workers !

16. There was One Name – Madan Lal Pahwa – whom he didn’t
knew & that person was like axis of this Murder Case

17. Madan Lal Pahwa is said to have tried killing Gandhi
on 20 th Jan 1948 ! Who was he ?

18. Madan was a Refugee from Pakistan – Who came to
India in 1947 !

19. Madan Lal – Made his base in Bombay & he got a
job in a licensed firecracker factory– Messrs Vassen Puspasen!

20. It is said that he came in contact with Some HMS
Members but Sawarkar Ji had denied that!

21 .Now let’s check the timeline of some events- Concerning
Madan Lal Pahwa !

22. On 5Jan 1948 he rushed 2 podium & snatched mic. 4m
Congress leader Rao Saheb Patwardhan at
Ahmednagar. Detained by police!

23. Any 1 planning for Murder of Mahatma Gandhi-getting into such foolish/Petty act-15 days
before D-Day-Is not Convincing

24. On 9Jan 1948, Police recommended arrest of Madan
Lal Pahwa and Vishnu Karkare. Why they invited
attention of police

25. Will a person Planning huge conspiracy of Killing
Gandhi will get involved in stupid Mic Snatching
What do U think??

26. On 12 thJan1948.Warrant was issued against Pahwa !
But conspirators came to Delhi by air and rail between 17-19 th Jan.

27. On 20th Jan Madanlal ignited a gun-cotton slab
which has been called a
bomb. Madanlal was arrested at the spot.

28. Knowing fully well That Gun Cotton Slab is not
going to harm anyone , Its a mystery-Why did he Ignite
it ??

29. Pahwa was caught & Before the FIR was actually
Madanlal was searched and a hand grenade was found on him.

30. So the fact is that Pahwa had a Hand Grenade & He
did not use it !! Where did he get the Grenade- Was
never probed!

31. Pahwa was questioned. At Birla House and was then taken to the Parliament Street Police
Station & was interrogated !

32. Pahwa gave name of Karkare and also mentioned
Hotel and the Hindu Mahasabha Bhawan Where they
were Staying

33. No One was found in those places. On 21st Jan.
Remand of 15 days was obtained & he was Interrogated in Civil Lines PS.

34. There he mentioned-prop. Of ‘Hindu Rashtriya”
paper as a co-conspirator but
didn’t mention the “Agrani” or the editor

35. Now Comes the shocking part- It was claimed by
Eyewitnesses That on 20th Pahwa & others had come in
a taxi.

36. The Taxi Number was given to Police by an
eyewitness. Upon Checking- The number turned out to
be of GNIT Bus !! WOW!!

37. 2 police officers were flown 2 Bombay
but case diary No. 2 A of their departure does not show
documents -Cont-

38. were taken by them & what they were
required 2 do in Bombay & there was no mention of
required under sec. 54 (Ninthly) Cr.PC.

39. Suddenly On 23rd Jan. Kali Ram, a bearer of Marina
produced some clothes, 3 of which had marking ‘N.V.G.’!

40. So basically The Plot to kill Gandhi was Busted on 20 th Jan 1948 &
Names of conspirators was known to Police!

To be continued…..