Dand Baithak for Beginner’s

by | Dec 27, 2021 | Fitness Guide, Vedic Warriors

Sarp Dand – The first dand EVERYONE should learn.

Build Chiseled triceps
Lower chest
Upper Chest

Dand Baithak for Beginner's

First rule –

Never ever round your shoulders.

Due to desk jobs and smartphones, we spend whole day like the guy on

It is unhealthy.

Before you get in the Dand position, ensure that you are in open chested

Dand Baithak for Beginner's

You can modify Sarp dand according to your physique.

If you are a male looking for bigger chiseled
A woman seeking to loose fat from the back of arm,

Begin by learning to use your elbow.

Before doing the dand,
Practice pushing and pulling body front and back 10 times

Dand Baithak for Beginner's
Dand Baithak for Beginner's

This will ensure that your triceps are set to fire.
If you have maintained the broad shoulder stance well enough, you will feel
as if your triceps are crushing against your back muscles.

(You will not feel a pump in triceps yet though.

We are just getting the engine started

Dand Baithak for Beginner's

Now, push ahead.

Again, use your elbows instead of hip joint or doing shoulder rounding to

When you will be on topmost position, the weight of your body would feel
the most on lower palm.

On returning down, it will spread on whole palm, especially inner margins.

What if I want to sculpt lower chest/breasts ?

Return from the position where forearms are perpendicular to ground.

Do 3 sets of these and 2 sets of incline push ups 3 days per week and you
will feel the tone within 3 weeks.

Dand Baithak for Beginner's

For upper chest –

Arch your back backwards at top.

Also arch your neck backwards for additional weight shift.

Dand Baithak for Beginner's

“How to breathe during Sarp Dand ?”

Do not try any fancy breath holding technique.

You will lose the focus from your muscle.

Exhale while going up,

Inhale going down.

If you feel that you are going breathless before muscle fatigue ,

Exhale with pierced lips.

This will produce a hiss, like a snake or Sarp 🙂

If even that ain’t enough, inhale with pierced lips as well.

Dand Baithak for Beginner's

“what about ankle and feet ?”

Ankle can be (should be) used to propel your body backward and forward.

They shall be supplementary to the elbow.

Human body is designed to flow through space in rhythm.

Dark reality of modern lifestyle –

We don’t know how to use our feet anymore.

Human feet are supposed to look like what we see on right.

Foot have been designed to distribute weight instead of being enclosed in
narrow shoes.

Dand Baithak for Beginner's

One client of mine did Sarp Dand by placing whole weight on the great toe.

He got severe pain within 2 days.

Had to take 3 days off of exercise to recover.

Don’t do that.

Distribute weight evenly.

Modern bodybuilders are taught to use great toe intentionally to build calf

A few years later these guys are suffering knee pain, ankle pain.

They simply don’t know how to use their own body. Ironical, being a

Many people cheat on tricep variation of sarp dand by pushing their
shoulder backwards, instead of elbow itself.

Do not depress scapula.

Keep shoulders neutral,

Or slightly elevated.

Dand Baithak for Beginner's

It Is an extremely wise idea to do partial reps at the end of last few sets.

Most of us suck at lockout.

10ish extra reps can be easily cranked by adding bottom partials.