How does hindu squats benefit you

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Learn the art of doing the ultimate ancient akhada exercise

How does hindu squats benefit you
How does hindu squats benefit you

‘Dands and bethaks are two different exercises, but together they
constitute the core wrestling vyayam regimen. Dands are jackknifing push-
ups and bethaks are comparable to Western-style deep knee bends’. – The Wrestlers Body

How does hindu squats benefit you
How does hindu squats benefit you

Firstly, Why ‘Dand Baithak’ is the best exercise ever and why you must
incorporate it in your workout regimen?

These are tough times we are living in
– gyms are closed
– anxiety is all time high
– health is at risk
– physical work is low
– mental pressure on rise
– immune system is on a constant war

There is one solution to counter all these problems – DAND BAITHAKS

• Basic idea of doing Baithaks –

‘One starts a bethak from a standing position with feet set at forty-five
degree angles and heels about fifteen to twenty centimeters apart.

While squatting down one should jump slightly forward onto the balls of
one’s feet while lifting the heels clear off the floor. In the process of
standing back up, one should jump backwards to the position from which
one started. One’s arms should be relaxed.

How does hindu squats benefit you
How does hindu squats benefit you

They should sway with the movement of the body in order to maintain
balance. One’s eyes should be fixed on a point about four meters forward
on the ground, so that one’s head will be stationary and balanced’. – The Wrestler’s Body

• Basic idea of doing Dands –

‘One starts a dand from a face-down, prone position with feet placed close
together and palms flat on the ground directly below the shoulders about
half a meter apart

To begin, one cocks the body back by lifting one’s buttocks into the air
while straightening both arms and legs, Bending at the elbows, one dives
forward so that the chest glides between the palms close to the ground

How does hindu squats benefit you
How does hindu squats benefit you

One then arches up while straightening the arms and thrusting the pelvis
down towards the ground. One then recocks the body to the starting

– The Wrestler’s Body

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Now let’s talk about how to start doing dand baithaks.

Follow these simple steps –

1. For few days don’t focus on the repetitions but on the form of the
exercise, it’s very important to get the right form of dand baithaks

Dand baithaks are to be done rhythmically

Dands are to be done while holding Kumbhak (retention of air in lungs).

2. Once the form is right its time to work on repetitions of dand baithaks,
you will be able to do a minimum number of dand baithaks depending on
your degree of strength and previous experience

You will always be able to do more baithaks as compared to dands.

3. Whatever number of repetitions you are able to do, your aim should be to
double it in every 8-10 days

Day 1 -> 20 Dands 40 Baithaks

Day 10 -> 40 Dands 80 Baithaks

The increase in repetitions will depend on your personal goal, strength and

Increase your repetitions gradually, doesn’t matter how many but make sure
to increase them

4. Once you have reached the capacity of doing a minimum of 100 dands
and just double the number of baithaks in one set, it’s time to incorporate
variations of dands in your regimen.

5. Now its time to do the dand baithaks regimen that @ suggested to me.

– Do one set of normal dand baithaks
– Do atleast 4-5 sets of dand baithaks variations

(gradually increase the repetitions in each sets)

Practise dand baithaks daily (follow a healthy diet including desi ghee for
this), on some days when you feel like resting do lesser repetitions.

Your aim should be to do as maximum number of Dands and Baithaks as
your body allows you to,
just so that you know our desi akhada pehelwan’s practise 1000’s of dand
baithaks daily!

Start you Dand Baithaks regimen today!


How does hindu squats benefit you