How to Train Your Neck

by | Dec 15, 2021 | Fitness Guide, Vedic Warriors

Thick shapely neck is important for men.

Bulk of Neck determines how concussed you feel upon receiving any kind of
blow – slap, punch, wrestling maneuver.

How to Train Your Neck

The pic below is of a bodybuilder named Jeff Nippard.

He has almost the same muscle mass in both the pics.

The only difference is he gave 1 year to neck training.

If you were in a street fight, whom would you like to mess with ?

How to Train Your Neck

The first thing I would like you to do is do headstand every morning and
especially before neck workout for pre pump.

Anyone can learn the tripod headstand with 2 weeks of practice.

Legends like Karpatri ji Maharaj did headstand daily for 2.5 hours. An
unparalleled genius.

How to Train Your Neck

The second thing is neck bridge.

If you don’t have enough mobility to do this, don’t.

The key is to balance the body on top of the head,

Instead behind.

How to Train Your Neck

Many boxers have ruined their necks by copying pehelwani bridge.

The reason ? 1. They don’t warm up the neck properly

2. Horrible neck posture (to hide the jaw behind boxing glove to avoid

3. They do jerky, uncontrolled reps

Decent timing for tripod headstand as pre pump protocol is 3 minutes.

For the bridge,

Begin with 3 sets of 30 and progress to sets of 100.

It’s doable within a month.

And yes, you will see size gains within first month of training.

Neck bridge are strength dominant. Size gain is secondary.

If your primary priority is size and strength the secondary,

Do neck raises. Front, sideway, backwards, diagonally – in any direction.
(Search tutorial on youtube)

Want to gain neck size in 2 minutes ?

Yes it’s possible.

Fix your neck posture.

Even a guy with jacked neck can look pencil necked with poor posture

How to Train Your Neck

I have only done diagonal front rolls so far.

Anyone having excess to clean grass ground may try this

How to Train Your Neck
How to Train Your Neck