illuminati Mysteries Decoded

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What if Islam was made to balance out the Illuminati wave that was upcoming?

The Satanic society left it’s first major footprint as Templar Knights approximately 1000 years ago. And Islam has originated 1400 years ago.

Let’s do some factual triangulation. According to Islam-

  • SATAN was made FROM ANGELS.
  • ANGELS were made from Smoky fire.
  • Satan was made from smokeless fire.
  • He refused to obey an specific order of Allah.
  • However, just like Naughty kids are loved by parents, Satan also managed to please Allah.
  • Allah blessed him that-



  • Angels got shocked and they protested.
  • So Allah did this-

illuminati Mysteries Decoded

illuminati Mysteries Decoded

illuminati Mysteries Decoded

illuminati Mysteries Decoded

The problem is, no Muslim knows what these verses even mean..

The commentors on Quran have their own weird theories about these Angels like-

1 Angel on left writes your bad deeds, Angel on right writes bad deeds.

2 Angels interchange with light intensity of sun & moon

3 here is the worst theory- Kaafir are Satans. Go shoot them!

As far as i understand Quran, it is a HUGE SIN TO INTERPRET the holy book BASELESSLY.

Such people have a special place in hell.

The Lost Interpretation of Satanic Verses

I am deducing this on basis of nothing but Quran and natural laws –

  • Earth was formed 4.6 billion years ago. Oxygen came into existence after a huge gap of 1.1 billion years..
  • While the Angels are 4.6 billion years old, the Satan is 3.5 billion year old.

Why? While incomplete combustion can be enforced without sufficient oxygen, SMOKELESS FIRE can only be created by Complete combustion. It is IMPOSSIBLE to do complete combustion without oxygen.

  • The throne of Satan is on sea.

Similarly, a baby in mother’s womb lives in LIQUID MEDIUM .

  • The Satan can run inside you in form of blood.

This confirms his origin in oxygen rich environment.

The Esoteric Explaination

Physiologists of ancient India have classified breath into 5 parts-






APANA or downward moving air which expels energy in fit of rage and lust. Apan is nothing but Satan.

A ‘protective angel’ is born along with a human just like Satan. He is manifested as PRANA i.e. forward moving air.

There is an angel who keeps whispering Allah’s messages in our Ears. He is manifested as UDANA i.e. upward moving air or the one that protects our energy.

The two angels on left and right are NOT for writing good and bad deeds respectively. One angel alone too could have done that, right?

These two angels are SAMANA and VYANA in configuration with Ida and Pingala naadi.

Samana is air moving from periphery to center. It is Ida dominant. It aids digestion. That’s why you feel lazy after heavy meal.

Vyana is air moving from center to periphery. It is pingla dominant. It makes you active.

Reconsider this verse in pic … (Below)

We do namaaz 5 times a day. But the angels change shift twice only. Why?

Because Vyana and Samana are regulated with Cortisol hormone.


illuminati Mysteries Decoded

When Quran says ‘you’ – it is not refering to your materialitic aspect. It is refering to your soul.

Site of soul is heart.

Soul generates SA node impulse that further initiates whole cardiac rhythm.


Here is what Islam says wrt that-

Devil has full control over man’s heart. When man remembers Allah he withdraws & when he neglects to remember Him, he returns. He knows whether he is remembering Allah or not. He knows the whims and desires of his heart to lure him.

Gone are the days when we believed that ‘thought’ is a sole property of ‘brain’ . ‘Mind’ is that illegitimate kid of psychology whom everyone talks about, but no one darea to investigate



He measured a sudden weight loss of 21 grams from human body at time of death in 6 volunteer patients.

illuminati Mysteries Decoded

He even wanted to take photograph of soul in upcoming project.

But it was discouraged by whole western community. Duncan died in 1920.

  • One objection against Duncan was that he didn’t use a sample size bigger than 6…. Lol. Its not that easy to procure ‘dying’ volunteers
  • Second objection was that body loses weight in form of sweat due to failure of lungs to cool down blood. Sweat doesn’t fly away. It stays there on skin surface itself.
  • Third alternate to soulis ‘gaseous release after death’ theory. Gas release BEGINS AFTER 12 hours of death, not in a second.

Even if we assume that some form of diffuse gaseous release occurs after death (depletion of Annmay Kosha) , the release is supposed to take 2-3 seconds, like a punctured football or Tyre. Gaseous escape in split second can only suggest escape of condensed form of some gas coinciding exactly with death. And this exactly is called ‘Pranvaayu’ or vital breath in our language. We are merely playing with words here.

The Reptile Eye

The reptile eye appearance on camera is not an Artefact. Its real.

The Illuminatis practice many brutal, inhumane rituals to please their god. One of them PERMANENTLY damages your midbrain to FORCEFULLY INDUCE REPTILE EYED APPEARANCE..

illuminati Mysteries Decoded

If you hit rostrum of midbrain with blunt force trauma, some of your Oculomotor nerve fibres get effected. As a result ciliary muscles may spontaneously twitch, making it oval. This pic says it all-

illuminati Mysteries Decoded

Let me introduce you to the biggest conspiracy theory of 2050 :-

WHAT IF ACTUALLY SATAN WERE THE REAL PERSON WE WERE SUPPOSED TO WORSHIP? We can’t even see god. He says ‘he loves us’ ; but he cruelly gives us pain? WHAT IF GOD WERE THE REAL EVIL?

Here is my answer, from 2019-

No matter how easy your life becomes by taking side of Satan…

If my god asks me to rape a 13 year old girl, I would like to be an athiest.

Abraham’s weird Adventure with Lizards

This tweet reminds me of the tale where it was said that when Abraham was being burnt, all animals tried to extinguish fire – except Lizards. Ever since then, some Muslims have been practicing shoot at sight on Lizards…

(of course it’s a subject of mockery amongst other religions.)

illuminati Mysteries Decoded

But, this tale is not about lizards. Its about Reptilians !

illuminati Mysteries Decoded

“If the Jews are so powerful in current times, why are they so afraid of our religion?” – a muslim student asks his muslim teacher.


illuminati Mysteries Decoded


Sujood position is a blessing. The head is below heart level. Hence It stimulates a great amount of cerebral blood flow.

illuminati Mysteries Decoded

illuminati Mysteries Decoded

illuminati Mysteries Decoded

Science has shown that if a leaf is plucked from a branch, the tip of branch still carries it’s energy in form of Korean waves.

Why leaf & not flower/bud/stem? Because it is actively photosynthetic. It has the maximum Prana.

The simplest valuable fact about Pranayam ever-

Most of the oxygenation of blood occurs in lower part of lungs. (Because blood is more abundant below by virtue of gravity) A sedentary person’s breathe mostly reaches upper lung only…

I just checked out some better narrations on angels. (I don’t know Arabic) To be exact, angels were made from LIGHT. And it all makes sense now.

Angels are made from fundamental particles of light i.e. photons. Let’s cross reference it through example of Gabriel.

Gabriel and the Gems

Gabriel was giant winged angel who frequently descended to earth in times of Prophet Mohammad.

It is said that his wings dropped gemstones everytime he landed here, beginning his journey all the way from heaven.

Gabriel’s feathers in the heaven were merely composed of energy fields and electrons.

But as he came down, his wings would gather Silicon (an element abundant on sun and meteorites).

Silicon has a property called ‘TPA’ – it can absorb two electrons at same time.

Absorption of two electrons at once is far better than linear absorption at high intensities. TPA brings silicon to high energy state which acted as fuel for Gabriel.

As Gabriel would reach atmosphere, this silicon would combine with two oxygen atoms to form silicon dioxide.

As he would come even lower and stop battling with air friction, the temperature would fall. Silicon dioxide would clump up in crystal form.

And that is exactly how every single gemstone of World is created in mantle inner layers of earth.

Still dont believe me?

Read this. Arabian peninsula even till date has multiple quartz (silicon dioxide) gemstones scattered here and there. Scientists hypothesis that they somehow got there via river, billions of years ago. Nope.

It aint a breaking news that Bible is corrupted.

Isaiah 14:12-14 sarcastically calls a king as Lucifer a lightbringer, son of morning. In fact, the word Lucifer itself was derived by Satan worshippers from Latin Vulgate which means ‘the morning star’

Some people think that air is Praana that controls our nervous enforcement.

Obviously it’s vice versa.

Its worth noting about the Reptilian brained people that it has 0 serotonin supply

The concept of Prana is not limited to Hinduism and Islam alone. (I just started researching bible )

Genesis 2:7 , “God blew ‘breath of life’ in nose of Adam”

(Adam was a hollow clay statue initially. He wasn’t alive since origin)

“You take away their breath, they die and return to their dust”

– Psalm 104:29

What about soul ?

Corinthian verses can be aligned to Geeta –

Corinthians 15:53-54:

Immortality is something we must “put on,” (we don’t have it to start with as physical beings.)

Once we have put on immortality, death is swallowed up in victory.

This can be understood by example of say a monk running on water with small stones or a biker speeding across a falling bridge.

High speed = illusion masslessness

illuminati Mysteries Decoded

These missing links are superprecious

illuminati Mysteries Decoded

Past births do exist. The paradigm here is exactly similar to Karan Sharir of Soul

illuminati Mysteries Decoded

Al Râzî (Rhazes), the tenth century medical authority, asserted that the soul was addicted to the material world, and could be released from the ‘wheel of birth’ only through the therapeutic effects of philosophy.

This ‘wheel of birth’ can be reverse traced to Svetastra upnishad

The people who don’t meditate have some tough time understanding what these vaayus mean.

One way to do that can be studying Agastya rishi ‘s model of battery (which is exactly similar to what we use today)

H2 is called udaan vaayu cos of its light weight.

Reptilian brain dominance = inefficient subgenual cortex = negligible release of pleasure hormones upon helping a human being.

illuminati Mysteries Decoded

illuminati Mysteries Decoded

illuminati Mysteries Decoded

Appendix 1 – Physical basis Of Prana

This portion of article is additional information targeting specifically the true seekers of knowledge of Dharma. All the airs of universe originate from the primordial frequency of Om. Prana is that frequency which is attractive in nature. As a natural law of inverted fig – everything that is attractive in nature towards the roots of the tree has lower magnitude on scale of Maaya. The best manifestation of attractive force of Prana is gravitational waves.

Apana is the exact opposite of Prana. It has high repulsion and hence high magnitude. Everything with anti God nature has a higher magnitude in this inverted universe.

Vyana is what ties Prana and Apana together. It is created by double binding of Om frequency to its own self. Very high energy is required to bind a repulsive element to some other element.

Udana – It is that manifestation of Om which ascends back to Om itself. Abiding by natural law of inverted fig, it too is weak. It relies on Pran-Apaan cycles for damp and pulsatile release.

Saman – It is completely non pulsatile.

Appendix 2 – Social basis of Inverted fig

Pran and Apaan are comparable to masculine and feminine respectively. This fact explains the misoginy in Adam and Eve’s tale. Vyan can be seen as the love between the two. Saman is their child or reproductive energy-matter equilibrium. Saman stabilises their existence in the inverted fig matrix. And Udaan is spiritual force, or manifestation of God himself.,