The Lead Masks case

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The Lead Masks case

On August 20 1966, a youngster exploring the Vintem hills in Brazil to fly a
kite, suddenly discovered two male dead bodies. The men were dressed in
formal suits and had a waterproof coat over them. Besides them lay an
empty water bottle.

What’s intriguing about this case was that, their eyes were covered in a thick
mask made of lead.
The men were later identified as Manuel Pereira De Cruz and Miguel Jose
Viana, both electronic technicians who were reported missing from a town
almost 200 kms northeast…..

The Lead Masks case

…. from where they were found.
Other items found were two hand towels and 161,000 Cruzeiros in cash.
Thick grass grew around the bodies.

The Lead Masks case

Investigations began….
Both were respected hardworking citizens with families.
Police also found a notebook whose contents remain inexplicable. In the
notebook were numbers for electrical parts and electronic formulas.

In the notebook were two notes which baffled the investigators.
The notes were as follows:

  1. Sunday one capsule after lunch Wednesday one capsule at bedtime.
  2. Be at the place arranged at 1630. Take capsule at After feeling
    effects cover half face with lead masks….
The Lead Masks case

….and await the agreed signal.

The duo had left their town on 17 Aug. They told their families that they
were going to Rio to purchase electrical supplies required for their jobs. They
took a bus to Noterio buying raincoats and water along the way.

They carried a huge amount of cash at the time. 30 million Cruzeiros,
enough to buy a budget car. But, when they were found they had only
161,000 Cz left with them.
Their were no signs of struggle or trauma or any other signs which indicated
that they were robbed.

The Lead Masks case

According to various witness reports,
The men looked nervous. They were seen talking to a local youngster. (The
same youngster later discovered them dead, 2 days later.)
They had taken a ride from a jeep to a location near the hills.

One of their friends, Gomez, approached the police and told them that the
duo was a part of a pseudo-scientific society which was involved in “a search
of the greater truth of the universe”. They were involved in bizarre scientific
experiments related to space exploration and aliens

Interestingly, they had notes written about consuming certain capsules, no
pills or caps were found. There was no evidence of ingestion of any strange
substance or drugs.
What’s more interesting is that the handwriting in the notes didn’t belong to
any of the men.

The Lead Masks case

According to various reports from families and locals,2 months ago the duo
built a device in backyard which later exploded. The device was said to be
able to make contact with Mars. On their property, police found hand written
notes, masks, books on luminosity and other strange things.

Ignoring all paranormal angles,
The police concluded that the men were involved in an “electronic smuggling ring”.

Their friend Gomez, told police that the duo had invited him to the Atafona
beach, where the group had witnessed a UFO sighting…..

The Lead Masks case

The UFO hovered above the water for about 5mins and glowed in a very
bright light and then exploded with a banging sound and blinding light.
The incident was also witnessed by local fishermen and came to be known as
the ‘Atafona beach explosion’.

The Lead Masks case

One of the duo, Miguel, his sister revealed that Miguel was going to conduct
a top secret high priority mission. He could not disclose what it was and who
he was working for.

The lead masks

The Lead Masks case

A similar incident had happened in the vicinity 4 yrs ago in 1962, when a
man named ‘Hermes’ was found dead wearing a lead mask. He was a TV
technician. The case was closed.

It is to be noted that the entire region is a known UFO and paranormal hotspot.
Many people have reported seeing brightly coloured UFOs.
In Aug 1966, the same time around which the duo was found, a local woman
witnessed a UFO sighting. She described it as a bright orange is object hovering
above the hill. It took off after hovering for about five mins.

Many theories have been put forth to explain this bizzare case. Some of them
are as follows:

  1. They were selling illegal radioactive materials to criminals. The
    deal went wrong, and they were killed in the process. However, no signs of
    struggle and injuries were found.
  2. They were robbed and then killed by consuming a drug which left no trace
    in the body.
  3. They discovered alien life, and witnessed a UFO landing, suggested by the
    lead masks they were wearing to protect them from radiation.
    They were either killed by the aliens or were taken away by aliens and fake
    bodies were left behind.
  4. The pseudo-scientific society which they were involved in, have them
    potent drugs which caused internal injuries. The drugs would cause
    them to hallucinate and see aliens and otherworldly beings. But
    the drugs were too harmful leading to their demise.
  5. They were involved in electronics smuggling. And were killed by criminals
    when the deal went wrong. The criminals must have fled with the money as it was
  6. They were involved in espionage and secret government projects. The
    banknotes they were carrying had coded messages for govt agents.

When, the case came to light, news agencies were giving it much attention
in the initial days. Reports were being published
In news papers and media outlets about possible theories involving the
paranormal as well as criminal gangs.

But suddenly, all media reports stopped…

The Lead Masks case

To this day, the case remains unsolved, as is a similar case involving a man
named ‘Hermes’. Both were collectively known as, ‘The lead masks case’.