Who Killed Mahatma Gandhi ? – Part 3

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True facts with authorised proofs
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41. After Failed( Staged) attempt on 20th Jan1948,
Madanlal Pahwa was Caught & Others were on run (As
it sounds from Case)

42. Nathuram Godse & Apte left by plane on
17th Jan, arriving at Delhi in the evening;
and stayed at the Marina Hotel.

43. Flight Charges were not less & Marina Hotel was a
Luxury hotel with Expensive rooms. Well How did Duo
managed to pay?

44. After Pahwa was arrested-Godse & Apte left
same evening by train from Delhi main station & returned
Bombay via Kanpur.

45. Karkare left on 23rd January1948 taking short
distance trains and bus journeys & reached Kalyan
on 26th January .

46. Remaining two Badge and Shankar took
the Bombay Express
from Delhi on the 20th January1948 & Reached
Pune on 22ndJan

47. So There was a failed attempt on 20th Jan 1948,
Madanlal pahwa was arrested, Police knew the details
of People Involved

48. Delhi Police had contacted Bombay police, All
people allegedly connected with Plot were on Run!!

49. Security of Mahatma Gandhi was increased &Most
Newspapers had reported on 21 Jan-bomb(?) was
thrown by Hindu Radicals

50. First leg of Maligning Hindu Mahasabha was
complete. But Gandhi was still Alive & That troubled
someone Powerful!

51. Even after having Details of Godse &Others Bombay
Police Failed to arrest! They had full copy of Pahwa’s statement.

52. A copy of full statement of Madanlal was given to
Mr. U. H. Rana, D.I.G.(CID)Bombay & he returned
to Bombay 25thJan.

53. Mr. Rana returned 2 Bombay by train Via Allahabad
as “Flight did not suit Him”! WOW! But Why take train
Via Allahabad?

54. In The meantime -Godse & Apte flew back 2 Delhi
on January 27,1948. It seems Both had lot of Money &
Police sleeping!

55. Then took a train to Gwalior where they stayed for
night at Dr. Parchure’s
house as per Police Investigations later.

56. Next day they purchased a pistol
from Mr. Goel & returned to Delhi on morning of
29thJan!Mr. Goel was never traced! Humm!

57. Few untrained people – Attempted to assassinate
Gandhi & Had Courage to Carry out Attack twice in 11 days!!

58. After failed attempt on 20Jan 1948,Pahwa was
arrested, Identities were known&
Police/CID were trying to arrest them

59. After being exposed & failed – 1St time -Can a
person have courage to Attempt again at same venue?
I don’t think so!

60. If Godse went to Gwalior & got Pistol from Goel! Then
Why “Indian Express” printed this? #agenda

Who Killed Mahatma Gandhi ? - Part 3

61. Godse was Running a Newspaper called- Agrani-
selling for 1 Ana! His Father was a Postal employee

62. Godse was well known due to his News Paper But his
finances were weak! How he was traveling by Air

63. Bombay Police/Delhi Police &CID had full details of Godse
after Failed attempt on 20th Jan due to arrest of Pahwa

64. After murder attempt on 20th, Gandhi’s Security was
Enhanced Still Godse ( by then under hunt) reached the

65. So many inconsistencies & Loose ends makes this
Case – an unique Murder Mystery

66. Going Back to Pahwa -He was released from jail on 13th Oct.1964,
Stayed in Dadar, married in 1966-Manjari,Died in 2000!

67. Going by facts Provided in my earlier tweets on this
Subject – Very Disturbing scenario emerges!!


If Mohan Das fought against Britishers & He was an
Enemy Of Britishers- Why did – 10 Downing Street
issued this Statement ( as reported by —

Mohan Das was declared Dead after 2 hours ??
yet the conspiracy is not completed… Congress must
answer this… .You can further research on it.
Thanks for the read

Who Killed Mahatma Gandhi ? - Part 3