Mahatma Gandhi’s Murder Mystery – 1

by | Jan 25, 2021 | Gandhi and Independce, History

1. 40’s was an strange Decade!So much Conspiracy
&odd occurrences I don’t remember in any other
decade – around the world !

2. 30 th Jan 1948 , Gandhi Ji was assumed to be shot
dead by Godse by Using an Italian Made Beretta
Revolver !

3.The Pistol used was Beretta M1934 With Serial
number – 606824.

4. Beretta was used by Royal Italian Army in World War
2 ! It used to have 7 round – Detachable Magazine !

5. I am surprised to know – that no Postmortem was
done on Dead Body of Mahatma Gandhi !

6. In absence of Postmortem report – I wonder – How
cause of death was established !

7. It has been reported that Gandhi Ji died an hour or
so later after allegedly being shot ! 5.17 pm he was shot

8. If he was shot at 5.17 PM, died later-how come
Original FIR for 302 IPC filed at 5.45 pm !

Mahatma Gandhi's Murder Mystery - 1

9. Now Question is – What was the actual time & Actual
Cause of death of Mahatma Gandhi ??

10. Surprise !Surprise !Even Charge sheet of the case
found missing of such an important leader!

Mahatma Gandhi's Murder Mystery - 1

11. The Ownership of Revolver was never established
even after having clear Serial number !

12. Without postmortem-were the bullets extracted &
matched ? What happened to 4 bullets in the pistol?
Who killed Gandhi ?

13. According to FIR lodged on same evening – after
being shot (?) Gandhi Ji was taken to residential Unit of
Birla house!

14. Why was a bleeding person taken to residential unit
of Birla house instead of any hospital?

Mahatma Gandhi's Murder Mystery - 1

15. It’s hard 2 assume that no one with a car or any type
of transport facility was there to take Gandhi to a

16. Even then – St. Stephens hospital was within 10 kms
from Birla house ! !!

17. Italian Revolver, No postmortem , Charge sheet
disappeared, no urgency in reaching hospital was
it a bigger conspiracy ?

18. Role of Nehru should also be probed in this episode
! It sounds like a well planned murder with ulterior
motives !

19. Let’s not forget -Hindu Mahasabha was maligned
& in 1951-52 elections all Nationalists were badly
defeated !

20. Very Interesting fact- Who caught first Godse after
he shot(?) Gandhi ? One Mr. Tom Reiner !

21.Tom Reiner was a vice consul attached to the
American Embassy and a recent arrival in India.

22. Well, so Mr. Tom Reiner grasped Godse by
shoulders & shoved him towards police guards! What
was an American doing there ?

23. NY Times reported next day – injured Gandhi Ji had
water after he was taken in Residential unit

Mahatma Gandhi's Murder Mystery - 1

24. Let’s check some headlines in Newspapers next day
on 31st Jan! ‘Hindu’ was prominently mentioned!

Mahatma Gandhi's Murder Mystery - 1

Mahatma Gandhi's Murder Mystery - 1

25. Now also let’s check how ‘The Hindu’ reported
about Godse’s cloths &How NY Times reported!

Mahatma Gandhi's Murder Mystery - 1

Mahatma Gandhi's Murder Mystery - 1

26. Mischievously ‘The Hindu’ paper reported – ‘Khaki
Pants’ on 31 st Jan 1948 !

27. So what may have been Motive of ‘Murder’
!Concept of Hindu politics was killed forever in one
stroke! Who benefitted??

28. Times of India- Bombay edition reported – 4 shots ,
I repeat -4 shots were fired that evening !

Mahatma Gandhi's Murder Mystery - 1

29.Sardar Patel was there at the time when Gandhi ji
was Shot in Birla house

Mahatma Gandhi's Murder Mystery - 1

30. So we have been told continuously-that Gandhi was
Shot 3 times in chest & he died !

Mahatma Gandhi's Murder Mystery - 1

31.Almost all newspapers reported -he was At least shot
once in Chest! Remember from 3-4ft distance !

Mahatma Gandhi's Murder Mystery - 1

32.A great (?) Leader was shot & no 1 for sure knew-
which body part was hit ? It’s a fact that He did not
die immediately!

33. OK ,I accept that he might have been hit in chest
!Let’s see his last pictures (from net)

34. In that last picture Do you see any Bullet hole in

Mahatma Gandhi's Murder Mystery - 1

I think the chest is clearly visible !Correct me if I am

36. Beretta M1934 has a 0.380 cartridge ! I am not a
forensic expert ,can someone help

37. It seems from Pic that Gandhi was not hit in Chest
as there was no visible bullet hole, So what killed him?
To be continue..

Mahatma Gandhi's Murder Mystery - 1