Moon Astrological Significance

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#1 What is Chandra and what is Soma ?

Chandra means moon.

Soma means two things –

1. A psychedelic nectar devoured by Devatas and humans alike.

Btw, the holy ritual of drinking ‘Hoama’ ras in Zoroastrianism (paarsis) has
been copied from Soma drinking ritual of hinduism

Moon Astrological Significance

2. Soma means moon,
But there’s a twist.
Soma has been called moon only in texts 2000 years old.
The word simply became extinct after that.

Why ?
We will explore that later in this thread too,
But the primary reason is decline in magnetic field intensity.

Earth’s magnetic field = 50 Tesla

Moon’s magnetic field in Vedic era = 110 Tesla
Moon’s magnetic field right now = ?
Zero !

We have learnt in previous threads that the deity controlling over magnetic
fields is Varuna.

And indeed Varuna is a huge worshipper of Soma.

Rig Veda 91:3

Thine are King Varuṇa’s eternal statutes, lofty and deep, O Soma, is thy glory.
All-pure art thou like Mitra the beloved, adorable, like Aryaman, O Soma.

Since moon lost all of its magnetic field 2000 years ago, our Vedic texts
stopped using the term Soma.

#2 Soma is a liquid.
And the Chandra Yantra (2-d holograph) has a lotus – an aquatic plant.

What’s the obsession with liquid here ?

Moon is a semiliquid. It vibrates when craters impact against it.

Soma literally means ‘rice water’

#3 What’s up with Chandraghanta, the female goddess, who looks like a
moon shaped like a bell, and kills demons ?

“When Apollo 12 struck the surface of moon, it rang like a bell for whole 1
hour.” – I didn’t say this, scientists did.

A screenshot from Wikipedia –

Moon Astrological Significance

#4 Rice water ?!!

Yeah, because of its appearance.
Moon was created out of ocean of milk in Devaloka, in its second birth.

#5 Ocean of Milk ?!!


Milk = Calcium
Ocean = sodium, chloride and water .

Moon’s surface is made of thousands of semi liquid mountains – they are all
made up of calcium only
(Imagine moon dipping in milk and conducting all calcium ions)

Moon Astrological Significance

Moon is a surprisingly huge reservoir of Chlorine.
Chlorine seeped inside it because of its negative charge I guess.
Unstable sodium ions which remain on outer crust of moon are not tightly
bound against it.

Moon has thousands of kilometres long ‘sodium tail’ in space.

While you can’t see sodium tail from naked eyes but it is quite a significant thing. In fact there is a whole Puranic tale made after this phenomenon.

Moon Astrological Significance

#6 The most misunderstood Puranic tale ever –

Moon had 27 wives (27 daughters of Daksha).
But he was focusing too much on just one daughter. The other 26 hence got
So, Daksha got angry as well and cursed him that his powers will eternally
keep declining with time.

#7 What does this mean ?

In hinduism we have divided orbit of milky way (not earth, but milky way ! )
Into 28 parts by taking 14 diameters.

These parts are called Nakshatras.

1 Nakshatra being the one in which moon was staying, we get 28-1 = 27

The wife he was focusing on = the next Nakshatra our galaxy’s orbit is
leading us towards.

The curse of Daksha = eternal spillage of sodium from moon

Anyway, Chandra gets sad and prays to Lord Shiva to be intermediary. A curse is a curse. Can’t be reversed. However, Shiva decided to set up moon in a constant orbit around earth such that it waxes and wanes in a monthly cycle.

Moon Astrological Significance

This waxing and waning is called Krishna Paksha and Shukla Paksha in Hindu

Many priests hence interpret that the moon loses its powers in Krishna
Paksha and regains power in shukla paksha.

No ! Regain is not possible in accordance to the curse !

These pakshas only alter the rate of loss of powers. In fact, Krishna Paksha is
protective for moon.

The 2 primary mechanisms promoting sodium tailing are –

1. Photon (light) desorption
2. Solar winds

Lord Shiva only slowed down the curse. He didn’t halt it.

#8 Origin of Soma –

Moon was put on chariot by Brahma as soon as he was born and given a
ride of universe.

As we have learnt in previous threads, Brahma determines precession of all

In fact, Brahma created Attri out of his mind,

Attri meditated on holy number 108 and Om and further created moon.

Sun’s diameter is 108 times of earth.

Distance between earth and moon is 108x diameter of moon.

The distance between Earth and Sun is 108x diameter of Sun.

Btw, you can study versatile geometrical delicacies of moon in ancient Hindu
books like Surya Siddhanta.

#9 There is a scientific mystery called TLP or ‘transient lunar phenomenon’.

Hundreds of lights twinkle on moon every year, are visible by naked eyes too ;

And scientists are clueless about where they come from.

In Vedas, we have whole chapters on TLP…

Moon Astrological Significance

Let’s wrap up this thread quickly by a secret ancient technique for activation of
Sahasrara Chakra in hypermetropic people (those with defective near
vision and need specs to read newspaper).

Keep a silver coin in middle of forehead and meditate at moon with open

That’s it. It works.

Warning – myopics (people with defective far sight) must not practice this

A fun fact.

If we draw a right angled triangle by taking points at center of earth, center
of moon and edge of earth,

The hypotenuse will be equal to ‘phi’ i.e. the golden ratio