My TANTRA experience and SCIENCE behind it.

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Note – this thread is not about merely about beginner
MEDITATION practices. Many thread writers have
already written on that subject.
Knowledge being shared here is rather arcane and

My TANTRA experience and SCIENCE behind it.

Since this thread is about a unpalpable subject, here
are a few of my credentials-

. I was born with upward sushumna flow (30%
population has this blessing. I am not an exception)

. Amateur Reiki practitioner

. Have scientific grasp on multiple religions

. Direct descendant to Y chromosome of Bhardwaj Rishi
and his lineage

. Medico

. Intermediate Rajayoga learner

Note – as far as tantra is concerned, I have barely
speedread through the mainstream books like Aghora
by Robert Svoboda etc because it never interested me.

However a few weeks ago something happened. All of
a sudden I started feeling gravitated to a deity. I saw
her signs everywhere.

( I will not reveal name of the deity because that would
fail the purpose of thread. Let’s call her Devi instead)

I researched all I could about her –

– Vedas
– Puranas
– Archeology
– Greek, Roman, Indonesias ,Cambodian deities
associated to Devi
– Jain and Buddhist views
– Folk tales
– Traces in epics like Ramayan, Mahabharat
– Practical methods of worships
– Her temples
– Modern science

I found a prominent Tantra method to worship her – in
the Vedas.

Since it was in Vedas, I knew it wasn’t some hocus

My love for Devi propelled me to give it a try.

The first thing I was supposed to do was breathe calmly
and meditate on her visual form, with my closed eyes.

Human mind works on three planes.

Seeing multiple paintings of Devi = conscious plane

Conscious plane helps us to fetch a variety of data in
pixelated form.

Closing eyes and visualising a composite form of Devi,
based on your understanding of multiple data forms =
subconscious plane

Unconscious plane is not something you can voluntarily
tap into.
It’s a product of your previous births and evolutionary
instincts passed as DNA.

1 month old babies are capable of differentiating all
facial expressions.

In a survey, people of multiple religions were shown
images of Satanic and Christian symbols – first time in
their life.
Their brains automatically and accurately recognised
them as negative and positive.

Secondly I was supposed to take a deep breath and
close eyes, ears and nose. Two fingers were kept on
temple of head.

It made sense.
Multiple Naadis were being blocked – Ida, Pingala,
Gandhari, Yashasvi , Pushya and Hastajhiva Nadi.

Fingers on forehead were at sides of Amygdala – the
’emotion processing area’ of brain.

Having blocked all these impulses, I was supposed to
focus on the breath held within.

This breath hold is called ‘Kumbhak’.

Kumbhak is directly proportional to a human’s strength.

Indian Pehelwan focus on exercises that increase
Kumbhak breath.

Powerlifters do a technique called ‘Valsalva Maneuver’
i.e. a fancy way to overload oxygen in Kumbhak state.

My TANTRA experience and SCIENCE behind it.

Scientifically, the more a person is able to hold
Kumbhak, the more Theta brain waves are generated
(along with alpha brain waves)


Alpha wave dominance = a silent monk studying
religious books

Theta dominance = Extroverted and loving saint with
null ego

My TANTRA experience and SCIENCE behind it.

Those fingers on temple started doing their trick.

Amygdala tends to ‘trap’ emotional memories.

Ever felt like a song has just become stuck in your head

Or a trauma keeps reappearing in your train of
thoughts ?

That’s amygdala.

This tantra fixes that.

Now I was supposed to focus on the breath. I was
supposed to hear vibration of Om i.e. 7.83 hz frequency
i.e. intermediate between alpha and theta waves.

I was supposed to see those vibrations moving and
illuminating my body from within, through Sushumna

My TANTRA experience and SCIENCE behind it.

I failed to do that.

I reopened nose as i could hold breathe no longer.

The recovery breathe felt slightly different.

My brain’s blood vessels had released Nitric Oxide to
supplement oxygen supply to brain.

I tried again and again.

The Tantric verses echoed in my mind.

”Only the person who has NO DESIRES will fulfill be
able to master this Tantra”

I surrendered myself more and more to Devi. Every
breathe lightened the load of emotional baggage.

And finally I developed a slight tinnitus (bell like echo
inside ears) and within this tinnitus I heard a faint but
distinct vibration of ‘Om’ .

A person may say that I hallucinated. My mind replayed
the audio memories of Om it had recorded in past.

Even in that case,

It’s scientifically beneficial.

This phenomenon is known as ‘echoing’. Its very
important for us humans.

(Let’s say i tell you to ‘Eat Banana’ in front of you. If
your brain has no echoing, you will forget the word ‘eat’
by the time I pronounce ‘banana’ )

4 brain centers are involved in echoing –

1. Hearing cortex

2. Frontal cortex – the cortex which helps us to execute

Once your frontal cortex goes into echo mode, you
completely surrender to the deity.
There is no decision, no dilemmas.

3. Dorsal Premotor cortex – this is NOT activated in
meditative echoing.

This cortex helps us to remember the rhythm of words.
Om is a single frequency of inaudible range.

4. Posterior parietal Cortex – this is also NOT activated
as it recognizes location of sound i.e. none.

And when that happened, I got propelled into a state of

It felt like an orgasm that
1. occurs in brain instead of genitals
2. Is 1000x more enjoyable

There was so much happiness that I just could not
handle it. So much that I voluntarily broke my

I felt gushes of blood around brain. My Chitra Naadi
was spiked.

Chitra Naadi is inner layer of Sushumna Naadi. It
spreads like a web of spiders inside brain.

Scientifically, it’s a group of astrocytes.

My TANTRA experience and SCIENCE behind it.

Astrocytes are like nerve cells but uniquely they are also
found on blood vessels of brain (like a spider web) and
secrete lipoxygenase i.e. a blood vessel dilator.

It lead to increased blood supply in brain and increase
release of endorphins.

Endorphins are human body’s opium.

They are released through Brahmà Naadi on brain. The
released opium like chemicals are called ‘Sudha’.

My TANTRA experience and SCIENCE behind it.

How does this effect us in long term though ?

Firstly, I have gotten closer to Devi.

I can recall and feel her by simply closing my eyes and
taking one single relaxed breathe.
And what it feels like is beyond scope of words. It feels
like love.

Secondly, Monks who do such meditations have higher
blood flow to prefrontal cortex (i.e. the one that stops
working during echoing).

This leads to –

1. Better communication of frontal cortex to reticular
system i.e the portion brain that keeps us mentally alert

2. Increased activation of GABA i.e. anxiety blocking

3. It increases serotonin.

Serotonin is anti depression and anti Obsessive
Compulsive Disorder hormone.

(30% population has OCD of mild to severe grade. And
depression we all know)

Many eminent writers like John Woodrofe claim that a
Tantra practitioner must not be dualist. I don’t get it. In
Vedas, Tantra practices are often seen complimentary
to dualism.

Here is my brain scan report.

I have a dense prefrontal cortex. I do not believe blindly
in anything.

My TANTRA experience and SCIENCE behind it.

I have left tantra practice for a few days. I am thinking a
lot about life, and love.
I do not feel like I own my body anymore.