“Naarasimha Vapuhu Shriman” –from Vishnu Sahasaranamam

by | Jan 23, 2021 | Sanatana Dharma

(Don’t know why but when I see this image of Lord
Narasimha hugging Child Prahalada, it makes me cry)

“Naarasimha Vapuhu Shriman” –from Vishnu Sahasaranamam

In our modern world, we come across many so called
“Hindus” who say, we are religious but do not believe in
rituals. We celebrate Deepawali, Christmas, Id
everything. Basically, they want to appear Secular.
We will see how they are grossly mistaken.

Purushartha [Purush (human being) + Artha (objective)
] are 4
1)Dharma (righteousness)
2)Artha (wealth creation)
3)Kaama (desire)
4)Moksha (Liberation)

The modern 21st century people run behind (2) & (3) –
they don’t want to be right (1) and are completely
ignorant about (4) – hence they appear liberal and say
they do not believe in rituals.
Shri AdiSankara Bhagavat Patala quotes Narasimha
Taapaniya Upanishad in stating…

5/n …
that, Bhagwan Narasimhan is indeed MumkshuPaasya
Bhagawan Ramanuja, Swami Desikan, Shri Raghavendra
Swamy and many more noble souls are equal in
declaring that the one who grants Moksham is

Bhagawan Narasimhan gives his blessings only to
selected devotees – they need to upgrade themselves
in the Mumukshupadi to be enable to get HIS Grace
(just like Prahalada)
There are some devotees who have genuine fear – Can
we pray to Narasimha? He looks so ferocious.

Can we keep his photo in our house? My answer is
simple. During the Avatara of Narasimha, though
Hiranyakashyapu was gigantic built and an Asura – it
was he who was afraid of Narasimha – whereas the 5
year old child, Prahalada was not at all afraid.

In fact after killing Hiranyakashyapu, Lord Narasimha
was very ferocious and nobody, including Mahalakshmi
could approach him, EXCEPT, Prahalada (because of his
single point bhakti towards Narasimha). Now ask the
same question to yourself.

Do you want to be like Prahalada or Hiranyakashyapu?
Your answer will tell if henceforth you will fear or love
Narasimha. SIMPLE .
Coming back to rituals, only when we go as per the
rituals enshrined by our forefathers, we will become
inquisitive for the reason behind the…

…rituals, which will lead to questioning – which will lead
to knowledge. Only when we get knowledge, we will
know that wealth creation and desire is temporary and
our final aim has to be an end to chain of birth and
deaths, hence we seek liberation – Moksha.

A person who wishes to get away from the cycle of
birth and death is a Mumukshu. Whereas Mumukshutva
is the power which gives the inclination to seek
Vairagyam (dispassion) and detachment.
Now some of you may ask, we are living in a world with
real relatives and…

…and responsibilities –how can we leave and go to a
forest? We can aim for Moksha while doing our worldly
duty. Remember, Bhagawan Krishna in Bhagawad
Geetha : Attachment with detachment – Do your duty
without attachment for the result – Sarvam

Sri Nammalvar in Periya Thiruvandadi

Adar Pon Mudiyaanai, Ayiram Peraanai
Sudar Kol Sudar Azhiyaanai, Idar Kadiyum
Matha pithavaaga vaithen yenadhu ulle, Yaadhu Aagil
Yaadhe Ini

Om Namo Narasimhaya