Nataraja and his panchasabhai

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Shiva in form of nataraja doing etrnal cosmic dance and performs 5 actions of creation preserverence destroyer concealment and Anugraha or revealment

There are 5 different places where Shiva performed his dance as nataraja

Nataraja and his panchasabhai

Let’s see each one

Chidambaram or ponnambalam(golden stage)

Golden sabha where he performed aananda Thandavam dance on request of sage Patanjali and vyagrapadha

Goddess name sivagama sundari

Lots of mystics and siddhas worshipped here

Foremost of Shiva temple in south

Nataraja and his panchasabhai

Madurai or velli ambalam (silver hall)

Here varaguna Pandya king and devotee of Shiva was worried that it may pain nataraja as he always in this position for long time

He requested earnestly, nataraja accepted request changed his leg and danced Sandhya tandavam Meenakshi temple

Nataraja and his panchasabhai

thiruvalangadu or rathna sabha(gem hall)

Here there was dance competition between Shiva and Shakti

Shiva performed oorthva Thandavam as it cannot be performed by women

Shiva told Shakti that she must be worshipped first before worshipping him

Shakti name thilai kali

Nataraja and his panchasabhai

Tirunelveli or thamira sabha (copper hall)

Here nataraja performed Thandavam on request of sages with maa parvati

Dance form is Gauri thandavam

Nelliappar gandhimathi names of shiv and Parvati here

Nataraja and his panchasabhai


Chitra sabha or picture hall

Here on request of Shri agastya lord Shiva performed tripura Thandavam with maa Parvati

Devi name kuzhalai Mozhi ammai

Shiv name kutralappar

Nataraja and his panchasabhai