Proof that God loves you!

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This one podcast, imo, includes everything you can think of – and
everything you need to know!
It feels like a gentle, warm embrace of God, of love..
ज्ञान संतोष देता है और प्रेमज्ञान आत्मा पोषण करता ही है :’)

“What is perception of God? for the world, for each individual?”

Ours was the first knowledge system to have brought consciousness and
brahm in discussion

In sanskrit we have the word ‘napunsak’, as it was realised, not assigning
any gender to brahm was most appropriate.

Proof that God loves you!

Brahm includes it all –
Maya, God and everything that’s left after प्रलय !

However, God needs an “identity” and hence Brahm cannot be considered

The three entities that together represent Brahm —
Ishwar – Bhagwan – Parmatma

1. ईश्वर – comes from “ikshan”
meaning – sankalp shakti.

Sankalp needs expression.

Some of us do it by announcing them or by writing and as the resolutions
are resolved, one is regarded more powerful.

Similarly, ishwar took sankalp of creating our world and indeed did so.

Proof that God loves you!

So, Ishwar is considered powerful in that sense. Like a leader, someone
who thinks about the well being of us all!

This is why we have Vishnu Shiv Avatars from time to time.

Proof that God loves you!

A man carries his same overall persona everywhere, whether as a father or
a man in public
A woman acts different with each individual in her life & is emotionally
abundant, ie, unfolds her different emotions as per situation.

Where do we inherit this existing polarity from?

Proof that God loves you!

Ram & Krishn carry their same respective personalities, stay exactly as they
are during battles.

Shakti reveals herself as Chandi, Ambika & so on to put an end to the evil,
manifests her power uniquely everytime due to different emotions.

Divine masculine-feminine polarity! :’)

Proof that God loves you!
Proof that God loves you!

If ishwar wished to, could’ve been a tyrant, who keeps torturing us.
Could’ve created a world where everyone chants his name 24*7.

But, he didnt..
Because he loves us and wants us to love him back, by will.

One can be forced to chant, but you can’t force love into their being.

2. भगवान comes from “bhag”
meaning – that area where “karya” are presented/executed.

One who has bhag, is bhagwan.

कार्य – present work/ something that has been done in past but is visible in

Proof that God loves you!

The panchmahabhutas are “karya” as well,

भूमि (earth)
गगन (ether)
वायु (wind)
अग्नि (fire)
नीर (water)

Together making up – bhagwan.
Representing the fact “God is not just a creator but exists in the tiniest of
fragments of this universe”

Though God being all 3, still we address him as “Bhagwan Ram or Krishn”,
and rightly so

Because, they incarnated on earth for us and, just like us humans, did
panchbhautik karya which we saw in the form of leela! :’)

Krishn’s perception as God is him being the best in all that’s there!
“आत्मा में परमात्मा”
“शब्दों में ॐ”
“काम में कन्दर्प” – the one on whom even the “Gods of desire” have desire!

He lives in the top most heaven “Golok” with his cows, such is his simple &
sweet nature! :’)

Proof that God loves you!

When we take one step towards him, he even while being Supreme, takes
another step towards us. Infact, that’s what makes him Supreme!

His nature is as loving as it was of ईश्वर!

Talking about Ram,
“मंगल भवन अमंगल हारी”
Bhawan – ghar (home)

That home, or say form of paradise, that is being built in this world, by
combining all that is good & auspicious and by removing all evil —
Shri Ram is that pure form! (our home, the one whom we truly belong to!)

Proof that God loves you!
Proof that God loves you!

Though originally, Ram and Krishn are no different, however,

Whenever in this world we see anything that represents love or is प्रेममयी, it
is to be considered an extension of Krishn.
Likewise for an auspicious entity and Ram.

If fire is out of sight, we can feel its presence only through “shakti” in the
form of warmth

Without “shakti” of fire – its ताप, fire would be as good as nothing.

Similarly, no leela of bhagwan holds significance without the presence of
shakti, such is the glory of bhagwati!

Proof that God loves you!

3. परमात्मा – the supreme soul, and also, source of all souls since आत्मा is
part of परमात्मा (अंश) – their true essence is no different from each other.

In our hearts reside bhagwan Krishn/Vishnu and in their heart, which is a
small part of them, resides a tiny form Lakshmi ji.

Is it that Krishn would not have loved her because of her being in her small
form? No.

Our tiniest foot toe is the most insignificant part of body, however when it
gets hurt, it becomes the most significant! Because it is ours, and we love it
because of this sense of belonging.

Lakshmi is kept hidden in his heart in a small form as she is way too pure &

Radha is hidden, her name is not found in Vedas, so that only the deserving
ones, through gyaan and bhakti, are able to attain her pious love & mercy!

He loves & hence protects them! :’)

Proof that God loves you!

The matter is not about some mere cells while talking about love for *our*
body parts.

Any harm done to our cells kept in a tissue culture system doesnt affect us,
because there is no consciousness.

Hence, we love, not the material body but our chetna – our consciousness.

Similarly, we fall in love with a person’s chetna – their consciousness.

When someone gives us the feeling of absolute bliss – satchitanand, that
feeling is love!

Mere existence of pleasure (anand) is not enough,
Chitt – chetna, is what makes us feel and experience pleasure.

Proof that God loves you!

Satt means expression, but that doesn’t mean the expression will always be

Love may not always be expressed but it is indeed there.

God is not directly visible to us in bhakti yog but we still love and worship
him, this is expression of satt from our end!

The concept of isht devi/devta works on the same principle.

One chooses, say Lakshmi ji, as their isht devi not because she is supreme
but because there is a heartfelt connection and she makes them
experience the feeling of “satchitanand” the best! :’) such is the beauty!

Matter is visible form of energy, perception of which requires presence of

3 chakshus that help perceive energy are –

1. Eyes

2. Divine Eyes दिव्य चक्षु

– to watch supernatural activities eg; granted to Sanjay for Mahabharat
– dreams are seen through these

3. Gyaan Chakshu –

here, we don’t perceive dreams, this is sushupti awastha (after dream
– at this point, body is in complete bliss.

Prem-anand hormones release, Atma is in union with Parmatma,
experiencing satchitanand. Atma and Parmatma itself are satchitanand as

Proof that God loves you!
Proof that God loves you!

विश्वास is what we witness by our own eyes and build our belief around it.

श्रद्धा is developed through gyaan bhakti and perception.

Perception is based on presumptions & proofs.
If we see smoke rising up the hill we will have to presume there must be fire,
this is perception.

Proof that God loves you!

God “believes” in our existence, such vast is his consciousness that he can
directly perceive us! It is us who have to attain and know him through

It is easier to love something we are able to directly perceive and infer,
compared to built upon perception,

So one can only imagine how vast God’s love for us must be!

While listening I thought atleast thrice that I perfectly understood and
realised all that was required of me from this podcast, but I was proven
wrong everytime 🙂

My whole being is brimming with love and contentment! such is the shakti!

Sincere gratitude for the chance to embrace this divine prem-gyan! :’)