Random gems about consciousness 2

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Another unstructured thread.

If soul is indestructible, why does a person die after suicide? Or murder ?

Soul as a whole is NOT indestructible.

Soul is made of sthoola sharira, sookshma sharir and kaaran sharir.

Only kaaran sharir is eternal.

Rest are crushed at the moment soul escapes the body.

Kaaran sharir has a whole record you, birth by birth.

Sthool sharir is the one which registers mental impulses. It is like a modem between Karan Sharir and Kaaran sharir.

Sooksham sharir is the physical body. When any trauma occurs, it says this to kaaran sharir and dies –

Random gems about consciousness 2


Some people believe that during Kundalini meditation, they are shifting energy from one chakra to other.


Energy everytime is everywhere.

You just change the center of your attention.

Rational knowledge is consciousness.

Pratfall effect is why God loves us.

Bhakti without Shraddha is like cramming mathematical tables without understanding what multiplication actually is

Humanity will be uplifted on the day we will start understanding Quantum Physics at a macroscopic scale. It’s not possible to do that right now.

However if you meditate on Vedas, you can feel it.

Yup. *Meditate* on Vedas. Not just read them.

The real reason why Vedas weren’t written for thousands of years was because mere reading of Vedas can be (is being) misleading.

Social media algorithms are an extension of human mind.

This general mindset that ‘Life and world is pathetic, full of miseries’ is similarly a recent addition to hindu philosophies, being prominent in Jain and Buddhist schools as well.

Vedas on the other hand celebrate life. Look at the way Lord Krishna – the whistleblower of Kali-

Yuga lived.

Karma Jnana and Raja yoga all three can give you a kick as good as drugs.

Life is a festival.

All you gotta do is to classify things on basis of their value, instead of their costs.

Many people think that placebos are means to fool gullible people.

Not true!

Placebos work even when you know that they are placebos..


Heart sootra Buddhism on Lakshmi

Random gems about consciousness 2

Random gems about consciousness 2

Random gems about consciousness 2

General public is either right or left brained dominant.

Entrepreneurs and achievers are right brain + left amygdala dominant i.e. creative, absorptive + motivated

Keyboard warriors are left brain + amygdala dominant i.e. exact opposite of what a human should aspire to be.

Let’s talk about different Yogas and their pros and cons in brief –

Gyaan Yoga –

P – respectful social status

C – ego issues

Bhakti Yoga –

P – Anyone can get started

C – High consistency required

Karma Yoga –

P – Calm lifestyle

C – Dependency on external environment

Raja yoga –

P – High will power and life force

C – Strong mental control required

Tantra Yoga –

P – Evokes Gusto

C – Risky

“Why do you talk more about elite level science of consciousness more than elite level philosophy of consciousness?”

Because, science is actually easier than philosophy here.

Eg –

Shiva and Kali are totality of free will

Narayan is not a god, he is a whole sphere of universe

Such statements discourage people from further exploration, rather than encouraging them.

Mind receives 5 type of stimulus –

1. Praman – true knowledge

2. Viparyay – false knowledge

3. Vikalp – assumed knowledge due to absence of Praman. (Like when you read my tweets, you may say “Oh this was written by a knowledgeable guy. But who knows? i may be a ghost, or AI)

4. Nidra – (sleep and dreams)

Basically a compilation of Vikalps.

5. Smriti – things which are not happening right now, but exist in your memory alone

A few days ago i fleeted about 4 Buddhist elements of love.

Here are Patanjali’s thoughts on the same –

Random gems about consciousness 2

Random gems about consciousness 2

2:22 Patanjali Sootras –

For Soul, everything is eternal.

It’s the 5 senses who perceive absence and lack of the things that they once had and now they don’t.

Let’s add some quick notes on gravity because how we perceive time, motion, weight and many other things depends on existence of gravity.

Apparently the word Gravity comes from ‘Gravitas’ of old French or ‘Gravis’ which mean ‘weight’ or ‘heaviness’.

But i believe that it has

Even primitive origin in Sanskrit word ‘Gurutva’. Just like other Sanskrit words, it has multilayered meaning.

Even though the word ‘Guru’ is often associated to weight, but it’s more accurate meaning is –

. Something that is main . Guide, teacher . Prominent

In Newtonian times, gravity was thought to be a force. Not anymore.

About 100 years ago we developed an understanding that Gravity is not a force. It’s merely ‘intensity of curvature of space time’.

Earth creates more curve than moon, hence it has more ‘gravity’

Random gems about consciousness 2

By more gravity I mean, people of lighter weight are more likely to fall on ground here , As compared to moon, where an astronaut has to wear heavy spacesuit to stay grounded.

Hence, Gurutva, the teacher element (tva = tatva = element) keeps us ‘grounded’

To make the point clearer, Advayatarak Upanishad has further dissected the term Guru beautifully. I love it –

गुशब्दस्त्वन्धकारः स्यात्‌ रुशब्दस्तन्निरोधकः। अन्धकारनिरोधित्वात्‌ गुरुरित्यभिधीयते॥ १६॥

Gu means darkness, ru means to dispel. Guru is someone who dispels darkness.

One may say that the darkness being talked about here is mental.

But it ain’t that simple !

If there were no space time, Sun would sink several kilometer below earth due to heavy weight. (Just like wood sinks less in water, but heavy metals sink more)

No sunrays = no light

However, gravity saves us from that.

The light rays, instead of travelling straight to us, actually curve along the path of gravity and that is how it reaches us.

(Compare this analogy with Guru making knowledge accessible to our brains)

Hindu deity for knowledge is Saraswati.

But what is she really?

She is the primordial light who illuminated this world when it originated !

Patanjali 3:29 –

By meditating on navel chakra, a person gains knowledge of human body.

In Reiki too we draw up energy from navel Chakra. It’s missing link between universal energy and human Chi.

It is notable that Reiki’s real origin too can be traced to India.

Human life may seem like a sad cathartic series of events on the conscious surface, but it’s a festival for the unconscious.

A living cell and a dead cell have a characteristic difference – and this difference is called Saraswati !

Living cells are effulgent, dead are not

When two cells are doing exact same metabolic function, They emit the exact same intensity of light.

That’s how a cell tells another neighbouring cell “Hey, I Love You.”

Saraswati is worshipped by same Gayatri Mantra –

oṃ bhūr bhuvaḥ svaḥ tat savitur vareṇyaṃ bhargo devasya dhīmahi dhiyo yo naḥ pracodayāt

Om, we pray to Savitr, the primordial self effulgent light of universe to illuminate us just like her and fill us with intelligence.

Bachattar Natak –

The Primal Lord i.e. KAL is the Father of the whole Creation. It is from Him emerged the tremendous radiance, which is known by the Name of Bhavani.

In Gurmat God’s Light (Jot) in all is called Guru, Satguru or Satguru Poora, verily God Himself).


As much as the number of the Jivas are there in the world, consider them all enlightened by the One Flame of the Lord. Whole of world subsumes in the Lord God, Who is known in the form of KAL

Many people believe that

1. Karma 2. Neeti 3. Vidhi

Are same things.

They might be the same for Englishmen. But definitely not for us.

Random gems about consciousness 2

Random gems about consciousness 2

दर्प कामना क्रोध बल और अहं मन माहि निन्दा रत कर द्वेष मम, स्वयं अन्य बस देह।।18।।

आसुरी वृत्ति के पुरुष अहंकार, बल, घमण्ड, कामना, क्रोध के आश्रित रहते हैं। दूसरों की निन्दा करते हैं, अपने शरीर में तथा दूसरे में स्थित परमात्मा से अहंकार और मूढ़ भाव के कारण द्वेष करते हैं।

“infinite result can not be derived by finite procedures”

– Mundakopanishad

What is Mannas ?

When a person starts identifying himself in external matter. ‘I am my body’ ‘i am defined by my bank balance’ ;

His chitta is being driven by his ‘Mann’

A Chitta driven by Mann is Mannas.

As we have discussed, past present future – all exist at once

Brahm the God

Brahma Vishnu Mahesh the demigods who know exist in 3 time periods at once (Like hero of Tenent)

Demigods made by demigods i.e. deities, who exist in future but control present (Villain of Tenent)

True version of universe is that of a sky, full of light, illuminated by Brahma

Vishnu creates a condensed cloud of light

In shadow of this cloud he created an ocean, in whose coolness he fall asleep

As he slept, he took deep breathes

Breathe frequency=universal time

“Everything rests on me as pearls are strung on a thread. I am the original fragrance of the earth. I am the taste in water. I am the heat in fire and the sound in space. I am the light of the sun and moon and the life of all that lives.”

– Vishnu

Since time is frequency of Vishnu’s breath,

Each time Vishnu inhales a bubble and scatters it, he puts his own life energy in it. Each of these bubbles form a new universe.

In each of these bubbles he creates Brahma who creates universe.

Lifespan of universe=Brahma’s breath

I know it’s being complicated

Conclusion –

The Brahma which controls our present universe, is being controlled by Vishnu which controls our past*present*future universe, works on blueprint of another bigger version of Vishnu, who controls several Vishnus like ours at once.

Oh there is another glitch –

Who decides timing of Brahma’s breath ?

For that we needed a timekeeper.

So, the bubble Vishnu travelled to future and created Mahesh.

Mahesh exists in future, and since he has to control future, he manipulates our past and present for that.

A few days ago I fleeted after watching half of the movie Tenent,

“Hey guys, after Inception, I am finding Tenent boring as well.”

The reason being simple – these movies are dwarfs in front of our scriptures.

In case you are interested in details, read this.

In case you hate maths, don’t even try.

Random gems about consciousness 2

Random gems about consciousness 2

And here is Egyptian version of Vishnu, called ‘Nu’

Ditto copy.

Random gems about consciousness 2

“5 characteristics of the Puranas:

They describe 1 creation of the universe 2 genealogy and dissolution 3 dynasties 4 the Manvantaras 5 dynastic chronicles.

They sing the glory of Brahma, Vishnu, the Sun and Rudra, as they describe the creation and dissolution”

-Matsya Puran

Want more mind boggling content?

Read this –

Dhritrashtra asks “What’s the objective of Mauna (silence) ? What such can be achieved by silence that Vedas and mantras can’t?”

Santa Sujata “Soul is unknowable impenetrable by Vedic chants. Hence it’s nature is of Maun. By being Maun one tries to imitate soul.”

It would be appropriate to talk about knowledge here.

Shiksha – practice/skill oriented learning

Vidya – such knowledge that makes you polite and calm, even in taamsik environment. विद्या ददाती विनयम ।।

Gyaan – that knowledge which elevates consciousness, comes from soul

Education is not Shiksha. Modern education system teaches tonnes of unusable concepts.

Knowledge is not Vidya. Knowledge is vidya + avidya.

Knowledge is not gyaan either. English is a severely deficient language but still, ‘realization’ is the closest synonym to Gyaan.

A 3d thinker may infer from above tweets that -Gyaan > Vidya > Shiksha

But thats wrong.Gyaan further can be saatvik, Raajsik or taamsik.Taamsik gyaan raises ego.

Hence, Saatvik gyaan > Vidya > Taamsik Gyaan

Nishtha And Yog

The way general public has collectively replaced the word ‘Nishtha’ with ‘Yog’ is embezzling !Consider this famous shlok of Geeta –

लोकेऽस्मिन् द्विविधा निष्ठा पुरा प्रोक्ता मयाऽनघ |ज्ञानयोगेन सांख्यानां कर्मयोगेन योगिनाम् |(Bhagavad Gita III.3)

“O sinless one! Two kinds of disciplines in this world were set forth by Me in times of yore – for the Samkhyas the discipline of knowledge (Jnana-nishtha), and for the yogins, that of works (Karma-nishtha). “

Nishtha in its truest essence is different from ‘Yog’.

Yog is simply ‘union’. If a person studies something religious deeply for even 5 minutes, we can say he is in state of Gyaan Yog right now. Nishtha or getting Nishth in this context can be translated as ‘getting established in state of Yog’.

Challenge of the Day

Try to interpret the below passage as much as you can –

Ok, one more mindf*ck –

“What is Srishti ?”

“Srishti is that creator, which after being the behavioural cause of primordial creation, continues to behave and participate in current interactions of the creations.”

Leave your answer in comments section. Share this challenge with your genius friends. Let’s grow together !