Random gems about consciousness

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This thread is rough notes version on a gauntlet of information about consciousness. If you choose to invest your next 10 minutes on it, your brain will no longer be the same.

Ready? Let’s go.

. Internal consciousness + external stimulus = Perception

New perception + Old perception = New feeling

New feeling + Old feeling = New Emotion

. Experiment no. 1 –

Members of an old age home are shifted to a new locality where the loving environment is a recreation of era of 1960s.

After one week, the oldies have better eyesight, hearing and general physical capacity. In other words, reverse ageing.

Letting old people, or any person feel like he does not belong somewhere is inertial to their conscious nature.

In Vedic language, it is ‘Taamsik’.

Tamas accelerates ageing. Sattva slows time.

Experiment no. 2 –

Right halves of participant’s of a research were blocked artificially.

The left brained was asked to get up and move.

The person recieved this command and obeyed as well.

After this, the left brain was blocked and right activated.

The participant was asked “why did you move?”

The participant’s right brain, which was unaware of its previous activities lied, “Because I wanted coke”, “I wanted water.” “i was feeling lazy.” etc.

Read more about right and left brain here


. Why is it important to see beyond 3 dimensions?

Once you have seen 4th dimension, magicians don’t seem miraculous any more. Once you have experienced 5th dimension, Maya or satan becomes powerless. In 6th, you get to taste a pint of God’s LSD. Life becomes beautiful.

Not everyone gets moksha because it’s pointless to get entry into the seventh heaven with normal 3 dimensional perceptive senses… A deaf man can’t show interest in the best music of world. A blind man can’t appreciate apostles of Venus. Similarly, a person blind to higher dimensions can’t enjoy Moksha.

I have talked about Toroid being shape of universe according to Hinduism and Islam.

Yes, that’s true on a three dimensional scale. At a 4 dimensional scale, universe is in form of a Klein bottle.

At 2d scale , Fibonacci matrices give Toroids.

In fact, within the realms of Planck length , Golden ratio is the max probability ratio you can derive in form of BINARY matrices.

This binary interplay clearly is a direct representation of Shiva and Shakti.

. Sensory nervous system tract –

इंद्री (sense organs)

अंतर इंद्री (cellular receptors)

स्मृति (Holographic memory in cellular fluid)

बुद्धि (brain)

प्रायोगिक मन (conscious mind)

अप्रायोगिक मन (subconscious)

अंतर्मन (unconscious)

आत्मा (soul)

What we percieve as ‘self’ is an illusion which appears significant only in lower dimension.

For example, the area occupied by a circle inscribed in square occupies is 78.5%. A sphere in cube and hyper sphere in hyper cube seems comparatively insignificant –

Random gems about consciousness

. Circle/sphere is progenitor shape of universe.

When we pack 4 equal circles in a cube, the area occupied keeps decreasing from 5th to 7th dimension.

At 8th dimension, something interesting happens. Enough space is created to fit more circles of the same size.

Now, if we add one small circle between 4 equal circles to occupy space more efficiently, The circle grows up to 8th dimension.

But at 9th dimension, it grows enough to touch edges of ‘hypercube*9’ , just like the initial 4 circles.

9 represents Rama, incarnation of uniformity and symmetry.

And 8 represents Krishna , or everythingness.


8×2=16 ; 1+6=7

8×3=24 ; 2+4=6

Similarly,32 ; 3+2=5






1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 – all of them occur once.KRISHNA CONTAINS EVERYTHING .

Lord Krishna –

. Born in ashtami

. 8th child of Devaki

. Born in a jail with 8 doors

. Had 8 wives

. Was 8th avataar

. Ruled for 125 years 1+2+5=8

. Radha and Rukmini appeared in his life on ashtami

And much more !

Random gems about consciousness
Random gems about consciousness

. Quantum entanglement is 10000 times faster than speed of light.

The more you think of yourself in terms of antar indri, the smaller and worthless you feel.

Thinking as buddhi makes you respect worthy

Thinking as antarman makes you a superhuman.

That basically is the concept of ‘lower and higher consciousness’


. Religion is like linear equation. You gotta assume the fact that ‘x’ is the answer of equation.

That’s the easy part.

The problem is that we get attached to the ‘x’.

Even after the equation seems to be reaching a solution, we stay stuck on x.

I don’t have any religious Guru. I have religious heroes though.

One is Vivekananda. I swear my adherence to every single word written on this page.

Random gems about consciousness

The reason behind the above phenomenon is systemic emasculation of our culture.

A lazy douchebag can never understand the significance of soul.

. Physical strength

. Mental strength

. Spiritual strength

A geodesic in a 3d plane looks like the straightest and smallest path taken by an object. It’s paradoxical.

This false belief is a product of Maya.

If we consider it in higher dimension, a geodesic is the longest straight path.

This is called ‘Law of Cosmic Laziness’

. Latest research on satellite galaxies indicate that NGC 1052-DF2 and NGC 1052-DF4 have significantly lower dark matter than expected.

The conventional assumption of dark matter being the remaining mass of universe are seeming wrong.

We can understand ‘Law of Cosmic Laziness’ by an easy thought experiment.

Recall the last time a person of opposite sex / higher social status rejected you. The first reaction of your brain most probably was ”I am a pathetic person overall. Basically, I suck.”

Why ? Because that sounds like the simplest explanation for the rejection at a 3d scale. That’s your geodesic.

But then you rethink and realize that you don’t suck overall ; there is some particular aspect of you that sucks.

And that’s the accurate answer.

. Many people believe that our world is ‘simpler’ just because it has lesser perceivable dimensions.

It may be true for stationary objects.

But if we consider an accelerating elevator, in which a straight beam is shot from right to left,

It looks curved in 3d and straight in 4d

You must have read about dual nature of things – like their coexistent as particle and wave. Plus the superposition. Scientists are arriving at a pretty simplistic explanation now.

Particles are like wings of fans, which on rotating at high speed appear omnipresent in radius.

Hindu approach to idol worship can be understood by Dvadasha stotras which were written while installing idol of Lord Krishna..

The verse dealing with the form of Shri Krishna says –

He has a beautiful smile, grace and beauty most pleasing; His form CANNOT be grasped by senses..

Random gems about consciousness

Moorti clearly does not represent true form of God. It’s just a symbol.

. the concept of ‘aham’ too is relavent only at lower dimensions. Advait is the only theme that exists at higher dimensions

Random gems about consciousness

We should stop demonising human mind. Mind may have many kind of flaws, but ego is definitely not one of them. Each cell of human body has mind of its own. And no cell hates each other. In fact, they love each other.

It’s the human brain that creates recipe of hatred.

A few more quotes related to idol worship ‘s role

Random gems about consciousness

When the mind has been trained to remain fixed, it receives power of flowing like current, towards fixed point, it is called ‘Dhyana’ .

When the person eventually rejects the existence of this fixed point and absorbs his perception into the ‘current’, It is ‘Samadhi’

I believe that the 19:20-22 are the most sensational verses of Geeta on Asuras..

Hinduism is ok with rational atheism. Even I began my own religious journey with atheism.

What we don’t embrace is atheism as a tool to justify a human’s laziness and consequent sinful rampage.

If you don’t think that God is the ultimate truth, don’t. But keep looking for truth. Don’t halt.

Random gems about consciousness
Random gems about consciousness

Saankhya Vedanta and the double slit experiment

Random gems about consciousness
Random gems about consciousness

Just a friendly reminder ,

” It is far better to die following one’s own dharma even if it contains flaw , than to follow someone else’s.”

Lord Krishna said this 10800 years before any Abrahamic religion was invented.

Random gems about consciousness

In quantum terms , there is neither any beginning, nor any end to the universe.

It is eternal.

However, the observers are mortal.

Wave particle co existence can be understood by photosynthesis.

Plants consume purple Photons,

Electron is kicked out,

Electron as exciton reaches exactly at ATP center without being distracted towards other organelles.

It’s as if the electron can see the ATP center. As if it has consciousness.

One may ask what advantage does such a microscopic quantum effect serve cos even if exciton didn’t have consciousness, it would still reach there by hit and trial anyway.

It may.

Or it may not- it may simply bounce back to the initial molecule and regain it’s unexcited state.

God doesn’t play dice.

Similarly in 1999 Buckey Ball experiment, we saw that the Buckminster Fullerene atoms when shot in front of a wall with two different widths, chose to go through wider slit..

As if they could see the widths of slits.

All these evidences proving existence of consciousness at atomic scale point in direction of one of the most iconic mantra of Vedas – the one that has fascinated all the world class quantum physics researchers since centuries

Random gems about consciousness

Just like subatomic particles can exist both as wave and particle at same time ,

At grosser scale the concept of fermions and bosons doesn’t exist. Such a intermediate state is called ‘anyon’

I won’t bore you with details here… So let’s skip that part.

You all have heard that story where a lion is drinking water from waterfall at a high point and a goat is drinking it at a lower point. The lion alleges that water is being polluted due to the goat.

While that’s a ridiculous allegation to gross world, but that’s what happens at quantum scale

Random gems about consciousness

Your future influences your past, just like your past influences your future.

This is the Hindu law of Karma. A sin is not a permanent baggage. Your acts of present can wash out your sins of past.


Random gems about consciousness
Random gems about consciousness

This is perhaps the most radical line of Geeta.

Almost all of us are like Asuras in the present state.

Random gems about consciousness

As essence, all of us are bare waves in double slit experiment.

Some of us are causing constructive interference with prakriti. And some destructive.

Death is just a 8 dimensional split screen.

Recorder screen is the end of bhavsaagar – god.

I will give you a simpler explanation.

Time is a dimension. Just like length.

Let’s say you have put 3 coins in a straight line form. 3rd coin hence is the end point. Now, you put two more coins. The 5th coin is the new end point, but does this mean that 3rd coin doesn’t exist anymore ? No ! It’s just that your point of attention has shifted from 3rd to fifth. Same is true for time as well.

Random gems about consciousness

Hmm so if everything is happening at everytime , what is present ?

Present is the portion of time that has ‘Praana’ .

Praana is universal summation of energy that empowers us with free will. However, it makes us our soul forget it’s omnipresence.

“Realization is the real religion. “

– Vivekananda

“23. Junction (of past and future) is the cause of the realization of the nature of both the powers – the experience, and its Lord.

24. Ignorance is its (lack of realization’s) cause”

– Patanjali