simple diet recommendations.

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I spent a major portion of my teenage studying
conflicting researches on dieting.

I learnt all the technicalities, and then I unlearnt them.

Your stomach doesn’t have any caloric calculator.

simple diet recommendations.

We have researches proving that it is possible to –

1. Gain fat on low calorie diet

2. Lose fat on high calorie diet

3. Gain muscle on low protein diet

4. Gain muscle on low calorie diet

Of course, with T&C applied.

If you are an absolute beginner, I ask you to download ‘Calorie counter app’
and explore it thoroughly.

Build a rough idea. That’s all.

My gym clients are not westernised models, but common men with Spiritual

We train by instinct.

Ground zero rules –

. Limit/eradicate junk food asap

. Dark chocolates (and other semi junks) are allowed to women and men on muscle building phase

. Workout

. Fast on Ekadashi

. Drink a lot of water

. Never mess with ‘viruddh ahaar’ rules of Ayurveda

Triad of Muscle building –

. If your diet requirement is increasing day by day

. If you are feeling hungry in spite of increasing that dietary Uptake (no junk

. And you are doing more reps of a non cardio activity ;

You are building muscles.

simple diet recommendations.

Triad of Fat loss –

. If you are feeling light and energetic in spite of being on lowering diet

. If you are feeling mild sensation of hunger instead of starvation

. If you are doing more reps on non cardio exercises ;

You are losing fat.

7 commandments to lower dietary intake without starving yourself –

( #6 is the most important tip)

simple diet recommendations.

Bonus recipes –

. Rice cakes – put butter, chilli flakes, black salt and your 1 minute meal is

. Millet flakes – soak in milk for 5-15 minutes. That’s all.

(Oats are 2x expensive than flakes and are not indeginious)

. Homemade chocolate –

simple diet recommendations.

Protein Laddu –

Stuff peanut butter with raisins

Put them in milk mixed with (optional) choco powder

Put jaggery, honey or khaand in milk if required.

simple diet recommendations.

If you are superserious about physical health and need an extra edge
through supplementation,

Add spices, coffee and cinnamon in fat loss diet.

And for bulking –

simple diet recommendations.

. Chana dipped in coconut oil tastes awesome

. Almonds, cashews and walnuts with quarter spoon of butter and black

. If you have intense lifestyle, lemon water + black salt as a preworkout

. If you can afford, coconut water as pre/intra workout

Praan is also a form of ‘ahaar’.

If your nerves and breath are out of control due to lifestyle fatigue, your
workout will suck.

. General recommendation for all
– Bhramri pre workout

. If sleepy – Surya naadi pranayam

. If suffocated – Ujjayi pranayam

Let’s make India spicy again !

simple diet recommendations.

This goes without saying –

Desi Cow milk is a divine elixir.

simple diet recommendations.

1 glass of Desi cow milk mixed with 1/2 spoon of desi cow ghee

In the morning

Can keep you energetic for hours.

I know ghee and milk sounds like a grossly heavy combo. Just give it a shot.

If not cow milk, then buffalo milk.

Desi cow ghee is expensive. But if you can afford internet, you can afford
half (or at least 1/3rd) spoon per day.

simple diet recommendations.

Intermittent Fasting for bulking up is a scam.

simple diet recommendations.

Don’t worry you won’t gain big muscles by accident.

Big muscles are only built when you workout and keep overfeeding yourself
for years.

Once a person acquires the amount of muscle mass he needs, he can stop

Train as much as you want !

Intermittent fasting is not for those who want quick gains.

Its for lions.

As per Shastras, these two eat only one meal per day –

1. Brahmins, no matter how physically demanding their routine is

2. The King (Manusmriti chapter 7 mentions only one meal in the King’s

simple diet recommendations.

simple diet recommendations.

Brahmins eat one low protein meal per day,

However it is completely cooked in desi ghee.

Pic 2 –

As I have said many times, East India company selectively employed upper
castes. They were the real reason behind economic backwardness of

simple diet recommendations.

simple diet recommendations.

While bulking up

Let Chana and Buffalo ghee be your best friend.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, milk – no matter what meal it is ;

Begin with this.

simple diet recommendations.

Manly Salad –

1. Cruciferous (leafy) vegetables –

. Anti estrogenic
. Boost oxygen supply to muscles

2. Olive oil –

. Testosterone production boost
. Prevents breakdown of testosterone

3. Dark berries –
. Anti inflammatory
. Anti estrogen
. Brain booster

simple diet recommendations.

Ain’t it true that the world is full of people dieting since eternity and not
losing any fat ?

simple diet recommendations.