Story of Dhruv

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I repeat “Untold Unsung now Unearthed

Go through entire thread carefully it’s a beautiful devoted story.


Story of Dhruv

Swayambhu Manu had two sons- Priyavrata and Utaanpaad. Utaanpaad had
two wives- Suruchi and Suniti. Suruchi had a son- Uttam while Suniti had
also a son- Dhruv. King Utaanpaad loved Suruchi more than he loved Suniti.

Story of Dhruv

One day the king was sitting on the throne. Prince Uttam was playing in his
lap. Meanwhile Dhruv also arrived there and insisted to play in the lap of his
father. At his insistence, queen Suruchi ridiculed that as he was not born to
her he had no right to the king’s love,

“so your insistence is useless. Though you are also a son of this
king but this throne belongs to my son. Don’t you know that you have been born to

Getting angry over his stepmother’s ridicules, Dhruv went to his mother.
Suniti consoled her son and enquired about the reason for his anger. Dhruv
narrated the whole thing to his mother.

Story of Dhruv

Suniti too got perplexed and said: “O son! Suniti speaks the truth but you
don’t worry for no one can do away the virtues of your deeds that you
performed in your previous birth. Hence you should not feel sorry over such
petty things.

Story of Dhruv

If you feel really sorry by the words of your stepmother why don’t you try to
gather virtues? Why don’t you try to be a gentle and altruistic person?”

Thus consoled by mother Dhruv said-

“Mother! Since now onwards, I will do every such thing so that I may
attain the most respected position in the
world. I am no longer desirous of getting a position granted by others.
I will achieve the same position as my father has.”

Saying this Dhruv left the palace and the town and reached a dense forest.

Seven Munishwars (mendicants) were already present in the forest. Dhruv
greeted them all and said very politely-

“O great sages! I am the prince
Dhruv. King Utaanpaad is my father and his younger queen Suniti is my
mother. I have arrived here out of desperation.”

The sages said-

“O prince! You are just a small boy. You have no reason to be worried
because your father is still alive and neither you have any disease. What then
caused you such a severe desperation?”

Dhruv narrated the whole events and also that how his stepmother Suruchi
ridiculed about his inferior position in the palace. The sages said-

“O prince!
Kindly tell us whatever you have decided to do to change your destiny and
also tell us if we can help you in any way.”

Dhruv said-

“O sages! I neither long for wealth or for the kingdom. I simply
long to enjoy such a position that nobody have ever enjoyed earlier. Kindly
help me and guide me what I should do to attain such a position.”

Marichi said-

“O prince! Nobody can attain such an unparalleled position
without the worship of Govind (an epithet of Shri Vishnu),so you also
worship that eternal Supreme Being.”

Atri said-

“He who is far above the tangible can only satisfy Him & bring you
that supreme position

Angira said-

“Go and worship Govind who holds the entire universe within

Pulastya said-

“Even the wretched people attain the rare salvation
worshipping Hari.”

Pulaha said-

“Go and worship that Vishnu worshipping whom even Indra
attained the position of the gods’ king.”

Kratu said-

“Go and worship Janardana who is supreme, who is deity of the
Yagyas and Yagya Himself.”

Vashishta said-

“O son! You will attain whatever you wish by worshipping Shri

Dhruv said –

“O sages! At my prayers all of you told me about whom I should
worship. Now kindly tell me what should I do to please the Prabhu.”

The sages said- “It is imperative for a person, who wishes to worship Lord
Vishnu that first of all, he should expel all other menial thoughts from his
mind and replace them with the contemplation Lord alone

Story of Dhruv

O prince! Thus concentrate on that omnipotent eternal Lord with the mantra –


Your grandfather Swayambhu
Manu had himself recited this mantra during the previous age and had
received the perfection of his desire from the Lord.

So you too go and recite the same mantra in order to please Lord Vishnu.