Symbolic meaning of Ganesha

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Clay from the Ganesha idols gets deposited on the edge of rivers. It forms a
solid layer.

(Caution- do NOT use PoP to make Ganesha Idols)

The story of Pushkar River-

Brahma saw a demon Vajranabha harassing people. He attacked him by a
lotus flower. The lotus petals fall on three places at ground- giving rise to 3
water springs.

This is yet another Hindu tale, on hearing which a common Hindu tends to
get confused.

Vajranabha = vajra + nabha

Vajra= diamond/ thunderbolt
Nabha= sky

Lotus= a flower that grows in CLAY

A few years ago, our intellectual environmentalists removed clay from river
edge. The river has starting rapidly drying since then.

BEFORE ————————— AFTER

Symbolic meaning of Ganesha
Symbolic meaning of Ganesha

Ganpati Visarjan becomes even more important in coastal areas… Like

Clay discourages mixing of salty sea water with ground water table i.e.
saltless and drinkable.

The word Ganpati means lord of density (ghanatva) – in context to sound of
mantra chants.

That is why it is prefered to have a male priest at temples. Males tend to
have deeper voices.

In Rigveda 2.23 , Ganpati hence has been equated to Brihaspati.

The hymn further calls him LORD of DEVATAS.

‘As with great light does Sun bring morning, you are the father of all prayers’

Ganapati is strong, never yielding, hastens to respond to battle cry.

‘The mountain, for thy glory, cleft itself apart when, Angiras! thou openedst
the stall of kine.’

‘May you be protector of this hymn’

Gana means host. It is not strictly applicable to servants of Lord Shiva.

Symbolic meaning of Ganesha

According to Jnana Marg;

Ganapati = Angirasa = vital body fluids transporting force between tissues

Brihaspati = briha + pati = lord of speech

Ganpati = brahmanaspati = lord of Yajus;
Yaju = speech as brahman

This verse looks weird at first sight. 1rst 3rd and 4th line talk about salient
features of Ganpati like his huge stature…

But the 2nd line is about some random food items.

Was Ganesha really that much of a foodie?
Nope. There is a secret here.

Symbolic meaning of Ganesha

Rose apple or Jamun contains Pancreatic Amylase inhibitor – it reduces
conversion of complex sugars to break down into simpler ones.

Wood apple (Bel) also helps us avoid blood sugar spikes due to presence of
Ferronia Gum.

Ganesha, though a fat god, does not get diabetes. Why?
Because his devotees keep on feeding him antidiabetic substances as

That is how Sanatan Dharma works

Another typical feature of Jamun tree is that it’s roots pull up underground
water levels.
It can even rejuvenate disappearing rivers if planted in rainy season.

If we start planting Jamun trees in the week of Ganesha Chaturthi and
follow the Visarjan rituals, we can save Earth.

Elephant’s trunk can generate sounds below 20 hz (which are unaudible to
human ears)
Interestingly, many mantra chants, including Om also generate frequency
below 7.83 hz. These frequencies are not heard, but they communicate at
cellular level

Elephant’s trunk not only generates sounds, but it is a respiratory organ
too. (Consider importance of synchronising breath to Om chant in yoga.
Got it?)

Trunk also has smell receptors. It is a flexible muscular organ.
It signifies acceptability of all modes of worship

Ok so, a logical question. Why Ganesha has whole elephant head? Why is
trunk alone not enough?

Elephant’s ears can hear infrasonic sounds from distance of 5 miles!!
That means,
Ganesha always listens to your warmhearted prayers

The huge brain of elephant is actually as intellectual as monkeys and apes.
(Applying this logic to Darwin’s theory, monkeys are close ancestors of

Elephant brain even has hypersensitive emotional centers. They can even
catch depression, PTSD & what not!

The trunk can suck 10 gallons of water and splash it back.
(Preaching Ganpati before prayers yields results that’s why)

It can even sense vibrations like far off thundering. Smelling sense extends
upto 12 miles.
(The flowers you put in front of deities reach at destination)

Further, Ganpati is called Lambodar because he has long stomach..

Ask any singer about the role of stomach in Mantra chanting. He would tell

My sister @ made this
Om at top of trunk, in front of pineal gland is a fascinating representation of
a point i forgot to make in this thread

Symbolic meaning of Ganesha
Symbolic meaning of Ganesha

Let’s talk about Kundalini and hormonal aspects of Ganesha.

Parvati as Adi Parashakti represents the vital force behind Kundalini.

Bathing Parvati is symbolic of naadi shodhan which is followed by Shiva’s
entry for obvious reasons.

Parvati creating Ganesh using sand,

Represents opening of Kundalini – Ganesha is the lord of Mooladhar

This is followed by huge uncontrollable dopaminergic surge.

Shiva comes to rescue and chops Ganesha’s head, to reestablish a new
basal tone of Dopamine release.

Diabetes is associated with lower dopamine release.

DBS technique is being used to stimulate dopamine release for treatment of

Modak encourages dopamine release.

Any Pooja being preceded by Ganpati Aarti releases dopamine.

Jamun tree pulling up water = pulling up of Angirasa and pulling up of

Shree ganesh represents mooladhar
& mouse represents naadi shodhan
Cherak poorak & kumbhak (अंतह)

Red planet mars also known as भूमिसुत
That has blueish surface & red appearance

माता जाकी पार्वती पिता महादेवा

Ganesha is Tarpanpriya

Tarpan = Libation

In other words,
Ganesha drinks the exact same nectar that Shiva bathes in

2.1 Ganapati Upanishad

Tvamev Pratyakshan Tattvamasi

You (Ganesha) are indeed
The visible


You are the creator maintainer and destroyer of universe.

3.1: Ritam Vachmi , Satyam Vachmi

Divine law
I declare
Absolute truth (about Brahm)
I declare

(By seeing Ganesha as Brahm in 2.1 , i accept the existence of Brahm.)

When a dualist Hindu begins his prayer by praising Ganesh,
He accepts unity of dualist ritual to Brahma.

4.1 Protect me (because I have declared the absolute truth in 3.1)

4.2 Protect the speaker of truth

4.3 Protect the listener of truth

4.4 Protect the teacher of truth

4.5 Protect the sustainer of truth

4.6 Protect the disciple of truth

Note a beautiful thing in the above verse

Since Brahm is attributeless, we cant ask him to protect truth.
Brahm does what it does.

However, if we have to make such prayer, we can invoke Ganapati – the
attributable form of Brahm.

5.1 You are the nature of words (the words we would use in prayer)
You are the ‘nature of consciousness’

(Again, we don’t know what attributes of consciousness are. But we do
know that it works in a certain way)

5.5 You are the nature of Gyan and you are Vigyan yourself

Gyan is spiritual knowledge.

Nature of Gyan is the way this spiritual knowledge effects us.

Vigyan is the way we practically use this knowledge in a skilled manner.

(Note – Ganapati is not nature of Vigyan. He is Vigyan himself.)

6.7 you live in mooladhar


त्वं शक्तित्रयात्मकः

You are the source of three shaktis – Karma iccha and gyaan shakti.

These 3 shaktis are symbolised in mark of Tripundram.

Full marks to Allu Arjun for sporting Tripundram dashingly

Symbolic meaning of Ganesha
Symbolic meaning of Ganesha

Btw a fun story, once upon a time a psychic pointed a finger at me and said,
“Hey kid. You have mark of Tripundram embedded on your forehead.”

I didn’t know what it meant back then.

I checked my face in the mirror and moved on.


“The Heart of this Lord throbs with the Devotees
And He has descended FOR the Cause of the World
He is Imperishable”

Beautiful indeed

What is the cause of thriving behind ’cause of all effects’ (Ganesha) ?
Answer – The effects (devotees) are the cause !

And since the cause has descended for the effects,

And the effects are the cause of survival of cause,

The cause itself is immortal !

Mind boggling, but read it again and again.
It’s enlightening level is 100

Ganesha, the cause,

Leads the devotees, the effects,

To imperishable state of Moksha.

How ?

It happens when the cause and effect get inseparably entangled, when it’s
no longer to differentiate cause from the effect. It’s the state of perfect
It’s the perfect Yog

Parent molecule of Dopamine is Tyrosine, an amino acid well known for
improving focus and attention.

It’s also the parent to Adrenaline and Nor Adrenaline.

Hadith, Mâlik ibn Anas and recorded in Ibn Hanbal’s Musnad and the
Mishkât al-Masâbih –

Then I entered the 7th Region, I saw Abraham…. I was taken up to Sidrat al-
Muntahâ (infinite Lote Tree), and behold, its fruits were like waterpots and
its leaves like elephants’ ears.

When Sridhama’s curse had ended, Radha went to Siddhashram i.e. the
Aashram that gave fruits of accomplishments of Sadhna.

She worshipped GANESH.

Parvati appeared and congratulated her for having accomplished Sadhna in
human form and told her she could reunite to Krishna soon.

How the reunion occurred is even more interesting.

After Krishna’s kingdom drowned, everything disappeared, except Gopala.
He played flute on tune of Virah (desperateness to meet Radha)

This Virah was so painful that deities could not bear it.

Parvati appeared,

She asked him to meet her at a certain place in heaven.

Gopala gets cordially welcomed by all deities in heaven. It turns out that
this Parvati was no other than incarnation of Radha herself.

Krishna reappeared did a tour of Vrindavan, Gokul and Barsana in his 11
YEAR OLD VERSION – because that was his age when he left Gopis.
He took all Gopis and Gopas to Goloka.

People equating Raas Leela to sexual scandal must remember the above
quote from Brahmavaivrat puran

Some people believe that

“Lakshmi got arrogant about her sole control over
universal wealth. So Vishnu made her adopt Ganesh. Lakshmi fall in love
with his cuteness and decided to share her control with him.”

Not true!

Lakshmi and Ganesha’s link can be found in Vishnu Puran 2.2

Symbolic meaning of Ganesha

At origin of human species on our planet, the earth was divided into 7
islands on basis of 7 properties.

At the center was Mount Meru.

Mount Meru astronomically representated Vishnu’s navel lotus supporting

Mount Meru was base of earth and golden coloured like Lakshmi

Symbolic meaning of Ganesha

The island of Jambudveep was densely populated by Jamun trees.

The primitive Jamuns were really huge and almost looked like an elephant
hanging on a tree.

As we discussed above in thread, Jamun represents Ganesha

When those Jamun fall on ground they would splatter, scattering their juices
in soil.

Surprisingly, the soil appeared golden pollen coloured when this happened.

Hence metaphorically speaking, this phenomenon appeared to be an act of
Lakshmi worship being done by Ganesha himself

Origin of Gold jewellery culture –

When the golden soil of Jambudveep used to get dry, it could be moulded as
a variety of gold called ‘Jambunaad’.

Rich people used to wear ornaments made of Jambunaad because Gold
was directly a symbol of Lakshmi.

Govinda is the God of potency channel of sensory flows.

In simpler words, when Ganesha ‘produces’ the auspicious sound to
welcome initiation of a worship ;
The way that sound flows through ether to reach demigods and deities is
controlled by Govinda.

Symbolic meaning of Ganesha