Essence of Shri Bhagawath Geetha and Bhagawan Narasimhan

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Om Namo Narasimhaya

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Essence of Shri Bhagawath Geetha and Bhagawan Narasimhan
Essence of Shri Bhagawath Geetha and Bhagawan Narasimhan

If we are given a big journal/book/manuscript, we need
to know the essence of the book before proceeding to
read the book from start to finish. How do we do that?
Usually, we read the preface, the Moral and few lines
from the start and end of the book, and somewhere
from …

…the middle section. This more or less gives the reader
an idea about the content of the book.
Take the example of Srimad Bhagavath Geetha.
Read the first Line : DHARMA KSHETRE Kurukshetre….
(Chapter 1, Sloka 1)
Last line : Yatra Yogeshwara Krishno (Chapter 18, Sloka 78)

If we read only the above 2 slokas : It can also be
interpreted as “when the Jivatma follows Dharma, he
gets the support of Krishna, and thereby is part of the
WIN” (essence of Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitaha)

Now let us randomly go through some middle pages
Most famous lines (Chapter 4, slokas 7 & 8)
“YADA YADA hi dharmasya…..Sambhavaami Yuge Yuge”
(essence : Whenever there is decline in Dharma, I will
descend to save the Bhaktas, to punish the wicked and

I randomly turned the pages of Shrimad BG and landed
on Chapter 6, Sloka 26 (see the beauty – whenever you
feel sad, angry, tired or any having any other emotion,
you just turn to any random page of BG, you will find
an answer)
“Yato Yato Niscalati….vasam Nayet” …..

…(essence: From wherever the mind wanders due to its
flickering and unsteady nature, one must bring it back
to control of self)
Now the connection of Narasimhan
BG 1.1 : Kshetra is the holy place where Lord resides or
gives Darshan or visits to save his Bhakta –

..– Here the Ksehtra is Ahobilam (Aho has two
meanings, One is BIG, another is Lion, BILAM means
cave, [guhai in tamil]…so the BIG LION’s Cave) where he
comes in a split second to ensure BG 4.7/4.8, 6.26 and
finally BG 18.78)

BG 4.7 & 4.8 from Prahalad’s view : He did not budge
from his Dharma of chanting Narayana’s divine name,
forcing Narasimhan to take the DIVYA AVATARAM in a
second – essence – What more proof we need that
Bhagawan comes to the rescue of his devotees?– all
you need is faith

BG 6.26 : Prahlad did not waiver from his Bhakti even
for a fraction of a second, but the purport of the Sloka
is for general beginners like us in Kaliyuga
How wonderful is the connection : Since I didn’t want to
keep the thread very long, I didn’t type the Slokas here.

11/n I request you to keep Bhagavath Geetha ready with you,
read the slokas mentioned above and this thread again.