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Have you heard about http://ancestry.com? It is a US site that has info about the family tree of Americans.
Do you think India has any such facility?


Well we have an old but still very efficient system but for that you will have to visit some specific places..
Genealogy registers, of families, maintained by Brahmin Pandits locally called as ‘Pandas’, who double up as professional genealogist Haridwar, has been a subject of study for many years now.
In several cases, these voluminous records called as Bahi, have also been used in settling legal cases regarding inheritance or property disputes.
In many places these records trace family history, for over twenty prior generations, stretching across many centuries.


Haridwar traditionally been a site, for death rites and Shraaddha, customarily has the record of each visit of the family, along with their gotra, family tree, marriages and members present etc., grouped according to family and home town.
This custom is similar to Panjis or Panji Prabandh, the extensive genealogical records maintained among Maithil Brahmins in Bihar.
This custom although is not wide popular in today’s time as now no one visits Haridwar for these processions.
(These records are also at places like Varanasi, Vindhyanchal etc.)
To add to your astonishment these records almost many TBs in size according to todays computer language are completely handwritten.
In several cases, present-day Hindu descendants are now Sikhs, Muslims, and even Christians. It is not uncommon for researchers to find details of two or even more than their past seven generations in these genealogy registers.
These records if you want to check (if you remember your grandparents and great grandparents name at least) can be verified if you know they cremated in Haridwar.
They have well catalogued order according to place, caste, family, gotra, native residence etc.


These records are kept at some local places also like state wise too.

Hindu pilgrimage records kept by a Pandit Madhukar Balkrishan Akolkar at Trimbakeshwar, Maharashtra, India. They include records for people from Maharashtra, Gujarat, Punjab and Rajasthan, India.
Read one excerpt of how it really goes.