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CAMPAIGN that your brain would refuse to believe in….

Hero of the tale- Theodore Roosevelt

Who is he?

. Only man in history to receive Nobel Peace Prize and Highest Honour of
Military both!
. Greatest President of USA
. Author of 35 voluminous books
. Reader of 25,000+ books, being affluent in multiple languages
. Discoverer of a river in deep, scary alleys of Amazon forest

(Note: TR was a genetically messed up person. His Doctors told him to NEVER participate in any physical activity)

. Boxer, wrestler, swimmer
. Owner of Horse Ranch
. Police commissioner
. Assistant secretary of navy

The MOST HONOURABLE LOSER in politics...
Photograph of Theodore Roosevelt 1898. The photograph shows Theodore Roosevelt as a Rough Rider. Rough Riders was the name given to the 1st United Sta…

. Hero of the Spanish-American war ( #WildWest )
Huh, the list is endless.
TR was basically the ‘right’ kind of right winger –

He was not anti minority (blacks)
He didn’t lick their feet either.

And his wit is mind blowing. Just read a few pearls of his wisdom-

The MOST HONOURABLE LOSER in politics...
The MOST HONOURABLE LOSER in politics...

Villain of the tale- William Howard Taft

. A pathetic man who was not even energetic enough to do a few back to
back rallies, let alone run a country
. The most laughable Prez of USA
. Only President who died in a bathtub due to load of his 350 pound heavy body
. That kind of man who used food as antidote to depression

The MOST HONOURABLE LOSER in politics...

. Tale begins in 1904 when TR brought Taft to Right Wing (RW) – the biggest mistake of his life.

.TR quit politics in 1909

. Somehow, RW nominated Taft for Prez

. Taft won, taking advantage of legacy of TR
(Most of Taft’s election campaign was managed by his cunning wife. A wife managing campaign of her husband was unmasculine and eunuchism by standards of 1909. Public never voted at name of Taft, but on name of legacy of the party.)

In case you don’t know the difference between LW and RW , here is a basic

LW believes in equal right of all over money. Sounds good, right?
Consider this then-
RW believes in equal right of HARD WORKING PEOPLE over money.

aka #NyayaYojana vs #MakeInIndia

The MOST HONOURABLE LOSER in politics...

RW proposed reduction on tarrif in 1909 itself. The bill was discussed
in parliament. However, LW started dominating. They proposed Payne Aldriff scheme – a
scheme to INCREASE tarrif.

Taft was such a poor administrator that LW became able to get Payne Aldriff passed with majority !
This could have never happened with TR.

However in America, the President has veto power.
Taft refused to use it respecting the majority vote. And here comes the worst part –
He signed the bill with a broad smile on his face and said “This is the greatest bill that could have been
passed here”

The MOST HONOURABLE LOSER in politics...

Taft was a fake right winger !

For example,
TR had strategically reserved some land for govt. business and industries, catering to future needs.. Taft gave it all away, for free.

TR had employed a wise man Gifford Pinchont in the Cabinet. Taft fired

This 5 minute long video highlights some more #EpicFails of Taft

The Avenger

Elections arrived. The LW had nominated Woodrow Wilson (another useless man) and RW had nominated Taft.

TR understood that the average American was feeling really hopeless at this moment.

Primary results of media poll proved beyond doubt that Republican voters wanted Roosevelt to be the main candidate. No one supported Taft.

But Taft’s wife Helen was an equivalent of #MamataBanerjee

. She controlled media

. She kicked out able politicians and favoured the corrupt hypocrite supporters of Taft

. She made Taft exercise ‘anti trust prosecution

Everyone was afraid of her. TR was hence barred from representative RW.

Anyone could have lost faith in the system here. But, not TR.
TR was a patriot who would rather die fighting than give up. He decided to create a new political part from the scratch and stand against well established RW and LW.

His party was called #ProgressiveParty or #BullMooseParty

What kind of stuff happened in the election campaign is beyond your
I won’t be able to do justice to the hard work TR put in by my pen.
I would just give a sample via this 2 minute video which would sweep you off
of your feet

Taft lost.
Usually, a President recontensting the election gets at least 100 seats

However, Mr. Taft made a world record. He got only 8 seats i.e. the Worst
performance in election history ever.

On the other hand, TR standing independently, won 88 seats i.e. 11 times
more than Taft…

Overall, the election was won by Woodrow Wilson (the representative of LW)

Did TR win? No.
But here is the point-
The election was never fought to win at all. The intention was just to save
America by splitting the votes of RW.

The intention was to scare the hell out of LW about their might.

TR hence is a ‘successful loser’ who followed his #Dharma

This pic perfectly summarises it all

The MOST HONOURABLE LOSER in politics...