Cia and Psychoanalysis

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I recently got my hands on a pile of CIA documents. Some of these files were shady covert researches while some were as simple as newspaper clippings. The way secret agencies work has fascinated me since childhood and working on such a project from a spiritual and metacognitive perspective has been a dream come true for me.

Cia and Psychoanalysis

Let’s get started –

1. What is hypnotism ?

Human brain can be divided into multiple centers, each of which serves different functions. For hypnotism, you have to specifically depress a person’s centers for –

Pleasure . Emotional control . Sensory motor cortex

Cia and Psychoanalysis

2. How is that done ?

By distracting the left brain.

Left part of brain is analytical. Right is not.

Left part puts a stamp on sensory input like ‘This man is good’ , ‘he is bad’ etc. Right brain accepts these signals blindly and follows ‘He is good. I should obey him’. ‘He is bad, I should fight with him.’

Hence, when a person’s left brain is dumbly following instructions (like looking at an optical illusion) , right brain becomes compliant to whatever unconscious stimulus is supplied.

This is called the ABS formula.

Cia and Psychoanalysis

Mind Programming – If you read conspiracy theories, you must have heard of mental programming somewhere. Mental programming is just a milder version of hypnotism.

For example – take any watch advertisement published in newspaper. What time does it display ? It’s usually 10:10 o clock. Why ? Because 10:10 hour to minute hand alignment looks like bilaterally spread smiling lips. Smile is a positively remarkable signal to human psyche. It is so significant, that it successfully distracts left brain from analytical aspects of product and engages right brain in superficial glamour of material world.

3. CIA on Kundalini Shakti –

“Putting intense, protracted and single minded concentration on drawing up energy through spinal cord result in acoustic standing wave formation in ventricles which further stimulate grey matter of brain” – that exactly is what Kundalini meditation is all about.

Cia and Psychoanalysis

Let’s break down the above statement into simpler english.

Imagine a labourer duo. One is at ground floor, other is at 5th floor. One carries cement and bricks from ground to 5th floor and other from 5th to 10th. This up down happens whole day. We can say 5th floor is ‘baseline’ of their route. 10th floor is crest, ground floor is trough.

‘Acoustic wave’ is a wave with constant baseline. Such wave has multiple upper and lower peaks (crest and trough) , but the peaks always keep on meeting each other at a definite point. For example, if crest is 1 cm high, trough will be 1 cm low. If crest goes 3.5 cm high, trough goes 3.5 cm below baseline.

The mantra you chant during Kundalini meditation is the baseline of your Neural impulse.

Cia and Psychoanalysis

Human brain is not like a solid tree standing on hard ground (base of skull). Albeit, the brain is like a broken piece of wood floating gracefully in a water body i.e. ventricle of brain.

Cia and Psychoanalysis

In a NON meditative human, ‘white matter’ of brain – Conducts Processes Sends Signals to other parts of brain (and spinal cord).

Kundalini meditation bypasses this process by stimulating grey matter by the ‘water’ (csf) waves

Cia and Psychoanalysis

I personally find this phenomenon similar to DBS therapy where brain centers and parts like thalamus, globus pallidus etc are electrically stimulated to cure psychiatric disorders like –

Parkinsonism Tourette’s disease Depression Obsessive compulsive disorder & many other diseases still undergoing research

Cia and Psychoanalysis

The drawback of this technique is that since we are bypassing the left brain artificially, there is no ‘analysis’ of the signal. As a result, incorrect placement of electrodes is a frequent occurrence. This leads to many weird side effects giving headaches to the scientists.

Cia and Psychoanalysis

Fortunately, Kundalini meditation does not bypass left hemisphere. A practicioner himself consciously chooses the center to be stimulated.

5. CIA on ‘The Secret’ –

Visualising yourself doing something simulates the activity.

Cathode Ray tube study –

A patient with blocked blood supply to leg was asked to visualise blood stream in leg, that’s exactly what happened ! Left brain got distracted from visual input and literally ordered the right brain to follow the suite.

Cia and Psychoanalysis

Each sound frequency creates its own 2d pattern. In Hinduism we believe that visualising these patterns amplifies the effect of mantra. & It makes sense. The more, the merrier.

Sri Yantra for Om –

Cia and Psychoanalysis

Cia and Psychoanalysis

6. Hemi sync program –

With above info in consideration, CIA started working on hemi sync – A set of sound pattern designed to link the 2 hemispheres together.

Long story short – it worked.

Following up the study, CIA got shocked noting that a zen meditator with 20 years of practice could generate hemi sync without any external sound at all !

Cia and Psychoanalysis

CIA gives an analogy of Lamp to explain the human brain.

Brain in normal human being at rest has a lot of light (biophotons) and electrical energy. However, just like a lamp, the energy is unfocused. Hemi sync focuses it towards required brain state, like a laser does.

7. How does Hemi sync work –

Understanding hemi sync is very important. If you understand Hemi sync, you understand why Hindus chant mantras as prayer.

. Normal brain has beta state. . A calm brain about to sleep has theta state.

Heart pumps oxygenated blood (praan vayu) through aorta, a huge artery attached to heart.

Cia and Psychoanalysis

This blood is lead downwards from here to abdomen. Here aorta bifurcates into two branches. Most of the blood gets divided into these two paths hence. (Just like a river gets divided at Delta) However, a fraction of blood strikes at the junction of bifurcation and gets pushed back upwards by Newton’s third law. This flow is called Udaan Vayu.

Cia and Psychoanalysis

If the heart pumps another shot of blood downward at the same time, praan and udaan strike each other to cause interference.

This interference is maximum in beta and least in theta state.

Cia and Psychoanalysis

Cia and Psychoanalysis

8. How is this vaayu connected to human brain ?

Remember the river of brain?

Heart is its ocean.

These same interference patterns ocurring at aorta are transmitted to brain which as a result keeps on floating at a speed of 0.5-10 mm/sec

Cia and Psychoanalysis

The resultant frequency of this motion is 7.83 hz i.e. the frequency of sound of Om.

Cia and Psychoanalysis

9. Where is ‘universal consciousness’ , if it is within us ?

All the memories are stored in a holographic form (energy patterns).

Each cell of human body carries this holographic memory. However, only the brain is able enough to process it.

10. What is Shakti ?

Shakti is ‘absolute energy’ . Shakti is infinite form of energy. Since E=kmc2 ,

C = velocity = dist/time

Hence, the measure of energy is dependent on time. But, Time is measurable only within finite dimensions of time.

Energy can only be infinite if it is in inactive state. Or If it is moving faster than speed of light i.e. its motion is not comprehensible to us humans. (We can only comprehend something that light allows us to see.)

The true nature of Shakti is manifested 24*7 within realms of Planck distance.

Planck distance = 10 raised to power minus 33 = a zone where even gravity can NOT act.

11. What is the reason to consider Shakti separately?

Shakti allows energy to attain a vector element. A pendulum becomes stationary at the peak of its motion. I.e. The distance it covers is smaller than 10 to minus 33.

Without absolute energy, relative energy is directionless.

Quantum physics has recently developed the concept of quantum entanglement. I.e. If two atoms are subjected to same energy field for significant time and then separated miles apart, they still remain ‘entangled’. I.e.

Say if one atom of the pair changes its rotation, the other automatically copies him.

Dr. John Gieldman has successfully proposed the only way this effect may occur is through that ‘click out’ phase where absolute universal energy (Shakti) comes into play.

To give an analogy, the waves on top of an ocean = its relative energy = maya.

The vast ocean underneath = absolute energy = Shakti

I had predicted in past on basis of the 7 heaven-7 hell- 7 skies concept found abundantly in both Hinduism and Islam that universe is Toroid in shape.

To my delight, CIA agrees on my faith oriented hypothesis.

Cia and Psychoanalysis

Unfortunately, Toroid model of universe is a 4d concept and I find myself unable to convey it in form of a written thread.

On the day I open my own YouTube channel, I would make things crystal clear.

12. Can you move an object kept across a solid barrier without even touching it ?

Many monks claim that they can. So, CIA decided to investigate it.

The answer shockingly is yes !

Cia and Psychoanalysis

The CIA placed pills in two sets of glass jars.

Set A had completely sealed jars

Set B had jars with some slit or hole

Monks were able to pull out pills from set B. & The pills did not pass through slit or hole. They passed directly through solid unbroken wall !

That means, even though a slit is not required to make a material pass through other material,

A slit is required to let Shakti outside the jar interact with the Shakti inside.

13. What about the people who are left handed? Or ambidextrous ? How does ‘handedness’ of their brain change?

Such people may have centers on the opposite side. Or Like me, they may have centers on both side.

In normal human beings, the two brains kind off act as two separate human beings. People with centers on both side may have dillematic difficulties in childhood. ‘Is baat ko hindi mei bolun ya English mei’ etc.

As they grow up, they learn to modify the language in sync to environment.

In other words, they have a blessing of Shakti

They have superior perception, logic and reasoning skills, intuition, empathy, linguistic skills and a tendency to observe the things that nobody else does.

A few days ago i was talking to my friends about existence of more than one form of infinity in the concept of Brahm.

As it turns out, an German mathematician George Cantor has already proven it in real numbers (and unreal numbers)

Cia and Psychoanalysis

Cia and Psychoanalysis

Cia and Psychoanalysis

Human body is meant to vibrate with the frequency truth – the frequency of God, 24*7.

Just like a vibrating string can be stopped by external rigid stimulus, similarly the vibration of truth can be only blocked via vibration of lies.

Received this awesome question today. (Pic)

The answer is simple – ‘inverse square law’. Square of distance is inversely proportional to energy. Hence, In order to establish Shakti as an infinitely large source of energy, we assumed her range of motion as infinitely small

Cia and Psychoanalysis

What exists outside the Toroid though?

If the universe is in a definite shape, does that mean it is finite ?

Nope. Seems like Maaya has no end.

Our universe, being Toroid acts as a self luminating biconvex lens (just like a human eye) Wait for it.

In fact, within the realms of Planck length , Golden ratio is the max probability ratio you can derive in form of BINARY matrices.

This binary interplay clearly is a direct representation of Shiva and Shakti.

The range or vastness of motion you perceive totally depends on amount of Prana you can hold.

Still mind is not the only pre requisite to understand Shiva’s perceptions.

Once upon a time Shakti asked Shiva “Who is the best friend of a man in universe?”

Shiva says “Prana.”

This is the most romantic thing I have ever heard. Prana is the tool by which universal masculine consciousness understands universal feminine energy.

Those who control their diet wisely, Gain control over Prana, Prana makes them master of mind and hence intellect, And that ultimately is the source of Anand i.e. happiness.

Cia and Psychoanalysis

Hinduism said “Death is the only constant of life.”

West converted it into “Death is the best friend of human”

Did these guys even know what does ‘Prana’ mean ?

Another covertly romantic verse –

उद्धरेदात्मनात्मानं नात्मानमवसादयेत् | आत्मैव ह्यात्मनो बन्धुरात्मैव रिपुरात्मन: || 5||

Elevate mind through self; And do not, Degrade self through mind, For MIND can be the BEST FRIEND of a human being

– Krishna

Krishna is manifestation of Vishnu.

Vishnu is the better half of Lakshmi..

Lakshmi is the embodiment of all positive universal forces.

To meditate on Parvati, we control Prana; To meditate on Lakshmi, mind

Hence, for Krishna, the best friend of a human is not Prana, but mind.

In sync to above tweets,

Shiva is Abhishekpriya – he loves to be bathed (Shakti represents fluidity)

Vishnu is Alankaarpriya – he loves Alankaars Alankaar = Jewellery Poetic device Basically, ‘anything that adds a splendid touch to beauty’ i.e. Lakshmi.

What is Prakriti ?

Pra = best

Kriti = creation

Prakriti is creative aspect of Shakti.

“All women are born out of basic Prakriti. When a woman is hurt, it is Prakriti itself that is hurt..

.. prakriti is merged component of Parmatma, she is not different. If Parmatma is goldsmith, Gold is Prakriti.”

– Brahmavaivrat Puran

Cia and Psychoanalysis

Youngsters these days have lane romantic vocabularies based on entangled Urdu words.

Why not learn Hindi instead ?

Ras = bliss felt after lover leaves, like sweet aftertaste of Amla fruit

Bhaav – COMPLETE pervasion of senses by an emotion.

Vibhaav – person receiving bhaav

Anulamb = cause of Bhaav i.e. your beloved

Uddeepan = the trigger or amplifier of Bhaav. Eg, if your beloved liked Jasmine flowers and you see Jasmine somewhere, it would provoke bhav.

Anubhaav (NOT anubhav) = mental recreation of Bhaav

A lover lost in memories of his beloved, cherishing it’s joy as if those things are happening right now in front of his eyes is having ‘Anubhaav’.

This guy would never came to know that I actually was talking in spiritual terms only

I didn’t explain. If you don’t understand Shiva and Shakti, you have no business understanding spiritual side of masculine feminine duality.

Cia and Psychoanalysis

Roughly speaking, Male spiritual/romantic progress happens from outward to inward.

A male is an evidence collector.

If she doesn’t prove her love in some concrete rational way, she doesn’t love him. (I.e. According to him)

Female spiritual/romantic progress happens from inwards to outwards.

No matter how much you two are physically intimate, no matter how much you have fought for her, how many diamond jhaanjhar you have bought,

If you have not emotionally/mentally touched her, she feels unloved

A male believes a dharmguru only if- 1. Guru shows him some miracle 2. Wise men of locality follow the Guru

A female believes a dharmguru only if- 1. he says something sweet and heart touching 2. If he gives positive vibes, giving her guaranteed hope of better future

By Shakti parampara ,

I of Shiva represents Shakti.
Shiva without shakti is शव ।

Makes sense because Shiva in pure meditative state is
as still as a dead body.

Similarly, Vishnu is Vish+Anu, literally poison plus atom.

Just like anything in excess becomes toxic, Vishnu is in a
poisoned state because he contains essence of all the

(Don’t confuse विष्णु और विषाणु)

Vishnu is under direct effect of universal energies of

If we remove I from Vishnu, we get वष i.e. word root
for Varsha and Varsh i.e. rain and year.

Vishnu without Lakshmi is a universally prevalent force,
but it has no influence over universal energies.

Shiव and वishnu

क + श् = क्ष ,

शkti and Lakशhmi …

Won’t explain. It’s an esoteric secret.