The War on Consciousness

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Consciousness is live shield against Satan. Human instincts have not
allowed us to seek pedophilia, cannibalism, human sacrifice at name of
Satan so far.

We must defend this shield. Do whatever it takes.

Sound waves and frequencies can temper consciousness.

They can make you cry.

They can damage your inner organs.

  1. Adolf Hitler used ‘Acoustic Cannons’ in WW2 that produced 1000
    infrasonic sound explosions per second..
    Anyone within 100 yards range of this weapon died

The War on Consciousness

2. State of Kerala could never be conquered by any foreign invader. The
Kalaripayattu sword ‘Urumi’ produces infrasonic sound waves which sent
shockwaves through brain of horses.

3. CIA uses unbearably loud music in torture chambers and interrogation rooms.

A relavent question – Can music hypnotise you?

About 300 years ago, mass manufacturing of musical instruments began.
Many different companies were making the same musical instrument, but
with different frequencies. Flutes bought in Paris sounded different from flute
bought in London, and it was a hurdle to commercial manufacturing.

Standardization of music was need of the hour.
But the question was, which frequency should be chosen as the ‘standard’ ?

Meanwhile, the Vatican declared that they had found a certain frequency
which could compell the listener to become submissive during prayers. The
frequency could partially hypnotise people –

The frequency was 440 hz.

The music industry realized that if this music were used, people were more
likely to get addicted to music. The more addicted the people are, the more are the sales.

In 1885, Italy declared 440 hz as the ‘international standard’.

This came as a shock to the music lovers because the norm was a frequency between 428
and 435 hz.

<Christian missionaries play a full blown orchestra for 1 hour b4 creating
such mass hysterias.>// Video

There is a drastic difference between –

432 hz music that stimulates anahat chakra (heart nerve plexus) to raise
emotional awareness


440 hz music that stimulates brain chakra, compelling a person to ‘think’
that the song is great.

2:35 to 3:18

For eg – when you hear the song ‘Perfect’ by Ed Sheeran ;
You feel like it is a passionate song ABOUT love.

You do not feel like it is a passionate song OF love.

You can hum this song whole day without raising your conscious awareness
about your lover even a bit.

Have you ever been subjected to repeated exposure of a song you found frankly lame and ended up becoming attached to it ? That’s addiction.

440 Hz music literally makes you dumb. It makes you tolerant to the disgust you were previously feeling against the song.

Music is the best activator of heart Chakra. The true purpose of music (or any art basically) is to elevate human consciousness. It’s a gift of God, bringing us one step closer to our truer purpose of life.

Lord Krishna played flute throughout his life.

The remnants of his heart chakra are still a miracle beyond understanding of modern science.

Depression is a state of dimmed consciousness.

A person in depression soon becomes resistant to 440 hz music.

The concepts of legality and illegality are not based on greater good of human beings. They are based on plain economics.

Alcohol –

Associated to crimes

Cannabis –

NON addictive Healthy – anti diabetic
Anti Alzheimer’s
Anti PTSD Insulin regulator ILLEGAL

Why is it illegal? Because Cannabis raises human consciousness.

Cannabis has an honourable mention in Atharvaveda.

It was brought to earth by Lord Shiva (the god of consciousness)

It’s consumption in religious rituals is NOT a sin. . Islam ONLY bans intoxicants i.e. alcohol. Cannabis consumption is not a sin in Islam either.

Sufi saints have heavily consumed cannabis since centuries.

Cigarettes are not as big of a problem as we tend to believe. Controlled administration of Psilocybin can lead to abstinence from cigarettes even in the chain smokers. The success rate is whopping 85%! Yet no one ever will legalise it.

Although Quran says that there is no compulsion in religion ;
Islam is the only religion of World which almost forces consciousness as

Consciousness has been discussed more than 250 times in Quran.

Followers of ‘Taqwa’ –
Live happily
Solve all problems of life Have tranquility

Sri Madbhagwad Geeta also strongly thursts the idea of setting the
‘direction of consciousness’ towards God.

If God is the real master,

You don’t choose to do anything evil .

You don’t procastinate, because the work was given by the master. It has to be done.

You don’t have regrets on losing. Because your duty was to follow the orders. God understands your needs better than you do.

The War on Consciousness

This post would be incomplete if we don’t talk about the spiritual molecule i.e. DMT.

Human body naturally releases DMT throughout the day, however local release can be elevated if you meditate on pineal gland or around brain. The Egyptians were not good at meditating. They used to do their religious rituals with routine oral consumption of DMT in plant form. (The pic in tweet belongs to a Ted Talk called ‘War on consciousness’. The talk was BANNED for ‘unknown reasons’)

The War on Consciousness

Among holy forces, consciousness is compared to Adam & Shiva.

‘Raised consciousness’ means a new level of perception of world.

For eg- you have a heart right now.
But But, You don’t feel it.

If a lion comes near you, you feel it.

‘Fear’ is a raised state of consciousness.

Eve or Parvati i.e. Energy is the consort of consciousness. Elevation of consciousness hence is divine romance between Shiva and Shakti.

The self help and motivation industry taps Emotional energy of a human
It makes a person feel good, in short term. Just like music industry.

Self help industry makes 13.5 Billion $ yearly in America alone. The goal of
industry is not to solve your problems, but to make you dependent on them.

It is really easy to get tired if you rely on on one type of energy system

Macroscopic Energy systems are –


Microscopic systems –

EM waves

Use them all.

As an example,

Mental – invest your brain into designing of process. Make definite,
realistic, step by step goals with deadlines.

(Emotional energy without mental energy = indefinite, unrealistic, grandiose
unachievable goals)

Physical energy – the joy of working and achieving itself

Social energy – interacting with like minded people having same goals like
classmates, colleagues

Spiritual energy – Self exploration via work. Explore the peak limits of your
will power & wits of brain.

Religious – dedicate whatever you do to god. Pray/express gratitude

Amorous – dedicate it to your spouse or family members. ‘I will study
hard so they feel good and live a good life’.
Express it.

Microscopic systems are a bit complicated. Only sensitive people may be
able to tap in them.

Aura – try to come in contact with your role models. Know them as much as
After that, carry their pic around you. Once your auras have connected, just seeing their face will do the trick.

Neurotransmission –

Meditating on nerve plexuses

For eg –

Any creative artist can be benifitted by meditating on Heart chakra.

Read this to learn to manipulate EM wave flow –

I am not putting this excerpt word to word from Geeta –

Arjuna “What happens to the Yogis who deviate from their paths? Catharsis ?”

Krishna “A good deed never goes fruitless. The man takes birth yet again &
CARRIES HIS CONSCIOUSNESS WITH HIM & tends to fall in love with it”

Arjun “I find it very difficult to control my mind. It’s mischievous. What if a
yogi still is on brink to fail?”

Krishna “He takes birth in a family full of wise yogis. Definitely, that is NOT
possible in this Loka i.e. earth”

Your money, car and bungalow won’t go with you when you die. Only your conscious imprints do.

Let’s compare Cannabis with something like –

Monosodium Glutamate carrying Maggi
Oreo Biscuits…

A lot has been said about male and female aspects of consciousness. But
no one says a words about LGBTQ.

The fact is that Gay people have a higher level of-

Emotional intelligence (regarding both sexes)
Innovative approach
Courage (to try new things)
Artistic intellect

But, just like the other genders, they have their own traps too.

Consciousness traps for homosexuals are-
Cathartic looping
Sexual depletion

Male body actually does have a G spot and it is 10x more sensitive than
female G spot.
However, it has a drawback.

It develops resistance to tactile stimulation eventually. Just like a drug addict doesn’t get the same high on small doses of drugs after a while, penile penetration too becomes insufficient for homosexuals.
The consequence is an endless quest to fulfillment involving gross acts of penetration like anal fisting.

Not only is it injurious for physical health, but mental health too.

The solution to cathartic loop is often seeked via Hormone replacement
therapy. While HRT does make you look like the sex you prefer, it has
multiple side effects, a few of them are even deadly.
From dharmic viewpoint, HRT is 24*7 influx of taamsikta.

Your external patches can’t heal your internal wounds ..

The War on Consciousness

God can not gift everyone with higher sense of consciousness. You have to
become a deserving candidate.

Arjuna was given the divya drishti required to see Virat roop.
What happened?

Also, he felt guilt over his sins.

Same will happen with us all.

4+3+2 = 9

4+4+0 = 8

What is hypnosis ?

The War on Consciousness

Why is light connected to knowledge and higher consciousness ?

Because, visible spectrum of lights on earth only allows us to perceive
things as 3d. There is only one method to see 4d cosmic glories – by
illuminating all the visions.

3d thinkers believe that Big Bang happened at one center and the
‘expanding universe’ is constantly moving away from it.


There is no center at all.
Each and every planet is moving away from each other.
It’s as if big bang happened everywhere on a 4d scale…

Excessively loud music does direct DNA damage and shrinks hearing center
of brain.

Multitasking ruins brain in long term. Human brain has not been evolved to

Scientists agree upon very few things when it comes to DMT. One such
thing is that it simulates death !

From a spiritual angle , DMT exposes our unconscious mind stark naked.
It’s a gateway to tap into our past lives and possibly into afterlifes. DMT is a
poison for sinners.

‘How’ to fight the war of consciousness ?

Just like some soldiers serve as infantry, some cavalry, some chariot rider
and what not in a war ; you too will have to figure out which path is the best for you.

You are your own guide, you are your own path, you are your own vehicle.

I want you guys to just see through things…

Imagine a society where no actress told you that girls look beautiful with
diamond necklace..
Where the cricketers and models would not plead you to buy the most expensive car and
an overrated watch.

Happiness would mean something else there. Beauty would be something simpler and truer.

Modern education system ruins kids by distracting Mannas.

One size fits all education fills kids with hatred against world + value of
caring about self before caring about others + cheating

It fixes their Mannas outside body, in material world

What does hypnotism even mean ?

Perceiving same dull stimulation again and again,
Forcing yourself to focus deeply on it,
Inspite of it being dull.

An That’s exactly what doing 9 to 5 job you hate or 9 to 3 school studying
things you are not interested in, is about. You are voluntarily hypnotising yourself.

<<I recommend 528 Hz more than 432 hz to young males.
It’s a testosterone booster.>>

The War on Consciousness

What kind of sources of motivation should i use – Saatvik, Raajsik or
Taamsik ?

Two things –

  1. If you yourself are extremely Taamsik, saatvik sources wouldn’t even
    stimulate you.
    & Vice versa.

2. Saatvik sources have longest lasting impact.
Taamsik are short lasting.

Spanish research council did an in depth research on music trend between
1955 to 2010 and realized that it clearly has become dumber

Lyrics of songs have been dumbified so that low IQ audience may listen to

Low IQ people are more likely to get addicted to music and hence they form
a bigger market than literature lovers.

The War on Consciousness

Musicians have been intentionally using ‘dynamic range compression’ since
last 3 decades.

Ever felt that whole of a song was loud and monotonous at the same time ?

That’s dynamic range compression.

Tony Kakkad is the king of Dynamic range compression

The War on Consciousness

Even though 8q12 gene modification is responsible for attraction towards
same sex at first place.

You don’t have to be genetically different to take sexual pleasure in
indulgence with a male. Almost any male can do that.

The no. 1 factor a music producer considers before hiring a singer is….

…wait for it…

Social media reach !

A singer who can buy likes for Instagram will arrange likes for YouTube too.

Couple that with a clickbait title like Koka kola tu, Koka and reach is

” I write deeper songs too, from the core of my heart itself…
But see, I have my revenue record. I know that it’s opium and guns that get

I want to openly and humbly tell my fans that I am nothing like what I
seem to be in music videos.”

~ Karan Aujla

The War on Consciousness
The War on Consciousness

Law of Reverse effect/
Law of Hypnosis

When you focus too much on hating something negative, you end up getting
attracted towards it.

The fielder who thinks “Oh my God I might drop this catch” always drops
the catch, no matter how many balls he has caught on the nets yesterday

Why do you think Netflix and Jew directors have been pushing overboard
sexual content and unrealistically disgusting levels of violence since
decades – when no body was even interested in watching it ?

Why do all the politicians and experts only keep talking how bad the things
are without mentioning how they can be changed ?

Because the ‘public’ has been successfully transformed into ‘audience’ .

Public does not run the democracy,
It is only a cheerleader.

Since you have read so far, do consider joining my Telegram Channel
‘Quantum Consciousness’.

This telegram channel is an open rebellion to reacquire all those chunks of
consciousness that have been taken away from us..

Shreya Ghoshal “I have personally talked to some of these singers and
musicians making 90’s remakes and they themselves admitted they are
tired of this.”

Salim Merchant “Yes Shreya, as we know that it’s all being done by the
Record Label Mafia.”

The audience are being fed the same 2 beats again and again and each time
the songs are receiving 400 million plus views



Joe Rogan consumed DMT… And he saw Shiva

It is untrue that Human Civilization is in an ever growing revolutionary
momentum of knowledge acquisition.

Chinese used gunpowder in BC, but left it later.

Egyptians forgot the mathematics behind pyramids.

From evolutionary pov, परवाना should have learnt the truth of शमा