Thread on Kakbhushundi & his significance

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पितृपक्ष/Pitru Paksha has started, customs can differ from
1 place to another but in Maharashtra we offer Bhojan
to Kak (crow). Before someone makes fun of our
tradition, I thought I should explain why we offer bhojan
to crow

Thread on Kakbhushundi & his significance

Kakbhushundi was greatest devotee. He was believed
to be the first one to narrate the Ramayana even before
sage Valmiki or Tulsidas. Kakbhushundi was mentioned
by Tulsidas in Uttara & Bal Kanda of Ramcharitramanas

He is one of the Chiranjeevi’s (immortal) till end of Kali

Kak means Crow, but he was not born as crow, he was
born as a human being in Ayodhya, as a kid he was
great devotee of Prabhu Ram, he was always keen to
learn how to devote his Aradhyay Shree Ram. So he left
for forest, where he happened to meet Rishi Lomasa.

He asked Rishi Lomasa, how can I worship Shree Ram.
He kept interrupting Rishi Lomasa to ask only about
Ram, thus Rishi felt he was arrogant and inefficient of
gaining the knowledge which is trying to impart, he
said “you are extremely self-opinionated with distrust
like crow”

Rishi Lomasa cursed him to acquire the form of Crow,
he took the form of crow & left the ashram wid love for
Shree Ram in his heart. But when Shree Ram came to
know about this he requested Rishi Lomasa for
forgiveness. Rishi realised his harsh behaviour &
politely called him back

Rishi Lomasa taught him the meditation which Shree
Ram use to perform as a child, Rishi imparted him the
Mantra of Shree Ram and Rishi recited the entire
Ramcharitramanas to Kakbhushundi. Rishi blessed him
saying that devotion for Shree Ram shall always abide
in your heart.

By now, Kakbhushundi had started loving his form as
crow, where he could sing endless praises of Shree Ram
and other birds could gather around him to listen. He
decided to continue in form of a crow & not to return
back to his human form. Shree Ram was impressed with
his devotion

Shree Ram blessed him immortal life and vision to
travel in time. With this boon he could stand outside
the time & rewind the events from the past. He
watched Ramayana 11 times & Mahabharata 16 times
and surprisingly each time the story was different. Cycle
of earth repeat itself

In today’s world we call this phenomenon as parallel
universe where a deceased human being is reborn in
some other universe. Where the joys and sorrows of life
can vary on the basis of Karma from the previous birth.
Kakbhushundi controls the cycle of birth and rebirth.

By offering Bhojan to Kakbhushundi, it is believed that
the departed souls achieve Moksha(Salvation) & are
released from the cycle of birth and rebirth. Hence,
during the month of Pitru Paksha, hindus offer bhojan
to crow and pray for Moksha

Now you know the significance of crow

Today’s modern science talks of quantum physics
where we can travel in time, but our Hindu scriptures
have explained this thousands of years ago. Recently I
watched a series called Dark on Netflix which again
talked about quantum physics and cycle of the earth.

Every Hindu tradition has deep meaning and a scientific
reason behind it, its important to learn about our
customs & pass on to the future generations.
Kagbhusandi Tal in Uttarakhand on the banks of
Manasarovar, is believed to be the place where
Kakbhushundi resides

जय श्री राम

Thread on Kakbhushundi & his significance