Upper Chest workout

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Hind Warrior Fitness System Presents to you the best upper chest
exercise of whole world – VAKSH VIKAASAK DAND

Upper Chest workout


This thread will be in 4 parts –

1. Functions of Upper chest

2. Modern bodybuilding and Upper Chest

3. Wrist and scapula position in Vaksh Vikaas Dand

4. Killer workout finisher

5. Scientific Validation of Vaksh Vikaas Dand

And of course, other bonus content 🙂

As you can see, the upper chest has origin in middle of chest and insertion
at arm bone.

. The insertion level is lower than origin.

. The muscles do not attach horizontally, but DIAGONALLY

Upper Chest workout


Upper chest is a game of angles.

Sword fighting with someone taller than insertion,

Boxing with a taller opponent,

Spear fighting (see pics) –

1. Propelling the spear upwards

Upper Chest workout


2. Raising the spear upwards to attack downwards

All upper chest.

Upper Chest workout


In addition to that there is one more major function –

Internal rotation of shoulder (arm bone).

BOTH OF THESE FUNCTIONS efficiently in one smooth movement.

Double gains

Meanwhile here is Kuldeep Arya Veer demonstrating Vaksh vikaas dand.

Note the angle.

Vaksh vikaas dand is not an up down movement.

The arms are *slightly* diagonal to body at top ;

Perpendicular below.



#2 Modern Bodybuilding and Upper Chest

Modern bodybuilding has 2 ‘mass gainer’ exercises for upper chest –

1. Incline barbell press –

It has two flaws

. No internal rotation

. Upper chest only works when bar is at bottom position. Rest of the motion
is useless.

Upper Chest workout


2. Gironda Press –

Vince Gironda was a visionary man. He built a better alternate to incline

The origin and insertion are lined horizontally. Upper chest works
throughout the range of motion.

No internal rotation
No angles.

Upper Chest workout


3. Wrist and scapula in Vaksh Vikaas Dand

A. Wrist –

Since shoulder is to be internally rotated,
Wrist will rotate inwards too.

Pic 1 is the correct hand position, hands fanned out

Upper Chest workout


Pic 2 is WRONG. Thumb should spread outwards as in pic 1

Upper Chest workout


If you lack wrist mobility, pic 3

Upper Chest workout


In Hindu warrior fitness system,

Everything from your toe to thumb is a tool.

Many gymsters come to me after impinging shoulder and trying to fix it by
external rotation rehab exercises.

Internal rotation is the solution…

Upper Chest workout


B. Scapula –

Scapula remains retracted ‘flat’ or retracted in lower half of the movement ,

But it MUST be protracted at top.

Bench press unnaturally locks scapula in retraction, causing injuries..

0 to 0:08 is pushing without protraction. Wrong.

Protraction after 0:08


“what if I can’t do push ups ?”

That’s ok. I could not either.

Do incline push ups by placing hands on dining table/kitchen platform/bed
with hard mattress

Do 5 sets of 10 on alternate days,

Gradually progress to 5 of 20

You will nail it afterwards

Dara Singh lifted 200 KG world champion wrestler named King Kong

And he threw him violently outside the ring

Vaksh vikaas dand + Gama dand give you the ability to build steel like
functional unit out of upper chest and shoulders.

Upper Chest workout


4. Killer workout finisher for Upper chest –

This shall be preferably done after doing 3 sets of any other dand.

But if you are tight on time, this alone will be enough.

We will be incorporating partial reps of Vaksh vikaas dand for extra burn

Upper Chest workout


Here is what partial Vaksh Vikaas Dand look like.

(Please ignore Ramdev. He is doing cheat reps.)


Let’s say you can do 35 reps of Vaksh Vikaas dand in one set.

For that strength benchmark, here is the workout plan –

Set 1 –

10 full Vaksh vikaas dand + 5 partial + 10 full + 5 partial

1 minute rest. You will feel warm and charged to do more.

Set 2 – 10 full + 10 partial + 10 full + 10 partial

Your muscles will start feeling roasted if the form is correct.

1 minute rest 5 full + 10 partial + 5 full + 10 partial

Congrats, you officially fried your muscles.

Bonus exhaust techniques

Only for the insane people. For the monsters.

Technique A. –

Do a fourth set of 30 Vaksh Vikaas Dand – partials only

B. –

Or after the 3rd, hold yourself in push up position for 30 seconds.

Upper Chest workout


5. Validation of Medical science to Vaksh Vikaas Dand

Vaksh Vikaas dand, if done correctly, can relieve pangs of bench press forever.

Allegation – “Vaksh Vikaasak Dand is the worst exercise for shoulder pain
due to internal rotation.”

I have had so many gym clients with tight posterior shoulder capsule due to
conventional chest exercise…


Upper Chest workout

Upper Chest workout


Here is the secret that Ancient Hindus understood and modern fitness
trainers do not –

Internal rotation is just another NATURAL movement pattern.

Vaksh vikaas dand is done with retracted and elevated scapula unlike
bench press.

Upper Chest workout

Upper Chest workout


The thread also quotes a western calisthenic guy demonstrating Vaksh
vikaas dand with protracted shoulders.

An absolute recipe of disaster.

Upper Chest workout

Upper Chest workout


IR stands for internal rotation. These therapeutic movements are for those
who can’t do Vaksh Vikaasak Dands.

Note the scapular retraction –

Upper Chest workout


“I feel one chest more than other during literally any gym exercise.”

Lol that’s not a cause of concern in the #SanatanFitnessSystem

Simply shift your foot position.

If you are not feeling it on right, shift feet towards right.
Vice versa for left.

As simple as that.

Upper Chest workout


This is the upper arm bone.

One thing is clear – Pectoralis major (chest) has a very long insertion.

Therefore, the more you will think about pushing the elbows outwards, the
better will be chest activation.

Upper Chest workout


A better method for Vaksh vikaas dand is to completely eliminate scapular
movement and upper arm angulation.

. Place your feet as behind arms as possible

. Let arms be perpendicular to torso, like a t shape

Tip of the day –

Let’s say you are doing 50 reps of Vaksh vikaas dand.

Do initial 20 with right foot one step rightwards of center,

20 with left leftwards

Then 10 normal.

Squeeze core, feel obliques.

This will also help with mind muscle connection and chest asymmetries.