What are Mantras? Sound waves. What are sound waves? Vibrations.

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Mantra = mann + antar

Mantra is that tool (tantr) that effects mann (mind) from the inside. The effect can be positive, negative, auspicious or something else. But the question is, how does this happen ?

Which of our body part, if any, gets impacted by them? Once Mantras get uttered, the FIRST body part to effected and RESONATE the sound waves is our PINEAL GLAND.

What is pineal gland?

What are Mantras? Sound waves. What are sound waves? Vibrations.

Pineal gland is a part of brain having great esoteric significance.

It is often called as ‘site of soul’ due to its PSYCHEDELIC EFFECTS (the same
effects which drugs produce. Yup, the ‘joy of meditation’ too is a sweet
blessing of this gland’s stimulation)

It was also known as third eye in older times. (not just because of Lord
Shiva’s mythology. Wait for it.)
But, when seen under microscope, the gland showcases rods and cones i.e.
SAME structural unit as human eye.
WHAT does pineal gland do in NORMAL HUMANS?

It converts serotonin (HAPPINESS hormone) to melatonin (SLEEP hormone)
and produces dreams also.
The sleep hormone also keeps us DISEASE FREE and PREVENTS AGING.
Now you know why older sages had longer life spans. They had 6x larger
pineal glands than we have.

As if that’s not enough, the gland upon stimulation, releases nitric oxide, a
magical gas! It is used as-
Pain killer in heart attack
Increase performance in athletes
Delayed wilting of plants
It’s even in Viagra. Huh!

The above effects although significant, are temporary. So,

Can Mantra bring any concrete changes in the devotees?

Mantras promise to do magical stuff. They promise to endow human body with
Can those chants really alter our DNA?
Yes, They can!

After resonating with pineal gland, the SOUND WAVES impact our
sympathetic NERVOUS SYSTEM and SPREAD via means of INTRACELLULAR
FLUID i.e. water.
In this way, they gain POTENTIAL to REACH EVERY CELL of our body.

Human body is wholly surrounded by ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES which can
In order to resonate the sound waves so far, the waves are CONVERTED into
ELECTROMAGNETIC waves in the brain itself.

What are Mantras? Sound waves. What are sound waves? Vibrations.

Our DNA is a good CONDUCTOR of these waves.

During mantra chanting, gurus COMMAND you to RELAX YOUR BODY.
A CELL at REST has NEGATIVE CHARGE in it while the intracellular fluid has
EM waves, when travelling between similar charges are repulsive. But
opposite charge? ATTRACTIVE.

According to AGF (atomic gravitational fluctuation theory) , attractive forces
always attract the centre of mass of object towards them.
Here is how earth attracts nucleus (centre of mass of atom) towards it via

What are Mantras? Sound waves. What are sound waves? Vibrations.

Now, where is centre of mass of human body’s cells?
In NUCLEUS and ER (minorly).
Upto this point, we can certainly claim that MANTRAS DO HAVE INFLUENCE
How do Mantras claim to bring transformations into them?

What can frequency do? Everything. Here is an example at MACRO level

Human ears are not able to hear frequency below 20 Hz. Our EARTH EXISTS
at 7.83 Hz. That is the exact same frequency PRODUCED BY CHANTING OM.
The frequency is so vital that if spacecrafts are not attuned to 7.83 , the
inevitably crash while crossing atmospheric barriers.

Inspite of collection of all of these facts, I still had doubts over importance of
mantras. Here are some additional facts in case you too are not still
DNA can be TRANSDUCTED by two means-
1 water (from where life on earth has originated obviously)
2 EM waves!!

Many sages ANAECDOTALLY are able to EMIT LIGHT from forehead by
power of mantras.
Well, that’s true as well. Pineal gland IN RESONATING STATE is able to
produce bioluminescence!
Some sages in older times used to even fly in air by
Yup, pineal gland does that as well!

Vedas say that earlier human beings had 12 stranded
DNA whereas now they have ‘tvatsa’ (helical two snake
like indestructible structure) i.e. 2 stranded DNA.

Ever heard in news about a man who has not eaten anything since decades?
His pineal gland is 8×11 mm…
Ours is 6×6 mm.

Just recieved this input via @Deepikarulz – Google ‘sri yantra’ if u dont know
what it is…

What are Mantras? Sound waves. What are sound waves? Vibrations.

To be honest, I have not yet presented prophecy of mantras to even a minor
extent in this huge thread. The scientific aspect is really voluminous.

Divine chants –

Srijan Foundation has made an experiment. Look at these two shapes. One
of them is called Kiki and other one is called Bobo.

People of any linguistic background would call 1 as kiki & 2 as bobo.

Cos ‘i’ and ‘o’ position lips in slit and curvy funnel shape

What are Mantras? Sound waves. What are sound waves? Vibrations.

23/06/2020 // 1.7 —>>>1.6

Today i personally experienced the ‘red wine effect’ of Pineal gland
secretion’s outpour on tongue.
Since I have never tasted the real red wine, i find the raste more relatable to
aftereffects of eating Amla products.

In addition to this we can add other obvious examples.

Like ay sound is for attracting attention.

Priest saying “Hae bhagwaan”

Millenial saying “Hey friend”

“Ayyyyyy senorita” (SRK attracting girls)

Jethalal does “Aeeee Tappu” when Tappu aint paying attention to him

A major issue I see in society is that people do not know how to speak

The biggest blunder being with the letter र .

र is not supposed to be said from vocal cords. It should be said from lower

The first time I pronounced ‘Ram’ with corrected R , something realllly
pleasurous happened.

Similarly, the first time I said ‘Radha’ with corrected R , it felt like two painless
pellets were shot inside my mouth. My mind got frozen. Heart felt purer.