What is Advait , Dvait and Saankhya Vedant ?

by | Jan 3, 2021 | Sanatana Dharma

What is Vedant?

Ved = knowledge
Aant = summary

Vedaant is summary of knowledge present universally.

In every single religion.
In every single microorganism.
In every single galaxy.

Every quest to knowledge begins and ends right here – at Vedaant.

Advaait Vedanta –

God is one. And so is the universe. Period.

Some preach God as Brahm and consider him to be present everywhere.

Brahmavaivrat Puran, Quran and some other works say that ‘God lives in
Seventh Heaven’

  • both are a part of Advaita Philosophy.

I once asked a Muslim scholar “You say that God lives in Seventh heaven &
everywhere. How is that possible?”

She gave a wonderous smile & explained beautifully, “Let’s say you go to a
dark room & switch on a bulb. Now, where would you say the light is at? In
bulb or everywhere?”

Dvaita Vedanta –

Everything is dual.


Atom-Electromagnetic wave



Light- Electricity

Yin- Yang

Potential energy-Kinetic energy



Down-pointing double triangle



& So on.

Saankhya Vedanta is the most complicated one though..

It says that masculine can not exist without feminine at all…

Let’s take example of numbers.
0 and Infinity.

Infinity contains everything seemingly.

O contains nothing, seemingly.

Wrong !

1 minus 1 = 0

2 minus 2 = 0


Infinity Minus Infinity = 0 !!!!

Zero is everything.
And so is infinity.
Still they are not the same.

The beautiful concept of Saankhya Vedanta believes that 0 is in love with
So is atom to electromagnetic wave.
So is Shiva to Shakti.


So is God to Humans.

God is in with humans.

Universe is nothing but fluctuating gravity of distance between the pair.

What is Advait , Dvait and Saankhya Vedant ?

The word Chi or Qi has been derived by the Sanskrit term ‘Chitti’ i.e. life

Chitti is wife of ‘Chitta’ i.e. consciousness at personal level.

Indra sends Kama – the god of erotic love to attract Shiva towards Parvati

Shiva kills him

Parvati doesn’t lose hope

She starts living in Himalayas, just like him & prays

Shiva says this to Parvati
“I am the sea and you the wave,
You are Prakṛti, and I Purusha.”

Eve is Hawwa in Arabic; it comes from the root word hay, meaning living.
Eve is also an English variant of the old Hebrew word Havva, also deriving
from hay.

Further it has been stressed that Eve was specifically created by most
crooked part of the rib.

Sine waves = cube = Kaaba = man made structure by the orders of Allah

What is Advait , Dvait and Saankhya Vedant ?

Adam is Al Udma in Arabic meaning ‘very dark skinned’ .

While some people think it’s because the first human was probably born in
Africa, that’s not so.

Angels and satan were made of light and Adam from clay. That’s why he is
very dark skinned.

Mayan civilization is an intermediate to abrahamic and Asian religions.

They believed that at first there was water (cosmic ocean of Hinduism and
ماء of Arabs) and there was clay and man was created out of that.


God didn’t like it much so he created a man out of wood (wood = carbon I.e.
The skeleton of human life)

But he didn’t like it either so he created him finally out of maize (a primitive
symbol of DNA)

It is a well known fact that life was put into Adam post clay modelling.

Sufimaster Shaykh Muhammad Nazim al-Haqqani taught,

“Do you think there was only one Adam?
No. There was not one Adam. In fact, there have been 124,000 Adams. Allah
is not stingy; He is generous. His creation is endless.”

(124000 = total number of prophets)

What is Advait , Dvait and Saankhya Vedant ?

What is Advait , Dvait and Saankhya Vedant ?

Aatma is reflection of Parmatma

Jeev is reflection of Ishwar

Eve or Shakti is symbolised by Cube

Below – 6000+ year old cubes of Navgrah found with Durga (form Shakti)
coin in England.

What is Advait , Dvait and Saankhya Vedant ?

What is Advait , Dvait and Saankhya Vedant ?