What is chhath puja and why is it celebrated?

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Post Vasco De Gama-

Europeans started having Deja Vu on identifying similarities b/w Sanskrit &
their languages.

Britishers decided to establish the fact that “Indians are descendants of
‘Aryans’, who basically were a few blue eyed, white skinned Europeans”

What is chhath puja and why is it celebrated?

What is chhath puja and why is it celebrated?

Along with the common Europeans, the Church had a few problems too.
There is a cock and bull story of ‘Arc of Noah’ in Christianity. According to it,
the universe originated in 4004 BC.

There was only one solution to all this hence – reject all the proofs supporting existence of ancient Indian civilisations. british historians hence pushed everything imaginable in hindu history in a narrow space of 7000 years. Of course it ended up sort of weird and ridiculous.

For that purpose, Indus Valley Civilization was considered as prototype of ancient India.
This article was a summation of researches done on an skeleton of Indus Valley Era (2500 BC). Indus valley does NOT have European genes at all.


What is chhath puja and why is it celebrated?

However, the skeleton was a mixture of genes found in Andaman islands and
ancient Iran..

Does that mean Indians are descendants of Iran?

No, we were the ones who migrated to Iran – not vice versa!

That is exactly why people of Iranians born post 8000 BC have Anatolian gene, but we don’t.

The word ‘Hindus’ has been derived from ‘Indus’ river.
The truth is – we are inhabitants of Saraswati river civilization before Indus

Max Mueller believed that this Saraswati river is mythical. Obviously he did not have any other option to justify the 4004 Bc theory.
In 2019, science has proven that it definitely existed before its surface water levels got depleted and it went underground.

Our traces are clearly evident in Syria, Turkey and Egypt

Chhath Pooja rituals

People in ancient times used to stand for hours in rivers on sunny days of
Chatth Pooja.
Changes in hydrostatic pressure pulls extracellular fluid and plasma
volume upwards, into central circulation. This decreases heart rate & increases stroke volume. In other words, heart produces more output with less efforts.

While standing in normal cold water can decrease metabolism, but Surya devata’s heat counteracts that.
In addition to that, the ritual is done in a fasted state. No food = lower metabolic needs.

It also lowers cortisol i.e. stress hormone, giving a calming effect on the
devotee. ask any devotee how does he feel after accomplishing this apparently tiresome ritual and he will reveal.

The overall effect of above processes is an increase in oxygen levels  at a cellular level. Therefore, Prana is increased which becomes significant considering the fact
that whole point of Chatth pooja is Sun worship.

Walking and doing Parikrama in navel level water reduces all markers of
muscle fatigue (even anaerobic ones like creatine kinase) from leg muscles
and even bones. According to Surya devata, ” Brihaspati is the lord of Prana.” Surya devta’s dominance in body lies in the area between throat and navel.  The ritual hence marks a beautiful union of inner solar energy with outer solar energy. Feeling connected to universe and disconnected to burdens of ego and arrogance – thats what Hindu festivals are all about.



Chatthh pooja has traditionally been popular amongst women more than
men, because women do household work standing mostly. Women have more slow twitch muscle fibres. A female’s body has been designed to produce lesser power but more endurance.

Notice this wonderful fixation of grand scheme of nature – water immersion in pregnant women decreases labour pain
along with duration of labour. Thats the direct effect of the harmony between inner Surya lok ton outer Surya lok.

Water in Bihar and UP has quite abundant sulfate calcium. People who have defective motor evacuatory functions of gall bladder and stomach get relief by this. Chathh Pooja or worship of Sun is centered around solar plexus (surya chakra) activation. scientifically, surya Chakra is coeliac ganglion.

Aint it fascinating that water immersion rituals increase abdominal blood
flow while halting digestive processes? These 2 contradictory processes are the perfect cocktail for solar plexus detoxification. A half baked scientist might smirk that “you can not detoxify a ganglion.” May God forgive their ignorance.

Pooja tray of Chatth pooja has coconut water that further is a representative of plasma blood
On first day of Pooja, Kaddu or pumpkin is eaten which has lutein, zeaxanthin and beta-
carotene which are good for eyesight.

And sun therapy can cure eyesight defects like myopia. (dont try without expert’s guidance)


Indus valley Civilization clearly is a pile of mysteries.

Here is a theory though (feel free to reject it) –

‘People of Raas’ mentioned in Quran + Islamic culture could be people of Indus valley civilisation.
Raas = wells (IVC had a lot of wells)

Anonymous internet forums cite two arguments in support of this theory –



The people of Raas were pretty advanced in technology and stuff.

They were destroyed by the will of God for they had opted the path of sins.

Anyway this much evidence was not enough for me so I decided to dig deeper.

Pic 1 a) A human according to IVC script
1b) God according to IVC script
(God and human were believed to be of same size there !)

What is chhath puja and why is it celebrated?

Islam says that people of Raas worshipped Satan..

Pic 2 – the satanic god Baphomet who I believe could be the God of IVC

What is chhath puja and why is it celebrated?

Islam says that people of Raas were from Eastern hemisphere.

It had abundance of pine trees…

People of Raas only drank water of river Raas, even though they had many springs. Spring water was only for the holy Pine trees.

What if the spring water was not a ‘spring’ exactly? What if it were eruption of salty ocean water? That would make sense.


IVC too was coastal.

They also had a Sanober tree. Sanober is name of pine trees in Pakistan. IVC site is predominantly in Pakistan right now.

A faction of people of Raas used to do sheep herding.
Maybe the herders were migrating to Himalayas 6 months a year just like the modern herders do ?

That could be a valid correlation to the abundance of pines in Himalayas.

Aryan invasion theory says that the Dravidian were pushed towards South
India in 1500 BC…

Sir Herbert Hope examined sculptors from 2500 BC to classify Indians as Aryans and Dravids.
That means, Dravids clearly were here before 1500 BC

The colonials had even tried to change the conventions of caste system to prove their narrative.

The colonial caste system stated that Dravids were Shudras and Aryans were the other 3 varnas. Bullshit.


If you  have faith in logic, hindu civilization originated…. 150 million years ago. 

I know it might sound like that irritating whatsapp university claim that your uncle forwards on your family group. Hold on.

I am saying this on basis of Vishnu Puran, Markandey Puran, Brahmand puran and multiple other sources. We claim that earlier world was not split as continents but it was one huge mass. Scientists know this mass as Gondwana Land. after that the mass started splitting into 7 islands (not continents). this again is a fact. continents were not created overnight.

Hindu civilisation got Jambuwdweep. what follows ahead is a description of what Jambudweep was like. long story short – Jambudweep is INDIA. No sociopathic scientist has a right to seperate our blood’s right from our motherland’s soil.