Who killed Mahatma Gandhi?? – Part 2

by | Jan 25, 2021 | Gandhi and Independce, History

38. Its established that after being shot. He was taken in
room & not to hospital & he was alive at that time!

Who killed Mahatma Gandhi?? - Part 2

39. Hold UR breath & check all pictures available in
close-up of dead body! His neck is always covered!

40. 1. scanned through lot of pictures & in 1 his neck is
partially visible Why cloth on Neck? Was it usual practice?

41.The Picture where his neck is partially visible!!

Who killed Mahatma Gandhi?? - Part 2

Why so much precaution to cover the Neck?

42. INCIndia we want the answers!
1.Who Killed Gandhi?
2.Who took injured Gandhi to room?
3.Who all were with him in Room?

4. Who stopped Sardar Patel on the way when He
was walking with Gandhi?
5. Why Gandhi was not taken to Hospital?

44. more–
6.Why no postmortem done ?
7. How many bullets were fired that day ?
8. Who informed Nehru about shootout & How?

9. Why these questions were not raised during
assassination case ?
10.Why we are taught Wrong unverified facts?