Weird aspects of Hindu Romance

by | Feb 9, 2021 | Sanatana Dharma

This ‘7 janmon ka saath ‘ theory is a myth.

About a thousand years ago their were a bunch of Brahmins who were
concerned about their sons interacting with Dalits.

So, They decided to plant a fake verse in Devi Bhagwatam 9.33 –

If any Brâhmin performs the S’râdh of a S’ûdra, eats their food, burns their
dead bodymies, he will have to dwell in Pûya Kunda, where he will be beaten
by the rod of Yama, he eats the pus, etc., for as many years as there are hairs
on his body.
(What if the guy were bald?)

After being punished in Pûya Kunda in accordance to the amount of hair he

Then he becomes reborn in this Bhârata as one greatly diseased, poor,
deaf and dumb and ultimately he will have to roam for 7 BIRTHS as a Shudra.

This further got coupled with the ritual of 7 phere whose goal are attainment
of prosperity in Dharma Artha Kama and MOKSHA.

Take a minute to appreciate the fact that WOMEN ARE SUPPOSED TO LEAD
MEN in 3 out of 4 pursuits !

Weird aspects of Hindu Romance

The ultimate goal of marriage is a successful journey of the couple towards

The path to Moksha goes through 7 layers of human consciousness – the
same ones that Yudhishthira crosses through at the end of Mahabharata.

The Dog (allegory for Canis Major constellation) that pops up on 7th phase
is of Pariah breed.

Pariah breed is the FIRST DOMESTIC DOG IN HUMAN EVOLUTION. It is the
best in every manner – friendliness, security, hygiene.

This breed has VERY LESS CHANCES of catching INFECTIONS

Weird aspects of Hindu Romance

The previous 6 phases witnessed collapse of his 6 relatives which represent
human flaws which bind us to Maya –

1rst phase – Draupadi as attachment

2nd – Sahadeva as pride

3- Nakula as self obsession

4 – Arjuna as overconfidence

5 – Bheema as boastfulness

When Yudhisthira said that he wants to carry the dog with him;

“Stop!” cried Indra. “None have the qualities that you possess, O Yudhisthira!
The dog is Dharma, from whom you have descended!”

Dharma = ‘moral’ righteousness

Moksha is state of ‘spiritual’ righteousness

Is it ok to marry a girl with some guy she does not like ?

Hell no.

In Sanatan Dharma , this phenomenon is called ‘Asura
Vivah’ and it is against the recommendations of Vedas.

How about abducting a girl for marriage ?

It is called Rakshasa Vivah. It is even worse.

And marrying someone in intoxicated state is the
absolute worst.
It is called ‘Pishacha Vivah’ and It’s a criminal offence.

We in Hinduism firmly believe that heart is the organ of

Read very very carefully what Lord Krishna, the Lord of
heart has to say –

Weird aspects of Hindu Romance

It is a well known fact that depressed people are more likely to have heart
attacks and strokes.

Further we have a medical condition called ‘Broken Heart Syndrome’ in
which excess of stress hormone cause spasm of arteries carrying blood to
It is fatal.

Once upon a time a person underwent a successful heart transplant.

One day he played radio and a jazz song came up. The man unexpectedly
started crying really badly.

Later it was discovered that the donor of heart was a Jazz lover .

We have a whole Narayan Sooktam which beautifully equates Narayana to
heart of universe.

Narayana as heart is –

1. The supreme mediator (mediator between oxygenated and deoxygenated

2. The supreme meditation (The site of generation of SA nodal impulse
which initiates heart beat)

Meditation is nothing but a process to gain control over neural impulses.

Some Hindu Yogis even gain abilty to STOP THEIR HEARTBEAT
VOLUNTARILY by years and years of meditation in Kumbhaka state.

3. Supreme reality

4. Supreme self

5. Supreme absolute

The above 3 attributed characteristics are

6. Supreme light (will discuss later)

“He is

1. Residing in the ocean of heart (the blood coming and
going through heart),

2. Manifesting himself in ether of heart (the pericardium
Plus the free space in which heart contracts and relaxes.
Each human heart beat is a grace of Narayana himself)

3. Is comparable to an inverted lotus bud.
(human heart is not placed in a vertically straight form. Anatomically it’s a bit
tilted backwards.)

4. Is surrounded by arteries and veins from all sides. (True again)

5. Has an aperture in which substratum of all things.
(Aperture = valves that allow blood to go from atrium to ventricles)

6. In that space resides all consuming fire, undecaying, all knowing.
(Consciousness storage in form of soul)

How can we say that soul indeed stays in heart only ?

Well, we have scientific links for proving that

Weird aspects of Hindu Romance

Further it says –

“Brilliant like a streak of lightning set in the midst of the blue rain-bearing
clouds, slender like the awn of a paddy grain, yellow (like gold) in colour, in
subtlety comparable to the minute atom, (this Tongue of Fire) glows splendid.”

I checked out the latest researches on this.
There is a ‘Clearview’ technology that images the biophoton emission of a
diseased heart.

Note the ‘blue coloured ocean’ around heart.

In a non diseased human, the blue light would surround the heart
completely, like ocean.

Weird aspects of Hindu Romance

Why is Narayan called Kamalnaynam ? Why does Madhurashtakam lovingly
say “Adharam Madhuram” “Hridyam Madhuram” ?

Ever seen eyes of two lovers ?
Human eyes release biophotons.

Weird aspects of Hindu Romance

Why is a child’s Kundli determined at the moment he is born?
Why not at the moment sperm fertilizes ovum? Or why not at the time heart develops?

Answer – Foetal lungs are non functional and don’t have any praan vaayu. It
survives on mother’s praana instead.

State of abundance of resources (Narayan) without Lakshmi (prosperity)
boosts ego.

Abundance with Love of prosperity gives you potential to create a whole
new universe.