Ardhnarishwar and True Love

by | Feb 6, 2021 | Sanatana Dharma

Indeed. Shiva is the master of all masculine forces
Shakti of all feminine forces

Just like Vishnu and Lakshmi, Ardhnarishwar too is a multilayered concept

Ardhnarishwar has been compared to primordial form of Prajapati before it
was established in earth.
It makes perfect sense considering the fact that Shiva and Shakti were in
perfect union, in a confined form; at origin of universe.

I had been pondering over Yama and Yami as inspiration for Ardhnarishwar
since last Saturday. Here is the answer-

This poem was NOT written by some Vaishnavite. Instead, the Father of all
Shaivavites – SHANKARACHARYA wrote it.

Ardhnarishwar and True Love

Ardhnarishwar and True Love

Biologically – Ardhnarishwar represents a human fetus of early stages
which has BOTH MALE AND FEMALE primordial organs
(Essential details are in underline in second pic. Ignore the rest if you want)

Ardhnarishwar and True Love
Ardhnarishwar and True Love

Why is Parvati often called Uma?

Uma means night, darkness.

When Shiva is worshipped in form of illuminating force, Parvati is selectively
called Uma.

Q. Why do all the religious texts equivocally state that Kaam leads to Krodh ?

1. When does Krodha occur – when something you desire doesn’t occur

2. What happens in Krodha – You speak louder, your muscles get tensed, you
may bang table chairs, your posture gets flared


Ardhnarishwar and True Love

3. Objective of Krodha –

Krodha is a defence mechanism of human body to assert the fact that “Look,
I exist ! This universe should not ignore my existence and hence my desires.
Just like other people, I have equal right to get my desires fulfilled !”

Mooladhar Chakra is the center of reproduction.
Unfulfilled thirst of Mooladhar is a red alert against illusion
of Maya and our existence as “I, Me and myself”.

If you conquer anger, you conquer everything.

Aitreya Upanishad –

After creating the first human from earth and water (clay) ,

Supreme soul thought “How can all this be without me?”

And then he thought: By what way shall I get there?

So, it pierced skull sutures and entered.

God coexists with human soul at three sites –

1. Eye
2. Throat
3. Heart

You are only born thrice.

1. At Union of semen and ovum

2. When your mother nurtures you, as if you were her
own body part

3. When you have explored your physical growth and finally
start associating your identity to your virtues, instead of material body

Ardhnarishwar and True Love

If you understand the concept of 3 births deep enough,
you become immortal.

Shiva = Pure Consciousness = whatever perceivable
exists in universe

Sanatan Shiv = Kaivalya = Pure consciousness + Consciousness of dreams +
spiritual identity of Aatma

Uma = wife of Sanatan Shiv = tranquility, consciousness
of non existent entities