Why we don’t need feminism?

by | Jan 18, 2022 | Women

Why we don't need feminism?

Feminism was started with a good motto.
It had the sense to help women who are weak, vulnerable to attack and
suffer from domestic violence.

But, it has reached an end where it is continuously transforming women
into demons.

Here are 10 reasons WHY you should not be a feminist

1- They are broke.

Almost all feminist women are emotionally broke.

They rise from a lack of masculinity and instead of learning about it and
improving their life, they find an escape window that is feminism.

Why we don't need feminism?
Why we don't need feminism?

2- They live on false beliefs

Equality and independence are illusions that they create and spend their
whole life on proving and fighting for them.

Men and women are different by nature – You can’t equate them.

Women depend on men by nature and there is no shame in it.

3- They don’t help women

Women who manipulate you to be feminist are dead inside and wants the
same for you and one day you will do the same to other women.

It’s a subconscious act of normalizing a sin so to have a justification
All women do it and so, it’s not wrong

4- They are illogical and dumb

“We will wear what we want, it’s the men’s mistake who sexualize
women in short dresses”

Where is the logic?

How can you expect/trust any random man walking on the street to not
sexualize you while you are wearing a revealing dress?

Use brain.

Why we don't need feminism?
Why we don't need feminism?

5-Unaware of consequences of their actions

“Not marry till 30, don’t have children, drink, smoke and have fun”

If you can’t imagine the consequences of these acts – you should leave
reading it right now.

It’s not living life on your terms, it’s living life on the worst terms.

6- They spread hatred against feminine and masculine essence

“Have you ever seen any feminist talking about grace, beauty, love, need of
masculinity and femininity in the society”


It’s beyond their thought process.

Why we don't need feminism?
Why we don't need feminism?

7- They promote all the degenerative things

When a person is hurt and doesn’t know what to do, he/she just do

This happens with feminists.

In the name of empowerment, they are just scamming you and themselves.

8- They direct women to objectify themselves

Yes, you read it right.

They objectify themselves so men won’t get the opportunity to do it.

-feminist logic.

Low self-worth, low standards and NO values.

Why we don't need feminism?
Why we don't need feminism?

9- Feminists are not loyal to anyone – NOT with you also.

In general, women are less loyal to other women. And feminists are at the

They are just in that pool to release their emotional tension and once ‘by chance’
they get any Masculine man, they will back off

10- They don’t teach women – they manipulate women.

The one who teaches you makes you understand the scenario and leave the
decision to you.

The one who manipulates you narrates the scenario in his/her way and
impose a decision on you.

Learn this difference.

Don’t fall for such traps.

Think before you accept any ideology, what you are accepting today will
pass on to your daughter tomorrow.

Don’t let her suffer by YOUR mistakes.

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