Debate of greatest Vedantis – Mandan Mishra and Shankaracharya was

Everything was all set except for one thing – there was no judge suitable to
analyse this clash of intellects.

Ubhay Bharti, wife of Mandana was chosen.


Women symbolise faith in purity


Debate began.

Logical arguments were bombarded from both sides equally.

Mandan stood strong, but his body started showing signs of agitation and

Ubhaya could have ignored this, but the religious lady honestly accepted
the defeat of her husband.

Women symbolise faith in purity


//Women represent integrity and worth of family//

After religious duty came the family’s duty. Ubhaya sat for debate against
Shankara herself

The clash continued for 17 days – 8 hours per day.

She didn’t agitate. Her patience was her strength

Women symbolise faith in purity


In the 17 day span, Ubhaya ended up concluding that Shankaracharya’s
logics were impenetrable from all angles.

But women are renown for turning the tables,

“Shankara, you are a bachelor. You don’t understand kaam shastr and
sexual tantras.”

That’s it. The debate ended.

Women symbolise faith in purity

This thread is a celebration of the miracle the Hindu women are.

Women symbolise faith in purity

And Mandan Mishr ? He became disciple of Shankaracharya, made his own
interpretations of Advait Shastras and popularised Advait throughout India.

I wonder how these events would have proceeded had Ubhaya Bharti and
Shankara’s mother Aryamba not influenced these two

Women symbolise faith in purity

Mandan Mishra –

– Debating for the sake of his pride

– constantly thinking “what would ‘I’ reply as counterargument ?”

Ubhaya Bharati, bhaartiy naari –

– Debating for her husband’s respect

– Constantly noticing Shankaracharya , “what is ‘HE’ saying ?”