You religion is too ridiculously self contradictory ! Period.

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This right here is the biggest disaster of
We do not have 33 varieties of gods, we have 33 varieties of DEITIES .

Deities = devata
Devata = some divine natural being that influences fulfilment of human

You religion is too ridiculously self contradictory ! Period.

Does Geeta say that God takes no Avtaar at all?

No !!

The Avtaars we see are not ‘descended’ versions of Parabrahma
Parabrahma, at the same time is on earth as well as everywhere.

He does not disappear from other parts of universe when he comes here on

You religion is too ridiculously self contradictory ! Period.

Is Murti pooja or other such rituals sin? Not sin exactly, but they bind you to materialistic world. & Yes, We are not supposed to worship materialistic things. Instead we are supposed to be gratitudious to them

You religion is too ridiculously self contradictory ! Period.

Does Atharvaveda say that earth is immovable?

Here is the popular verse

विश्वस्वम् मातर्मोषिधिनां ध्रुवां भूमिं पृथिविं धर्मणा धृताम् |
शिवां स्योनामनु चरेम विश्वहा ||

The word ‘Dhruva’ has been used for earth.
Dhruv taara = polar star = a celestial object that does not move IN
COMPARISON TO human beings.

Dhruv Taara itself is not considered immobile in our texts.

Further, here is 12:1:18 of Atharvaveda.

महत सधस्थं महती बभूविथ *महान वेग* एजथुर्वेपथुष्टे |
महांस्तेन्द्रो रक्षत्यप्रमादम | सा नो भूमे प्र रोचय |
हिरण्यस्येव संदृशि मा नो द्विक्षत कच्श्रन ||

“O mother earth! You give us home to live.
You move with *large speed* in sky”

#Query2 Narasimha Puran clearly is the most baseless one…
It was written in 5th century – yup, even after Quran.
As if that’s not enough, some portions of the Puran were added afterwards –
even Wikipedia says so.

Golden question!

Can Geeta provoke a person to be a terrorist ?
1 soul never dies
2 karm kiye jaa, phal ki chinta mt kar..

Nope. 2:49 Geeta disagrees

You religion is too ridiculously self contradictory ! Period.

Does Hinduism lack romance?

Not only puranas, even the technical Vedic texts are romantic !

Bhd. upnishad 4/3/21

“Aatmgyaan (knowledge of self) makes the devotee forget all inner and

What is Ishwar, Parmatma and Bhagwan ? Is it related to the holy Trinity?
Yes, it is.

Bhagwan = Vishnu

Paramatma = Brahma

Ishwar = Shiva

‘Bhagwan’ is the leader of our universe. He is everywhere on earth –

Bha means Bhoomi (Earth)

Ga means gaggan (Space/Sky)

Va means Vayu (Air)

A means Agni (Fire)

N means Neer (Water)

That means, if let’s say a person does a huge act of kindness on you;
Or some person has revolutionized your life, you can say –

“Aap meri bhagwaan ho”

You can’t say-

Aap mere parmatma ho

Aap mere ishvar ho

Two things you should know about Parmatma –

1. He is always keeping an eye on us. Nothing is hidden from him.

2. You can not percieve him by your five senses-

You can only Peirce him by holy frequency of Om.

Ishwar is the supreme soul or supreme Aatma.

All life on this planet hails from him.

“Oh Mother! I adore the pair of Swans (Shiva-Shakthi) who take delight
in imbibing the honey of the full-blown lotus of knowledge of the anaahatha-

– Saundarya Stotram

Is it true that 1 billion people died in Mahabharata ?

No. It’s a fake info.

Mahbharat Adi Parva says Pandavas had 7 Akshaauhini and Kauravas 11
Akshaauhini army.

One Akshauhini = 1,968,300 Infantry + 1,180,980 Cavalry soldiers.
Total 47 lakh soldiers fought the war.

You religion is too ridiculously self contradictory ! Period.

Human body is food of Parmatma –

“For Parmatma, human body is nothing but food..
Death is nothing special, just like chutney for him.”

– Kathopnishad

Note – don’t confuse chutney with pickles. Chutney is something you lick off
of your plate.

Parmatma vs. Aatma –

Aatma established in heart, regulating distribution of prana, not being
effected by external stimuli is Parmatma.

At universal scale,

Vishnu established in loci of Brahm, regulating distribution of 3 gunas, not
being effected by 3 gunas, is Parmatma.